Stalag (20)19

Regarding that “big Catholic tent” that was the subject of conversation somewhat recently. Well-intended and authentic Catholic voices on the blogs lamented the fratricidal spirit infusing disputes over the alleged legitimacy of Bergoglio. At that time, and still unresolved even now, vicious attacks have been mounted against voices leading the rapidly growing body of faithful who in good conscience conclude the impossibility that the Argentine impostor is Pope.

reality checks in
Propagandizing Catholics to ignore their faculties of reason: results are not so hot.

If you are among them, be assured that evidence is emerging that you are not alone. No matter how much the monetized Trad-servative media attempts to ignore you, what you think in this regard has ramifications, both strong and salutary. Small numbers can have outsized influence. Thus, fear neither the Trad-servative’s com-box ban hammer, nor their snarky condescension, nor their idle threats that you have cut yourself off from the Body of Christ: if the resignation is valid per Canon 332 §2, then the knowers have a moral obligation to explain it to you.

The question of how to resolve infighting is vital. Do truculent, or even  vociferous disputes represent a problem in themselves?  Do they make the conditions of our captivity worse, so as to impute culpability to the combatants themselves?

mahound tweet
Thou shalt not speak ill of fellow Trad: a great recipe to solidify the control by Opus Dei’s ‘Catholic’ Judas Goats!

It seems true. In fact, if the cause of such rhetorical mêlées were to be found in the wrath or intemperance of those involved, it would be true. While the exhortation to lay aside one’s sword for the sake of peace cannot but be well-intended, what if the cause of such strife is misunderstood?

The Church Has Been Infiltrated

With the increasingly frustrated attempts by privileged Trad-servative tribunes to stifle the voices decrying the Berg-Bag’s illegitimacy, we find this to be only a single and recent flashpoint for internal conflict. The underlying problem and reaction have been brewing from far deeper and much longer from within Catholic hearts. When things get this nasty, it must be acknowledged that we are no longer in the realm of “I’m-right, you’re-wrong let’s-move-on” type of squabbling, and that burying the hatchet simply guarantees an ax in the back for those naïve enough to do so.  It seems bury the hatchetapparent that the intensity of the on-sides fight is over truth itself: namely the efforts to proclaim it openly vs. the evil desire to suppress it by any means necessary.

What could possibly motivate people from the same side to engage in a rhetorical fight to the death? The answer: they’re not from the same side; they’re enemies. One side is Catholic, the other is masquerading. Holy Mother has been infiltrated. Outsiders, working with diligence and patience, have wormed their way into her positions of power. This fact even the Trad-servatives are permitted to state. And they allow their Catholic followings to ruminate over the question. The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by whom exactly, and how, and when? Then the monetized Catholic leaders go mum while the crowd speculates. Aha, sodomites, we’ve outed them! Look there, a communist, here is your cause! Get them out and problem solved. Over here, he and his friends wear the apron of the square and compass, it was the lodge all along! -Yes, these three explain much of the enemy’s activities within the Church. But are there any common factors linking them together?

Furthermore, are these satanists, socialists, sodomites and secret societies the only infiltrators, or have others been planted in the midst of those who love Tradition? Are there infiltrators who are rewarded to misdirect every honest inquiry, or to suppress important discoveries? Do we have among us those who, when misdirection and suppression fail (and they are indeed failing miserably in the case of the antipope) resort to sowing discord and division, and blame it on the Church’s loyal children? Infiltrators do just such things, and they drive morale lower and lower over time. They do wonders for the enemy’s psychological warfare operation against Catholics.

Stalag (20)19
If you haven’t seen the 1953 film Stalag 17, the final scene provides an excellent illustration of the damage infiltrators can do. Set in a German POW camp for Americans in WWII, Stalag 17 depicts the frustration and intrigue endured by GIs, who can’t identify how their German captors know the prisoners’ next move, every single time. Key players are Seften (William Holden) suspected of being a traitor, who confronts Price (a young Peter Graves), in charge of barracks security. Price the infiltrator is inflicting tremendous harm as two attempted escapees are killed. Seften is less likeable, and blame falls upon his head, as well as a physical beat-down for calling attention to the problem. Needless to say, morale plunges, and the inmates fight among themselves, just like the enemy wants. Finally the truth prevails, Seften gains an impromptu audience before of the rest of the group, and Price is dealt with. (Video pre-cued to final scene.)


