True Pope, False Opposition

New vigor surges in the veins of Catholics cognizant of the objective reality of regnant Pope Benedict XVI, a topic already too well-read and known by b16concerned pilgrims to warrant additional description here. Simple lessons can so glorify God in His perfect simplicity! No Pope has the authority to alter the nature of the Papacy. A pope renounces his office, or he does not. Truth, like well-honed steel, mows through the tangled web of conciliar lies.  What deserves further attention; in addition to authentic, restorationist resistance and leadership, is a greater understanding of how Catholics can recognize the horrendously, intentionally counterproductive effect of controlled opposition.

Veri Catholici: Latin for Catholic Men

We also like this guy, linked here  and creativity shown here. Additionally and with great pleasure in reading his post written with both courage and clarity is Deus Ex Machina:

Of course, there are stalwarts on the Bergoglio side with whom we may now dispute, but whose authenticity is never in doubt. Read one word of what they publish week in and week out; there is no denying a Catholic mind and heart at work: Vox, Mundabor, Tancred at EF, TIA.  Readers will know many others. While brethren who may be mistaken, none of the above are trying to defend turf, subscribers, donations, or income. Catholic to the core.

Is Controlled Opposition Present?
Doubt it not for one instantJust as authentic leadership and opposition possesses recognizable attributes, so does the phony version.

Quintessential Controlled Opposition: Looking Out for Numero Uno!

How can controlled opposition be recognized? Simple, observable facts shall declare. Does the suspect operate for personal gain and profit? Does suspect suppress alternate viewpoints advancing original ideas? Does suspect attack and gaslight? {Saying BXVI is Pope is crazy talk of deranged minds!} Subtler signals may arise. Does the suspect manufacture excuses for avoiding new approaches to the fight? Write books affirming the anti-pope that split hairs to a degree that is utterly maddening?  Does the suspect call down condemnation on opponents? {Excommunicate Benevacantists!} Step one in breaking through controlled opposition is recognizing not only its existence, but its true purpose. Phony opposition gets paid to ensure the complete ineffectiveness of any resistance to the illegitimate regime. Hence the snarling, claws out ambush of Catholic commenters and bloggers who deviate from the party line can be jarringly contrasted to the hum-drum grog ration for the somnambulant reader. “Oh that Francis, he’s so bad. Here’s what he did today. Isn’t that horrible? Just pray for him though, because only sedes say that Benedict is Pope. Sedes get banned and excommunicated. Please donate to my I want-a-bigger-house fund. Again.”


Additional steps include robbing it of support and publishing what it says when it attempts to shut down or redirect authentic leadership and opposition. Of course, whatever support can be given authentic opposition should be brought.

The Battle Devolves Unto Us
We are in a viciously contested psychological war. The world’s money and media powers have thrown down their shekels on the Berg-Bag. Controlled opposition in the Opus Dei Catholic media has a job – remember that the objective of psy-war is to convince the enemy (that’s you and me) to give up on his own. They want you to feel silenced, alone, abandoned, without hope, and even that God and His Church have moved on from you. Never give in to them!

The battlefront for the Church has been brought to our hearts and minds. The Catholic Church is founded on Logos. The false church is founded on gnosis. All the fallen crowns, thrones, kingdoms and nations map the path to ourselves, and our possessing of the Holy Faith. All the ruined orders, bishoprics, cloisters and monasteries leave their legacy now to us. The legacy of the Incarnation is in your hands. The testimonies of the martyrs are on your lips. No one can take your faith from you. Smash the controlled opposition in its teeth. One does not equal two. The Catholic Church can never command assent of the faithful to a fact She cannot explain. Benedict XVI is Pope of the Catholic Church, closing in on year fourteen of his papacy.

2 thoughts on “True Pope, False Opposition

  1. I haven’t even watched Ms. Barnhardt yet, but believe this to be true. I cannot comprehend the myriad of factors, truly, my mind cannot sort out all the details of why or why not, the Canon law, etc., but I feel I don’t need it. God gives us a discerning spirit. What it comes down to is this, no authentic pope would destroy the faith. Every word and action of the man have proven this is his personal goal. A pope cannot work to destroy the church. On no level does that make sense. Why would it take God 2000 years to destroy what He created, if He thought it bad. The man has made it clear he is a destroyer, he has even verbalized it. As the church withers, evil in our world abounds, it has exploded. Lightning strikes St. Peter’s. Birds of prey attack his “peace doves”. It is all there in front of our eyes.


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