If Your TLM Gets Too Catholic

they will come and take away your priest.  Perhaps the novus ordo temples about your diocese (doing their darndest to spackle powder and rouge onto the sallow cheeks of their dead-religion) have complained that too many of their adherents have departed for good to attend the Roman Rite of the Catholic Mass.

Trust these men with your Mass?

Maybe you’ve become too vocal in opposing your local diocesan transmission belts of Bergy’s blasphemy-of-the-day. Maybe an activist from your TLM exploded the culturally and Kosher-approved abortion movement at its foundation. They’re coming for your Catholic Mass. On that day, it won’t matter if the Novus Ordo Bishop likes your priest, or that the TLM sponsored a car-wash that put the parish in the black for the month, or if you Catholics pulled the novus ordo chestnuts out of the fire by sending a dozen real-men to represent at Habitat for Humanity when all of theirs backed out the night before. They’re coming for your priest, they’re coming for your Mass, and they won’t stop until we’ve all been pushed out of every building.

Father Phillips Vox Cantoris comments on Canons Regular of SJC, Chicago

Some might ask, but What About Summorum Pontificum? Have no fear about that: not a letter of Summorum will be violated. Summorum enumerates the rights of the priest, but cannot prevent someone like Bishop Ben Dover from assigning whomever he likes to wherever he wants. Others might say, but what about FSSP? -Would that be the same FSSP that serves at the pleasure of the local novus ordinary? Surely not the SSPX? -I like the SSPX, too, but find out what some on the inside are saying, and brace yourself. Yet still, and with good reason will come the inquiry: with all its youthful vigor i.e., babies at TLMs (both baby priests and babes in mothers’ arms), young men, young married couples who met at church, etc., how can the future not be bright? And at the very least, which would be this writer’s line: there would have to be a reaction to the killing of the TLM – wouldn’t there?

Okie Update      Catholicism is not on the Ecumenical menu.

To that last question a resounding, no. There would be no reaction. In truth, the novus ordo is merely a young manifestation of the crypto-kabbalistic malefactors whose first gains predated 1500 A.D. (and they have plenty of well-funded agents and handlers among the Traditional camp).  If anything, they know how to buy-out or blackmail opposing leadership. Above all, they know how to destroy resistance through slow strangulation, or even poisoning –then murder the patient, as it were, with the pillow in the black of night.

The novus ordo prelate is no mere money grubber, but also a wizard of 1001-dirty-administrative tricks, with which he will deal death blows to those on his list of enemies, without having to take the least bit of public responsibility for his actions.  He knows how to get rid of people, and congregations quietly, without a high profile event.


Above all, the novus ordo Bishop, likely to be one who inwardly rejects the dogma of the Real Presence, has the canonical jurisdiction. Never mind that such jurisdiction exists only on paper, as Monsignor Perez has said. The N.O. prelate knows that he will be obeyed.

Saving the TLM
SSPX Gave Us A Generation of Priests: what now?

If the reader finds the tone herein disquieting, then full disclosure: they came for the priest at my parish three weeks ago. In a bit over a month, he will be replaced by a priest with a questionable commitment to the Catholic Mass.

Humanly speaking and as far as the novus ordo religion is concerned, we face the extinction of a functioning priesthood: N.O. mass, N.O. sacraments, N.O. episcopacy on earth, and N.O. priests. While some may dispute and others defend the validity of Holy Orders since the Phony Council, priests cannot facilitate eternal salvation for their flocks when, under obedience, they accept separation therefrom. This weaponized canonical jurisdiction, like a slowly winding garrote wire that squeezes the blood and air out of resurgent Catholicism, could be the end game.

Tightening the leash on Catholic worship.

When the Catholic priest is separated from his Catholic flock, especially when his conduct is blameless, or the result can be observed that a supposed administrative decision has left a congregation with either a hireling or no priest at all, the novus ordo shows its hand. In the mind of a novus ordite bishop, all accord with Catholics is completely superficial, conditional and revocable. He envisions a future and a Church without Catholics, and those who are unbending to the precepts of nu-church can simply get lost. At least Archbishop Lefebvre could consecrate bishops, and thus guarantee that the Catholic priesthood would last another generation. His four bishops could be the last we see.

It is not desired in these pages that Catholics invigorated by the seeds of restoration become discouraged. Such a resurgence may be Holy Ghost’s breathing and heating as if with a bellows, the forge whereby Catholic steel is parted from novus ordo slag: and the unwitting Vatican II adherent becomes Catholic in fact. But the path to the hoped-for future may well be non-linear, and the purpose for the Holy Ghost’s steeling of the Catholic will may soon become apparent for all. If the TLM becomes artificially scarce, and no priests resist, then novus ordite prelates can be expected to administer the coup de grâce that much sooner.
Without Catholic priests willing to take the leap of Faith and escape the novus ordo plantation, and with non-Catholic masters controlling traditional orders of priests both ancient and new, laymen can only suffer, pray, believe, and hope for a better day. That is, we can willingly be ripped to pieces as the members of the Church during Her Passion. The Catholic can offer acts of penance and reparation as he works out his individual salvation. What the laic can’t do however, is preach, offer sacrifice, forgive sins or (aside from emergency baptism) administer sacraments. Only the priest of God can do these things; only he can move Ecclesia Militans forward in battle and land blows against the enemy. She is a priestly Church, and not a church of mere men. Only when priests finally drop a fistful of metaphorical red pills, and perceive the reality that their superiors have neither the least inclination toward Heaven nor God; that the toleration of Catholic mass has been a complete façade; that the life of a priest is never too valuable to throw in front of an oncoming train to save the apostate’s own skin; only then can commence the battling back.

