Anti-Pope’s Anti-Saint

Supremely fitting is the Berg Bag’s recent anti-papal maneuver, commanding that Roman Catholics accept that Paul VI enjoys the beatific vision. In fact, the papacy of the wretched Montini, perhaps along with the rest of his life, manifested a panoply of moral failings and very thinly disguised vices. The deeds of the Phony Council’s closer read like a skid mark on the road of church history: black stains at a desolate place where one’s failure to do as he ought causes catastrophe for unsuspecting others.  True to his other acts as head of anti-church, the Berg-Bag -knowingly, it seems- has elevated an exemplar of a near perfect inversion of heroic virtue. The effeminate, sheltered Giovanni Battista Montini received dispensations to live at home with his mom while a seminarian, never spent a day as a parish priest, and through family connections he obtained an assignment to the Vatican’s diplomatic corps. Things went downhill from there for this cleric without a spiritual life, and as the eight-minute video below skillfully summarizes, the pansy priest went on to sow the seeds of sodomitical vampirism and  communist infiltration into the Church’s hierarchy.

Saint in Hell?

As the tree leans, so it falls. The life and death of Paul VI ought to be a warning to every father that, through depriving his son of the many arduous strivings that form boy into

TIA: “Paul VI wears the symbol worn exclusively by the Jewish high priest; original posting here.” Gateway asks, is this evidence of Montini’s having been a crypto-Jew?

man, effeminacy kills both in this life, and very probably in the next. We most emphatically hope that Montini escaped hell, but a frank assessment indicates that it doesn’t look good.

Acts of Anti-Church: Canonizing the Reprobate

The perspicacity of Father Linus Clovis bears repeating: anti-church occupies the same sacramental, liturgical and juridical space as the Catholic Church. Like a patient whose organs are overwhelmed by malignant tumors, the person afflicted -Holy Mother- remains one and the same. Wish though we might, to rip the cancer from the healthy flesh and cause her to flourish, or to do something to reverse the ravaging illness, Catholics must keep our attachment to her as at a bedside vigil for a mother who seems to lie dying. We must trust the Holy Ghost to point out to us the Son of God operating within such contradictory parameters: the destroyer and the destroyed in agonizingly close proximity. A mother afflicted does not cease to be mother.

Berg-Bag the Psy-War Gangster

While the objectives of anti-church are many, anti-pope Berg-Bag seems very diligent in pursuing the following: 1). discredit the Catholic Church in the eyes of the world through the public display of the most infamous, criminal, ham-handed actions and statements. 2). destroy the internal act of faith of individual Catholics through relentless war against the Eucharist, sacraments, priesthood, religious life, Church’s hierarchical structure, Rosary and devotional life.  Remember that these actions by the anti-pope, while null and void by the fact of his anti-papacy spawning from Benedict’s resign-but-remain, non-abdication, have as their target the will of each Catholic to persist in the internal act of faith. If the Berg-Bag, through his anti-saint Paul VI, can make ritualistic mockery of our devotion to our special saints, who love and aid us so generously and so particularly on our pilgrimages, then he can call into question the very concept of sainthood. If the effeminate Paul VI, who rotted while lying in state like a week-old boar’s head in a  medieval meat stall in midsummer, and whose tenure as Pope was a barn-burner of betrayals, could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Sts. Peter and Paul, Patrick and Boniface, Gertrude and Bridgette, then how can sainthood as such have any meaning?  Such a despairing question is exactly what the Berg-Bag and his anti-church want you to ask, just before you extinguish your internal act of faith in the Catholic Church’s Divine origin, or even in Christ himself, and join them in their apostasy – the anti-evangelization at work.

The answer lies at the root of the matter: the infernal enemy couldn’t kill the Church from the outside, and after more than fifty years of every imaginable advantage, his human agents are realizing that they can’t kill it from the inside either. The humanist cult of the novus ordo is reaching peak awareness of its grand failure to accomplish what it envisioned being done with such ease: destroy the hierarchy, destroy the priesthood, and eradicate the Catholic Church from the face of the earth. Their efforts at creating an impostor church within the real one, and to swap out with the same, have simply not succeeded. All the tawdry promises of heaven on earth through a religion of man are now exposed for what they always have been: the worship of satan.

The Berg-Bag and Jim Jones

So the novus ordo religion arrives at its Jim Jones moment, in which the project must be scrapped in one final act of ritualistic, spiritual suicide. Since so few any longer believe in the excrement show that is the Berg-Bag’s

berg bags vision for your flock
Bergoglio’s vision for every priest’s flock.

personality cult, then every Catholic must now be made to drink the cyanide-laced Kool Aid of St. Paul VI, ora pro nobis! And with no shortage of victim-shaming in the form of homilies accusing the faithful of being satanic, the Berg-Bag commands assent to the veneration of a soul quite possibly writhing in eternal damnation.

