Memo to Uncle Ted

and Brother Buggers: Catholics want you dead. We want you defunded, we want you defrocked. We want you at the defendant’s table, and with both greatest alacrity and respect for legal procedure, we would prefer if your immortal soul were deprived of its attachment to your mortal coil until crack of doom.

pic of uncle ted tweet mcc is candidate for death neew lead off
Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich relates that priests’ thumbs and forefingers have an indelible mark, even in hell. When recognized by other souls, scorn is heaped upon the damned priest.

leadoffFive years ago, this sort of invective was unheard of by Catholics on social media. Say, what else happened just over five years ago? Oh yeah, we got fake-pope Mini-Me, go figure!

expand death penalty

should mcc get death

take on the death penalty

hang mcc

mcc exectute

death to sodos


tom and jerry

So what does the Berg-Bag do? He initiates a distraction maneuver in the media: poof! novus ordo doctrinal magic does away with Catholic teaching on capital punishment.  That was your distraction, Bergy? Is there a village in Argentina missing an idiot? I wonder which advisor came up with that one,  Rosica? Spadaro? Tucho? Cocco? Whoever it is he sure has head up his- wait,  I mustn’t give them any ideas that they might try out during their next drug addled homo-orgy.

Line Them Up Against a Wall

st pius V

Right on, Samuel J! Although now that the Catholic Monarchs have been temporarily removed, I wouldn’t want the likes of Marcon, Trudeau or May to set up a kangaroo court to railroad innocent clergymen to prison.  While nowhere near likely to occur due to the apostate clowns in Rome, in principle I suggest the following: establish a tribunal in Rome having original jurisdiction over canonical/civil criminal cases. Establish extradition treaties among the nations to protect good priests from deliberate, masonic miscarriages of justice. Adjudicate cases against reprobates like Uncle “rub-me-here, nephew” Ted. Upon conviction provide criminal with a fortnight to repent and receive Sacrament of Extreme Unction. Dawn on day 15 will find criminal standing in front of a firing squad of Swiss Guards.

one shot and cured
Works great for herd immunity, too! One shot and disease leaves the body.


death to mcc monster

mcc death 2

die soon
Amen! Let the Berg-Bag escape hell permanently by repenting and dying soon!
burned at stake
So many choices! Rope, rifle or roaring flames?
Burned and Salted
Still silent? Try telling your excuses to the adults whose lives were ruined 30 years ago.

Which way, apostate prelates?

lucky for purgatory

hell joke 2
Wrong, as usual, fake-pope dumb-ass. Every one of us has his place in hell awaiting him from the moment he is born.
bergbag mcc hell joke
There’s a demon in hell waiting to scream those words into your skull forever, Jorge. Repent.



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