The Benedict-Resigned

debate results
That Benedict XVI abdicated is a contrary-to-reality statement.

consensus is having their worst month ever! Trying to keep peasants on the trad-servative reservation with we-hate-him-too,-but-this-Christ-hating-commie-scum-bag-is-the Pope  just isn’t cutting it.  Attention money-focused trad-right: the growth curve on your follower/donation/subscriber count is inflecting to the negative! Hence we can expect misdirected anger from the Jorge-vacantists out there. Looks like Veri Catholici has seen some of this

veriI’ve also seen some decidedly ugly friendly fire from a trad-servative leader/CEO of an online charitable organization  directed at one of his socmed followers who was attempting to register agreement.

The last leg of support has officially been kicked out from the consensus’s bivouac shelter, and they’re groping for any way out they can find.  What was this last wobbly tent pole? Nothing other than the high-handed pedantry of the Berg-Bag’s intellectual defenders claiming as unassailable the assertion that Pope Benedict XVI said, “the Chair will be vacant”.

In point of fact, the Pope said no such thing, and the blogger with a very consequential following has just made the case plain. Read more at the link just below, about contrary-to-fact statements and the formation of the subjunctive mood in English, and that Benedict XVI used a contrary-to-fact form of the Latin verb vacate. Folks, this does not raise any further questions about the non-abdication – because it conclusively answers all questions!

What did Benedict XVI say? “The chair could be vacant.” Let the squirming commence. This is the complete confutation of the Benedict-resigned camp. Words must have meaning. The meaning of words must correctly signify the ontological state which said words describe. -Can’t believe this needs to be said. Of course, Jorge’s trad-servative defenders can try and split hairs like a bunch of pathetic Talmudic rabbis, but chipping away at the meaning of words can’t change reality. It will only drive you out of your skull.

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