Winning the Psy-War: Information & Orientation

Catholics don’t have to fall for the psychological warfare or the Jim Jones routine. But we do have to look around and ask some fundamental questions, and refuse to accept the high-handed opinions of those who get paid to keep us from authentic resistance, to wit: will some bishop or cardinal step forward and set to writing the precise canonical and theological foundations by which a Pope can say that his yes to being Pope is forever, while at the same time setting in motion a conclave to elect a second pope, and yet still claim that the Church has but one Pope? They’ll never do it. We know why. This silence is their answer, that there is no legitimacy whatsoever behind the Berg-Bag.

Holy Priests Can End the Nightmare Today

Thus occasion arises to renew the call for emergency measures to be taken by Catholic priests: the current anti-papacy and episcopacy will never allow the full and unrestricted exercise of the Roman Catholic priesthood. The current regime will permit priests to warn neither Catholics of thesnuff imminent danger posed to them by damnation to hell due to sin, nor the evangelizing of heretics, Jews and infidels at risk of the same fate. Similar suppressive controls apply to every facet of priestly life. Liberation from any wicked prelate who impedes or prevents the salvation of souls can be had in a simple and direct manner by taking leave from his control and receiving material support from the lay faithful. Fathers, you can end this nightmare. The spectre of Saint Paul the Sodomite, of Berg-Bag the Warlock, the desecration of the Eucharist, the suppression of the sacraments can all be brought to an end, if you are willing to take the steps. We realize you await Divine Intervention, but what if God waits upon you to put your faith into radical action? Pray on this, we pray ye.

The following is intended for rhetorical, rather than devotional effect.

From the unholy Berg-Bag the commie, Spare us, O Lord.
From the unholy Berg-Bag the Heretic, Spare us…
From the unholy Berg-Bag the Blasphemer, Spare us…
From the unholy Berg-Bag attempting to make Bishops out of criminals, Spare us…
From the unholy Berg-Bag, Exonerator of Child Rapists,  Spare us…
From the unholy Berg-Bag Paymaster of perverts, Spare us…
From the unholy Berg-Bag, scourge of faithful priests, Spare us…
From the unholy Berg-Bag the Apostate, Spare us…
From the unholy Berg-Bag the Antipope, Spare us…
From the Berg-Bag, Motivated by hatred of the Holy Faith, Spare us…
From the Berg-Bag, with Aversion to Venerable and Virgin Mother of God, Spare us…
From the Berg-Bag’s Hatred of Holy Eucharist, Spare us…
From the Berg-Bag’s Hatred of Our Blessed Lord, Spare us…
From the Berg-Bag’s Hatred of the Holy Rosary, Spare us, O Lord.

One thought on “Anti-Pope’s Anti-Saint

  1. Orthodox Catholics firmly believe PF to be a malicious fake imposed on them by the scheming St. Gallen Mafia & view the continuing silence from the entire Hierarchy to have now become profanely complicit. After the reneging of the promised correction two years ago next month, there has been no council called to denounce the sacrilegious outcome of the much debated & refuted footnotes in AL that has led to many priests being suspended & the faithful scandalised. We were promised that if the formal correction was not answered the necessary step (informal council) would be enacted to warn the faithful not to follow PF as he would have been found to have separated himself from the faith.

    In the meantime there has been the pre-determined outcome of two Synods on the Family that turned out to have nothing to do with one man & one woman bonded together by Holy Matrimony, but on societal families focusing mainly on heterosexual & homosexual cohabiting individuals who wanted permission from the Vatican to access HC without repentance & forfeiting their lifestyle. We are now having to witness a Synod on the Youth referencing the LGBTQI descriptive in its Instrumentum Laboris, & photographs of PF wielding a Wicca Stang & wearing a rainbow coloured cross. As it became evident in the first few days that the Youth were not being impressed by the prepared dialogue & inclusivity afforded them, it transpires that this Synod has taken a shift towards equal rights of women to become priests & an insistence that the CC must fully embrace sodomy & make the necessary changes to the Ten Commandments & Catechism to affirm same.

    Meanwhile, Archbishop Viganò’s Testimony made before a US Court Official is still waiting for a response & ++Wuerl’s resignation has not seen him actually removed from the Archdiocese of Washington. It appears that our silent Cardinals are willing to see +Viganò hung out to dry, a priest in Chicago on the run from ++ Cupich who ordered him to a psychiatric institution for therapy for burning a LGBTQI flag strew on the altar of his church & another priest in Denver being sacked by his Bishop for relaying reports of misconduct with children in that area. He now is living in his car waiting for some Bishop to give him faculties.

    The situation within the OHC&A Church has become completely diabolical. How can any Catholic parent entrust the souls of their children/grandchildren to such perverts? Will no prelate call for a council to discuss the situation & request the immediate consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & for the Third Secret of Fatima to be revealed in full? Are there any Catholics at all to affirm the True Faith?


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