Catholic Media Clown World

Memo to Tradservative Inc. (a.k.a. Opus Judei flunkies) who opine for profit and claim to be voices of Catholic tradition: your audience is abandoning you, your brand is imploding, and you matter less and less as time goes by.  Principal, and quite fitting, clown world 2causes of your rising irrelevance are comprised of your denial of reality, ignoring legal facts, and your now years-long failure to coherently explain how Berg-Bag the anti-pope can legitimately hold the office for which he rivals Pope Benedict XVI.  You’re becoming a joke, and the butt of memes. Let’s have a look round at Catholics’ reception to the sour notes of the Tradservative trumpeters.

First up: Braveheart is back, Mel Gibson fans! Never mind that its initial release was nearly two and-a-half decades ago; forget that its protagonist led his countrymen to reject and overthrow an illegitimate claimant to the rule of his country: just grab some popcorn and unite the clans! What does it mean? -Who cares what it means, dummy, it’s Braveheart – don’t you get it?

Gateway believes that Wallace would have had zero tolerance for the Berg-Bag, an occultist, communist, homo, child-trafficking, criminal anti-pope; moreover, the Scottish hero would have taken up arms to kill him or drive him from Rome.
mark unite clans
Gateway appreciates this refined witticism of a meme.
When Stalin says your Trad Inc. marketing gimmick is a failure, then it’s time to pack it in.

If Berg-Bag is NOT the anti-pope, why don’t we have to obey him?

Come on, Trad. Inc. media clowns, you have to at least try to explain that one.

trad inc
Fine idea, Pope Auntie! Let’s do so.
hater pope
Hates his flock, but still enjoys Divine Protection. Not confusing at all.
rig election
Rigged election? Don’t worry. He’s still Pope.
He says things condemned by his predecessors, but he’s not the anti-pope! Couldn’t be clearer.
The right way to resist is to yell and scream at how bad he is, but insist that he is not the anti-pope, because this will preserve your faith in the Papacy.  -R-i-i-i-ght.

Now Back to Reality,

where 1 + 1 = 2, a thing cannot both be and not be in the same time and in the same way, and where the Holy Catholic Church does not EVER command assent of the faithful to a doctrinal principle which she does not explain (like how in any possible way an abdicating Pope’s actions can align to his resignation statement’s saying that his yes to being Pope is forever.)

Also, here in reality, the Code of Canon Law is both based on Truth and is apprehensible to the common sense of the intellect. Hence Canon 332.2 explicitly requires the man who would abdicate the Papacy to resign the munus by name, a Canon which forecloses any possibility of a dual-papacy, and prevents, by law, any attempt to discontinue the singular nature of the Church’s highest office.


And remember, aside from the clownishness of Trad Inc., there is no shortage of would-be Trad. Inc. writers vying for clout on socmed platforms. These trolls will pop up and try to invalidate your objections to Berg-Bag the anti-pope. Remember to reverse the roles, and have them explain, in full, vivid detail, how two men in white make a pope of one. Insist on explicit canonical and theological foundations as well. Chances are, these jesters will shut up and pigeon-walk their big red shoes back to the increasingly un-serious clown world of Trad Inc.

Trad. Inc.: this one’s for you:

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