Goodbye, Bishop Ben Dover?

Are things getting real? In the sordid wake of Unkl’ Ted, who by rights should have received several rounds of .223 to his sternum, we now hear reports about so-called Catholic money bags giving Weurl-the-Girl the cold shoulder and cutting the bastard off from his six and seven figure donation checks. (We qualify with so-called because whoever these VIP donors may be, which of them withheld cash from the effete try and find this evidence memescoundrel when he once punished a brave priest for defending the Blessed Host from desecration?) Regardless, the lifeblood of any vindictive sodomite hierarch is money. And when that goes, he goes. With the possibility of FedGov’s own DOJ opening a RICO investigation, it is difficult to see how Cardinal Donna has a future. Church does good work informing. Meanwhile, Catholic rage is palpable on social media, and the small number of faithful unwilling to abandon Virgin Mother is equally unwilling to forget and move on to the next Catholic news cycle. The rage remains, and even the usual suspects of Catholic media and blogs, gatekeepers both overt and covert, are acknowledging that we are faced with a crime syndicate. Some are even acknowledging the Satanic aspect. That’s right – Satanic, ritual abuse and worship, with demons forcefully present to an unimaginable degree.

The ham-handed, bone-headed, tone-deaf and out-of-step response by the secretive and semi-autonomous Bishops Conferences serves to merely feed the fire with more petrol vapor. They admit nothing, they wring hands, they do the mawkish talk of “together with victims we must move on and acknowledge our failings,” as if anybody but these greedy, filthy perverts themselves are responsible for this catastrophe. Every time they open their mouths in front of a camera it gets worse, and yet every day of silence and refusal to explain also deepens the pit these homo-mobsters dig for themselves.

You rang? – Words can’t say what he’s feeling inside about accusations.

And the stonewalling and lawyering up of Cardinal Donna is like a gunpowder blizzard blowing over the petrol fire. This won’t go away, and the criminals can’t hide. They have no plan, except to continue what they have done in the past: sweep it under the rug, count on a media that is willing give a pass on homo-predation against legal adults, and look the other way. But that’s not working either. Nothing is working. Everything is getting worse. They have no plan. Thus a self-reinforcing cycle ensues and tightens around the necks of the most prominent of these apostates. As far as can be foreseen, this cycle will continue: exposure, rage, obfuscation, lies and silence, leading to greater levels of exposure and outrage, stonewalling, deception, etc.

Keep Up the Clown and Excrement Show, Excellencies!

Separated at Birth: Cardinal Felix Unger?

I, for one, urge these malefactors to keep doing exactly what they are doing. In fact, and with very good reason, I hope Cardinal Guerl gets wind of a RICO investigation by some Catholic-hating Ju.S. Attorney, and that he absconds to the Vatican City of Pedophile Refuge. And I similarly would like to see whoever is on the docket for the next media-legal rub-out to take shameful flight as well (and BTW I do suspect that all of this legal and media pressure on the upper-echelon apostates is serving an even darker agenda). Driving this desire that they keep going is the obvious fact that Anti-Pope the Berg-Bag will step on every public relations land mine that his fat ass can waddle and stagger its way up to. And then Catholic rage will be directed at him. If pressure subsequently continues to rise at the diocesan level, the entire Racketeering-Influenced Crime Organization that is the V2 Fake-Church will lose its supply of monetary lubricant(!) and see its embezzling and blackmail engines seize up and explode. N.O. more money, and the Good-Ship Novus Ordo Lollipop is dead in the water.

Tough choice: Which one is more cartoonish, the left or the right?

Will these things transpire? Uncertain, but one thing for sure is that this multi-generational scam can’t go on much longer. Another benefit is the hope that peasant Catholics throw off the mental shackles of the Catholic media and blog gatekeepers, the defend-Berg-Bag-to-the-death type opinion shapers, the EWTNs; who for so many years have tried to put lipstick on this pig and bring in guests who tell us to think that it’s all a bit odd, but still very much under control. Of course, trad-servatives have a problem, too, because their attempt at squaring the John Paul the super fantastic legacy of Vatican II is Catholic Too, with the daily circus of Bergy’s piles of elephant dung, sounds more and more like a really repetitious sitcom script. Lastly, you’ll know that the reservation’s barbed wire is cut and the covert gate-keepers are out of business when peasant Catholics are allowed to talk about the J-Word without getting shut down.

