Bundy Ranch

Americans are on the borderline between what was once thought to be a free country and hard totalitarianism. In Thousand Hoax, I mean Thousand Oaks, CA, there was a bar. A shooter, mass casualties, and a veteran cop is now gone. No bodies, no victims, no crime. How truly odd it is that in a state in which you can’t buy shampoo at Wal-Mart without being under surveillance, there is not one single pixel capturing what is claimed to have happened.  The event will be forgotten within thirty-six hours, and they won’t even have to bother forging the death certificates.

duping delight
Smile when you say, that! Ventura County Sheriff can’t keep a straight face amidst all the carnage.

Leave the acting to the professionals, like Harrison Hanks

In a land where all politics is a cheesy, Jew-run muppet show, voting does not matter. Boycotts of products do not matter. Writing letters to the criminals in charge, be they ass-raping Catholic cardinals, or Israel-first gun confiscation advocates does not matter.

What matters is that what stands between the Russia of 1918 and America of 2018: 100 million citizens armed with deadly force. While certain advancements in other knowledge domains, such as the biomedical sciences, have occurred over the past century, satanic totalitarianists know that the most efficient way to kill millions of defenseless civilians is to starve them.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) seems to be original source. While UNODC may be anti-gun, NRA reports even more gun ownership.

Ten million Ukrainians starved by Stalin in the 1930s, and five million Irish in the 1840s under the all-seeing eye of world freemasonry’s head, British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston, will attest. In contrast, when logistics and other concerns prevent the use of mass starvation, the means of one hundred years ago remains the same today. Industrialized mass murder is carried out with a bullet to the base of the skull.  Sliding to 48:26 in the linked video will demonstrate what real mass shootings look like., unlike Russia of 1918, populated by docile peasants and kulaks, and in which the only gun owners were hunters, soldiers and the local constabulary, the problem for the Judeo-phile U.S. murder-crats is that Americans are armed to the teeth. Complicating matters is just suspicion of  gun control, and diminishing fear of a morally bankrupt federal government’s power to forcefully impose its will on the entire populace. In short, which well-paid Fedgov goon-squad wants to kick in 100 million doors and confiscate 100 million guns? That’s right, not one. -It’s awful hard to collect a pension from underground.

Mindwarrior’s Quagmire

Thus the regime is quagmired in its mindwar, the use of screen and speaker to deliver its prepackaged news message that another mass shooting has occurred, and firearm ownership is the cause.  In spite of their universal surveillance, cybernetics and data mining operations, in which the overlords know exactly how people react, and at even the individual level, it is reasonable to inquire whether the faked mass shootings are reaching a level of diminishing returns. Fewer people believe the stupid story lines. More people perceive the Sheriff’s smug grin. Even the true believers become numb and fail to react. Others go shopping for guns, and when striding through the door, they walk right past the sidearms in the glass case, opting instead to ask the man behind the counter to talk to them about the virtues of the big bore Armalite (AR) 15 vs the AK-47.

Americans with guns cannot be starved, or herded by the millions into black sites for execution. Besides talk, the Talmudic-Ziobanksters have no plan, except to stage a shooting, put a grown man in front of a camera to whimper and cry, and to let-loose the Facebook mob to emote intensively how gun owners are not human beings.

If you don’t own a semi-automatic rifle, today’s a great day to stop by your local gun shop and check one out. -The Amerikan Cheka has already done its shopping.


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