Always screening everybody, only who screens you?
(-Although Gateway has apostatized from the dogmas of the WWII religion, the progression of this scene is a good fit.)

Infiltrators, like chameleons, adapt to fit their environments. They think, act, write, and in our case, even pretend to pray and love the Church as if they were Catholics. They’ll lead you down every primrose path in the garden, so as to keep you from arriving at, or effectively communicating the Truth. They can even gull a loyal following who know nothing of their scheming. Per the infiltrators’ decrees, loyal children of Holy Mother Church can talk about whatever they want: Bella Dodd, Stalin, the Cambridge Five as exemplars of flaming turncoats; Rome’s P2 Lodge, the OTO, Gramsci, Weishapt are all fine. Discuss what you will, as long as you don’t discover that communism and it’s weaponized faggotry, and the hidden side of satanic freemasonry have a single controller.

church a gogue
What do communism and the lodge have in common? Click here for One Catholic’s Answer

“To discover who rules over you, simply find out whom you are not allowed to criticize.” Don’t ever talk about that infiltrator that goes all the way back to the New Testament, because if you do, then you risk jail-breaking the Holy Catholic Church from Her captivity. -That would make worldly powers very upset, and then the infiltrators wouldn’t get paid. Of course, the anti-pope fits right into this, because he was selected by the pedophile mafia with the blessing of the Church’s enemy captors. If the Berg-Bag can’t maintain at least a thin and moldy crust of legitimacy, then the whole swindle could unwind very rapidly. The Judaic, Sorosian, money power has a lot invested in this particular anti-pope; and the conservative, Opus Dei money/media tentacles on the right are attached to the same head.  Hence, the apoplexy of the faux trads online to keep Catholics quiet about the whole ridiculously obvious answer to the million-dollar question: did Pope Benedict’s abdication conform to Canon Law, or even to objective reality?

If we want harmony among our ranks, then we need to recognize the markers of the pattern for infiltrators, and their attendant dupes.

Historical Highlights of Infiltration into The Catholic Church

1st Century, Simon the Magus: recorded in the Acts of the Apostles, of offering to purchase with money the Power of the Holy Ghost. Repents upon St. Peter’s sharp rebuke. Faith of Saint Peter defeats infiltrator, in this case by transforming false Jewish convert into a true one.

4th Century, Arius: Phony Christian and actual Jew who received sacraments in bad faith. Received holy orders and consecration as bishop with same disposition. Confected heresy denying the divinity of Our Blessed Lord. Infiltrates and overthrows majority of Catholic Sees.

711 A.D. Gates of Toledo: Moors’ Generals had already decided not to invade Iberian Peninsula. Infiltrating Jews within the citadels provide encouragement and essential field intelligence and invasion is undertaken. Death of Catholic Visigoth Kingdom

12th Century. Infiltrators pretending to be Catholic manage to place two of their agents, crypto-Jew Anti-Pope Anacletus II, followed by Anti-Pope Victor IV, onto the Chair of Peter. Led by Sts. Norbert and Bernard of Clairvaux, Catholic Monarchs restore order.

13th Century, Papal Inquisition of Pope Innocent III, chartered to combat widespread heresy, esp. Jewish-instigated and incredibly violent Albigensianism in Southern France. Inquisition’s international character made it uniquely suited to combat stateless infiltrators operating across national boundaries.  Mendicant orders of Fransiscans and Dominicans rebuild Holy Faith. Infiltrating activity greatly reduced.

14th and 15th Centuries, Spain: again, falsely converting Jews gain positions in society and in the Church so as to sow seeds of destruction throughout kingdom and clergy of the land. Wonder-worker St. Vincent Ferrer walks into crowded synagogues, wins true converts on demand, and hundreds at a time. However, with order still seemingly impossible to restore, Jews and Moors expelled.