And this brings us to those adversaries of all men (that’s St. Paul, btw) the Synagogue of Satan (also St. Paul). Now, the buck stops with us, of course, because where peasant Catholics obey the Greatest Commandment, they are rewarded with both holy popes and monarchs, and the Jew is kept in check without his suffering violence. When Catholics, however, refuse the sweet yoke of Christ the King, we get ruled, as E. Michael Jones says, by the Jews. Thus, when you hear conversations about what only few discuss now: that the Kabbalah has infected the thinking of the hierarchy for over 550 years, or condemnations of those who claim that Catholicism has common roots with pagan antiquity (run, don’t walk from anyone who preaches about Sybilline Oracles or pseudo-Dionysus), and that deep in the traditional Latin Mass camp are planted Talmudic apologists, and likely crypto-Jews; then you’ll know the gates are guarded no more, and we’ll be free to investigate the truth, unmolested.

In the mean time we must be as wily as serpents regarding the forces that bring Cardinal Girl to his knees; P.A. Attorney General (((Shapiro’s))) actions very unlikely arise from sympathy towards Catholics’ plight. It is, however, much easier to believe that organized Jewry’s customary paranoia rises to frantic levels due to the public’s disgust over pedophilia promotion, especially because negative attention is being directed at not only perverted Jews in Hollywood, and the fact that porn is a Jewish operation to destroy Catholic culture, but at the Rebbes themselves. Orthodox Judaism is the sludge at the bottom of the septic tank when it comes to pedophilia, and people are realizing that the Babylonian Talmud explicitly sanctions pedophilia as religious doctrine. Gentiles are not allowed to discuss or even know this. When we find out, we must be distracted, because the pedophile rabbis must be shielded by way of deflection. Hence, the one target with sufficient name recognition, and which is already thoroughly discredited, is the Roman Catholic Church. So Shapiro and Co. aren’t acting out of any genuine concern for the goyim (cause goys ain’t humans), but rather he deflects to protect the Tribe.

Any Potential for Action By Catholic Peasants Like Us?

Without a doubt, yes. Given suspicions that this whole matter is getting traction not by popular demand, but by tactical, top-down decision-making by the Jew-run media working in concert with the Kosher-Kaptured U.S. judicial system, under what circumstances could pressure be applied directly to Anti-Pope the Berg-Bag? Once again, if the story in the U.S. is intended to deflect attention away from institutionalized, Talmud-approved child rape, then the failure to deflect could lead to even more pressure to distract, which possibly could ratchet things up all the way to Rome. Can you see the potential for reversing the cause for the effect here? Consider. Let’s say that Catholics refuse to relent on the Friars of Fellatio trying to wait it out here in the U.S. and they pay attention to the Synagogue of Sleaze. Then, to create proportional distractions away from the rabbis, the upper-echelon of European Jewry and Banksterdom may have to go and thump on Bergy, and expose his now barely concealed criminality for the entire world to see.

Could Pressure on the Synagogue cause organized Jewry to beat down the Berg-Bag?

Attention should be concentrated on both, the Pederast Prelates and the randy rabbis. By the way, please let me disabuse the reader of any notion that to get results here, we have to convince the ever-somnolent Catholic gatekeepers: they can be bypassed, and here’s how. If the surveillance state hears everything, and things like social media postings are captured and analyzed real time by firms like Cambridge Analytica (now known as EmerData), which then spits out news stories and political scripts tailored to each viewpoint – then very small numbers of peasant Catholics can have an outsized impact directly through their social media interactions. Look into the non-sanitized editions of the Babylonian Talmud. Find out for yourself. Does that body of doctrine really permit child rape? Once you’ve got the facts, then simply put it out there on soc-med platforms. Rhetorical questions like, “does the Talmud really allow rape of boys

Rabbi consumes blood during circumcision.

under the age of nine?” Could be effective. Be confident in the truth. If there is a reaction from the ubiquitous online agents of the Judaic Imperium, (a.k.a. Hasbara) even they can’t prevent the big effect, which will be on the server side of Cambridge Analytica, logging even a small number of posts as an uptick in anti-semitism (anti-semite = person whom Jews hate), and who knows? Such activity might just be enough for the overlords to turn up the heat in Rome, and really hand the novus ordo religion the public relations beating of a lifetime. is doing a good job reporting on this. Question, if the pressure should somehow increase for Rome to respond, will CM put as much pressure on the Berg-Bag as is now (rightfully) placed on Cardinal Guerl?


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Bishop Ben Dover?

    1. You are too kind, Dorota. Whatever it is, it’s not me but the Holy Ghost. He provides confidence in this Church of ours. She is good for the fight, we just need to remember our Blessed Lord, his disciples and our ancestors, the saints, and go do the fighting.


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