What can be done?

Such priestly resistance is both all that remains on earth to preserve Catholicism, and yet is the sole impetus needed to turn the tables on the enemy with both astonishing speed and force. Catholic priests need to figure out for themselves that their bishop, abbot or canon has not the slightest intention of commuting the post-conciliar slow-motion death sentence which in 1965 was subtly meted out to Catholicism by crypto-Jews, communists, and sodomites of the Fake-as-$3-bill Second Vatican Council.

We just might be astonished at what a gloriously small number of red-pilled priests could accomplish. Imagine the priest who finally ceases pretending that the rigged system doesn’t exist, and walks away (not in disobedience to Bishop Ben Dover, but) in fullness of obedience to Christ and the Supreme Law of the Church. With Catholic homes turned catacombs, any handy recess for confessions, and the street as pulpit: mountains would be moved, and trees uprooted and planted in the sea. Think of what could happen when he hit the streets to preach –full cassock. It could be a man’s first live sermon he’d ever heard on hell. How many souls could he bring to Christ? Souls might just repent and believe who at present recoil in disgust from the parasitical, criminal, perverted, kabbalistic and satanic novus ordo sect, attached like cancer to the Holy Faith. Offering Masses and dispensing Sacraments in the recesses and quiet places, very quickly could such a tiny number of priests increase not only their own faith, but moreover put Church Militant on the offensive once again. Men today enslaved to the ruler of this world would hear the gospel and turn to Christ the King, one after another, unto thousands, tens of thousands and beyond. All the money control, weaponized media, subversion, perversion, communist sleepers and imperial regime-change armies would be powerless to shut it down. The intricately constructed revolutionary kingdom of hell on earth would crumble and recoil in terror, and all that from a tiny priest-led community wielding a mustard seed of true faith. The entire global mind-control matrix would shudder and react like a cornered animal. The Holy Ghost just might make Himself heard laughing out loud at the infernal enemy.

-One priest could get the whole thing started.

Hoc vult Deus?

Can this be what God wants? These pages being mere layman’s speculation, this writer cannot presume to answer. However, the immediate alternative is to sit obedient to the no-longer-so-crypto-Judaic novus ordo religion and watch as souls march toward second death. Surely such pious speculation cannot offend against Truth when present facts are so dire. We as laics are free to put the question to prayer; the Triune God will not fail to answer, be that aye or nay. We wait, and wait; perhaps nothing decisive will occur in our lifetimes. This too is possible, perhaps even probable. -Unless Our Lord and Lady are waiting for us.

La Pucelle
Maid of Orléans: fearless translation of faith into action.

Once in the land of Holy Mother’s Eldest Daughter, a long-awaited peasant Maiden rode north to reinvigorate and remind the Kingdom’s men who they were: knights and gendarmes of both Cross and Crown. Their souls had fallen asleep in the rankness of their own sins, but La Pucelle awakened them. Then the impossible happened: men en masse repented of their perfidy to Christ, and put the enemy on its heels, never to relinquish momentum. Through this daring fortitude of a peasant maiden whose faith, as hard as flint, smote sinners’ stony hearts, God struck the spark that changed everything. Pious activism is certainly not without precedent.

Neither is unprecedented the immolation of the faithful heart, as the virgin-soldier would come to know at her martyrdom. Thus pious activism can culminate in the most glorious bearing of witness. Yet hidden in history is the timing of her entry into Heaven just before the commencement of centuries of occult betrayal in the Church’s highest places. Only 25 years or so would separate St. Joan’s martyrdom and the wealthy in Christendom discovering the false promises of the kabbalah –wisdom so-called, both secret and ancient – which promised that Heaven with God could follow a life on earth of sensuality, rapacity and savagery. Keeping their secret and handing it on for generations to younger adepts, including popes, these traitors’ illicit descendants unmasked themselves at the phony council. Now, throne and crown having been long done away; the altar itself receives the battering, and does seem to crumble. Only the priest can defend this bastion. Who will remind him that he is the knight charged with the protection of his spouse, and his Mother’s honor? How can he be persuaded that as prisoner to a hostile sect, his priesthood is as fallow and flaccid as the unrepentant Frenchmen’s virility and valor? How can the Holy Ghost answer his question about pious activism,  about  his final witness and God’s will, if he does not ask?

Until the priest asks this of his High Priest and receives answer, the laic can only embrace his cross and pursue the merit found in the sighs of his faithful but unfulfilled desires. In the meantime, they’re coming for the TLM. Like others before, and even others at this present time, here in the Gateway we’re finding out about this one the hard way.

Sometimes danger removes the option of taking the long trail home-

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  1. Ah yes, but watch out for another Frenchman to come and restore all things in Christ. He is Henri V, he is God’s chosen one and he has been prophesied for centuries. The Return of the King as a great English writer named one of his books. The return to France and the world. Watch and be patient.

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