16th Century*: Theological infiltrators smuggle study of Kabbalah into the Clergy. Agenda advanced to assert Kabbalism as original, authentic religion of God, while at the same time as a proof-text to the Holy Faith. To this day there is no known record of papal condemnation or correction of  this error. Today, these Crypto-Jews target clergy and laity by becoming opinion-shapers who are of the most traditional orientation. *One historian traces origin to 13th Century.

17th Century: Having found refuge in Holland following expulsion from Spain, Jews like Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel cooperate with Oliver Cromwell to return from their 1290 AD expulsion from Catholic England (having been due to rapacious usury and ritual murder of martyrs like St. William of Norwich). Usurious Bank of England founded shortly thereafter. Cromwell had slaughtered 600,000 Catholic Irish, while slave trading Jews sold off many survivors in Caribbean.

18th Century: Freemasonic Lodges controlled by Jews spend decades undermining Catholic Monarchy, demoralizing the Kingdom, and fomenting French Revolution. 100,000s dead. Vendee genocide.

18th Century: Jacob Frank, horrendously debauched rabbi undertakes false conversion for himself and followers in Catholic Poland, in order to bring about the destruction of the Church from within.

19th Century: Pope Gregory XVI borrows money from modern history’s Jew-money-kings, the Rothschilds, incurring mortally sinful compound interest. Lines of credit become conduits for infiltration, as the borrower makes himself the lender’s slave.

20th Century: Jewish owned-and-operated international Communism infiltrates nearly all western nations and institutions. Catholic Church beset from within by Communists, who plant sodomites and work hand-in-hand with freemasonry to undermine nations. A religion that perpetuates itself by human sacrifice, communism is the insatiably blood-thirsty spawn of the synagogue. 100s of millions dead, untold numbers of whom are starved, shot, or ritualistically tortured and butchered.

20th Century: Reputed crypto-Jew and Cardinal Augustin Bea collaborates with World Jewish Congress to compose the Vatican II document Nostra Aetate, signaling the end of Catholic resistance to the machinations of organized Jewry.

20th Century: Spanish crypto Jew and homo, Josemaria Escriba changes his surname to Escriva de Balaguer. Institutes Personal Prelature within Catholic Church, Opus Dei, dedicated to the establishing of a new world order. To this day controls vast amounts of money and dominates Catholic media.

21st Century:  A hierarchy overrun with criminal homosexual perverts, communists, satanists and open freemasons, illegally holds conclave to elect a rival claimant to Pope Benedict XVI. Selected by world Jewry’s money kings like George Soros; suspected criminal, communist and homosexual anti-pope Francis I claims the Chair of Peter. Crypto-Jewish prelature of the Opus Dei controls Catholic media, which in turn attempts to ignore and silence loyal Catholics. Mass apostasy, defection of high clergy; faggots and yes-men dominate low clergy. Mesmerized and distracted, western nations of the world fail to apprehend that world communism advances upon their doorsteps. Most are afraid to say the word Jew out loud. Worst crisis in Church history, bar none.

The common thread? Infiltration by the synagogue of satan. We must find our faith and be courageous: don’t be afraid to notice, ask questions and demand answers! Here’s one for the Trad outlets that just appear out of nowhere, inspired by Stalag 17’s Seften:

Traditionalist, huh? Always screening opinions of peasant Catholics, only who screens you?

trad goatstrad goats b

5 thoughts on “Stalag (20)19

  1. My answer to Catholics and former Catholics about problems in the Church is the following: The Catholic Church has been infiltraded and operational control has been taken over by commies, masons, fags and satanists. Silence then prevails. Seriously I grew up in New York (the borough of Queens), had 12 years of Catholic education, including 4 years at an all-girls Dominican High School, graduating in 1966 before anything changed. I know who the enemy is and I can see what they have been doing since day one.. It’s been a rather lonely road as most people prefer to remain ignorant. The enemy is operating the Church but they are not the Church.

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