Against Deprecating Virginity

featureThe controllers have dragged a lot of Catholic minds to center-tent of masonic clown world recently, those minds being baited by the mass media drama of senate nomination hearings. A topic ancillary to the drama, but absolutely crucial to seekers of sanctity by way of grace over nature has arisen: the satanic desire to defile virginity both carnally and in name. This will be quick, so let’s have a look. Below, the protagonist attests to his having been a virgin as a youth. In response, one of his antagonists ridicules the concept of virginity. In so doing, the attacker blasphemes. Prayers will be offered for this blasphemer on his ghastly journey into hell.

virginity professed

virginity debased
Ridicule of Virginity: Alchemical Beast System Unmasks

In Virginitate Est Gloria

In this hierarchical universe over which reigns Christ, King Eternal, virgins outrank those who have known carnality. The Blessed Virgin herself, as Queen of Heaven, provides all necessary evidence. As Sts. Joseph, John the Baptist and many others both woman and man can attest: virgin and motherin Ecclesia militans and triumphans, virgins rule. God wields special power through his sexually undefiled children. Both virgin priests at the altar and virgin martyrs in Heaven can attest.



Beware Those Who Ridicule the Virgin State

More here than meets the eye: subtle slam on the elevated virgin state from a so-called Christian News Satire.  Babylon evokes the Babylonian mystery religion and infamous Babylonian Talmud.  What about the bee? Masonic as well: drones are builders of a hive {symbol of the abominable third temple of Jerusalem?} Text linked to source.

Therefore, another telling sign of reprobate times is the widespread and public mockery of virginity. Catholics, especially reverted young adults shaking off the slime of porn ‘n fornication culture, might not be alert to their making slights against the superior state. If this is so, and we notice, then spiritual works of mercy demand that any opportunity to correct be taken. Your writer’s extremely-late-to-the-party discovery of a certain social media platform months ago provided an eye-opening view into many things, among them a disgraceful insult to the glorious and self-sacrificing virgin state. In pictures, the fault and cure are pointed out immediately below.

save as wrong right
Mind your memes, young Catholics! Do not cast aspersions on the virgin state!
virgin martyrs
What she sacrificed on earth cannot compare to the glory she now possesses!

What the virgin preserves on earth, in Heaven she will not only keep, but radiate with the grace of Glory. -And that goes for the young lads and priests as well.

st joseph
Superb role model to men: St. Joseph, virgin, Guardian of Virgins, and Terror of Demons



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