“They Did It”

Dr. Alan Sabrosky is a former U.S. Marine who served two tours in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division and went on to receive his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Dr. Sabrosky previously served as the Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, at the U.S. Army War College, and has written and spoken extensively about 9/11, U.S. foreign policy, and related matters over the years.

Here is what Dr. Sabrosky has to say about 9-11

This blog takes its title from September 11th: that event is the cognitive gateway through which modern, post WWII western man passes, insofar as he chooses to do so. Before entering, his knowing the world had seemed a simple and logical conclusion based on reasonable assumptions. Market economics were the rightful, albeit pitiless rulers of his day-to-day life. The nation and the world’s problems were due to political and ideological adversaries, respectively. The political heft of Catholic identity rooted in ethnic urban enclaves had been unknown for fifty years, and thus its quiet eradication never missed. Worship in the vernacular was normal, and understood to be an English translation quite faithful to the original.mossad Above all, underlying all, and woven into modern man’s every thought has been the dogma that the Jew is the benign, venerable and unimpeachable example of wisdom and moral rectitude. Even when pushy and annoying, or when criminality would become public, these things could never warrant criticism of Jews, or their doctrines, due to what happened back then. The walk through the gateway obliterates every received opinion, paradigm and hermeneutic received from those to whom one looked to guide and know best; one’s elders, one’s pastors, one’s trusted authors and opinion-shapers, one’s history books.

Psychological trauma begins the ritual. 3,000 souls are murdered in mere minutes, many are instantly cremated. Capture on film. Name and blame the enemy within hours. Repeat, repeat, repeat. This metaphorical portal jars the mind with a demand which cannot be sidestepped. Either remain traumatized with terror and rage and follow the herd wheresoever the criminals stampede it, or consider the facts uncovered by brave and pioneering men and women who refused to submit to that which Michael Hoffman refers to as the kabbalistic, alchemical processing intended to turn the race of men into beasts. While no one can be forced through the cognitive gateway, its binary demand can only be accepted or declined -there is no gradualism possible. We can either enter, knowing that come what may, God is still God, who eternally begat His only Son, et verbum caro factum est; or we can walk away and cling to the shattered pieces of what was once known as normal.

What awaits God’s pilgrim beyond the gateway is the stark truth that the world is ruled by satanist Jews at the head of global usury banks, policed by imperialistic gangster governments, and given cover by paid media minions and alt media shills. Their intelligence agencies do their bidding, using the phrase national security as a mockery of the very citizens from whom is kept the knowledge that the citizens themselves are the targets of the operation. To enter the gateway is to realize that history’s biggest fiends won the world wars that they themselves started, and then paused briefly for scenery change in 1945, only to revise history into a parody of what actually seems to have taken place. To walk the gateway is to know that those who hold power envision a world in which our children have no future, and our children’s children have no children at all. Starkness strains the will to its limits with the realization that the Catholic Church is held hostage to child-buggers and reprobates to whom most priests seem to believe themselves bound to obey over and against Christ Himself.

Walking through the gateway for some is the leap of faith into the roiling waters of cognitive dissonance churning about that which satan’s agents inflict upon Holy Mother Church. Month-by-month and year-by-year, one Catholic opinion shaper after another can be observed failing miserably in the merest apprehension of the cause of our torment. brookingsAstonishingly, these same voices are remarkably incurious, complacent and effeminate when it comes to examining their own assumptions. The gateway is also a metaphor for the mental determination to cut through the layered webs of centuries of deception that smother the commonsense voice of reason. First is discovered that the phony council called Vatican II was not the origin, but the unmasking of a wicked pantomime in which Holy Mother’s royal court was overthrown by sodomitical jesters in love with white make-up, murder, and worship of satan. We learn of Alta-Vendita, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the Lodges and Weishapt. As each layer is cut away, and discovery of first cause expected, only another layer is discovered. Each successive stratum finds fewer and fewer opinion shapers interested in examining cause, until there are none but condescending scoffers, silence, and the welcome accompaniment of fellow Catholic peasants, both bewildered and enraged, who both compose blogs and comment thereupon.

Yet in the gateway there is also glory. This is because here -and only here- the Catholic, and those who could become Catholic, at long last stop looking at page and screen for someone to tell them what to think. The beauty of the cognitive gateway is the simplicity gloryof gazing aloft on a summer’s night and knowing that neither eye nor reason deceives: those stars are rotating about us after all. It’s knowing that Almighty God most literally parted the waters for his people, covered their enemies with the same teaming waves, and fed them Himself with manna. The gateway is a reminder that we are led into the desolate places not to perish, but to be fed with His very Flesh and Blood. Beyond the gateway is the certainty that those who hate Christ are losing in their desperate attempt to eradicate the faith of a very small number of His followers -followers who offer reparations that these wicked men might convert and be saved. Your writer is a mere pilgrim in this gateway, and very grateful for whatever time you have to share gazing upon these pages.

Traditional Catholic Comments on 9-11

Dr. Robert Sungenis is Catholic, traditional theologian and scholar. His 2014 film, The Principle is a brilliant analysis of the crisis emergent in modern cosmology, and is highly recommended. Further recommended is his Journey to the Center of the Universe, a scientific study positing that earth is the motionless center about which the entire cosmos revolves. Take some time and give a listen to what he has to say on 9-11.

Worthy of Time and Consideration

Christopher Bollyn is a secular journalist who has investigated 9-11, and whose analysis explains much.


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