Bye-Bye Berg-Bag?

If Anti-Pope the Berg-Bag did what he is accused of, to knowingly cover and reinstate notorious, child molesting (and virtually unpunished) criminal Cardinal Unkl’ Ted, then the Anti-Pope is a criminal as well (what a surprise!) Acknowledgement of the anti-papacy is on the rise, and influential voices online who represent authentic Catholic peasantry (held in … More Bye-Bye Berg-Bag?

Memo to Uncle Ted

and Brother Buggers: Catholics want you dead. We want you defunded, we want you defrocked. We want you at the defendant’s table, and with both greatest alacrity and respect for legal procedure, we would prefer if your immortal soul were deprived of its attachment to your mortal coil until crack of doom. Five years ago, … More Memo to Uncle Ted