About Those Infiltrators…

Inside the Vatican‘s release of a follow-up interview with   demonstrates a firm grasp of that which is obvious to self-motivated peasant Catholic researchers: the Church has been infiltrated by freemasonry since the time of that regicidal orgy of Christ-hatred, a.k.a. the French Revolution

“But of course this project was very deceptive, and oriented, or even included in some way, the forces of some members of the Church.

So this process was able to infiltrate in some way into the Church.”

That’s it? Seriously?! “A process in some way able to infiltrate” is quite an example of linguistic sausage making worthy of the phony council of 1962-1965: ambiguous and illogical. Someone tell me that this guy isn’t in on the scam, because this isn’t groundbreaking information. In fact, it reads more like a limited hangout. How exactly does a process infiltrate into the Church? -Clearly delivering facts in lucid detail, His Excellency trenchantly observes that this offending process infiltrated “in some way.” I can see it now, all our trusted shepherds shutting down their shredding machines and interrupting the signing of hush-money checks to victims of their crimes and cover-ups to open a conference-wide investigation of all processes, lest one previously unsuspected be the villainous infiltrator and escape justice. Again, tell me that all this isn’t pre-scripted into the swindle.

What Powers Control the Lodges?
For an answer to this question, let us consult the early/mid twentieth century work of a non-infiltrating Catholic writer, Viscount Léon de Poncins, whose diligently researched work Freemasonry and Judaism is available for free download at the Gateway Reader page.

Vicomte 1

Vicomte 2

De Poncins goes on to further identify a well-followed theory connecting the synagogue and the lodge

“That the Jews have entirely created Freemasonry in order to corrupt the nations of Christian civilization and to propagate behind this veil the general revolution which is to bring about the domination of Israel. It is simply a tool and a means in the hands of the Jews.

In support of this we can quote the article of Dr. Isaac M. Wise in the Israelite of America 3rd August 1866:

‘Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.'”[1]

A more up to date connection comes from the Jewish Virtual Library

jewish virtual library

Of course, we are only a few keystrokes away from doctrinal connections between Talmudic Judaism and Freemasonry, in the words of the ol’ lodge buddies themselves

“References to the construction of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem have been included in the rituals of the operative Freemasons since ancient times.”
-Have a look for yourself, it could prove eye-opening.

Just in case the Opus Judei Catholic media clowns of Trad Inc. and their counter parts in the Jew-run secular media haven’t broadcast this to our preferred media outlets,  Catholics must understand that the ambition of Rabbinic Judaism has always been to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, and usher in the reign of Moshiach, their Messiah, who just happens to be a personage that we Catholics call anti-Christ.

The covenant God made with the ancient Hebrews has its fulfillment in Jesus Christ, who supersedes and makes obsolete the old. The fulfillment of God’s promise -Christ our Savior-is greater than the promise itself. This fact makes this animal sacrifice not only vain prayer, but deeply offensive to the Blessed Trinity.

@1:26: Speaker refers to the “redemption process of the return of the Jewish people”. Talmudic Jews refer to this as Tikkun Olam, in English, redemption of the world. What is never said in front of non-Jews is that this redeemed world is for Jews only, and is brought about by the universal slaughter of goyim, especially Christians, to whom they refer as “avodah zarah” or idol worshippers who, according to “halachah”, or the legal interpretation of the Talmud, are subject to beheading.

jews and freemasonry

The Wider View: Freemasonry Controlled by Organized Jewry
Spoiler alert for deeply distressed Catholics lost in the winding labyrinth of Berg-Bag the anti-pope and his criminal hierarchy bent on exterminating the Holy Faith: every rabbit hole finds its end in the basement of the synagogue of satan.  Behind the veil of the lodge convenes a modern day, self-styled Sanhedrin who trace their ancestry to a Turkic people of the Eighth century Caucasus. Converted by diaspora Jews with whom they made contact, this once pagan kingdom adopted the Christ-hating doctrines of the Babylonian Talmud, along with its omnicidally criminal behavior codes towards both non-tribesmen and all creation.

If the Church has been infiltrated by Freemasonry, and the lodges are controlled by Jews, then the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by organized Jewry. Furthermore, infiltration by Jew-controlled masonry is only one of the synagogue’s tentacles wrapped around the members of Holy Church, and it’s not the worst.

What Could Be Worse than A Freemasonic Episcopate?
Worse than freemasonic bishops and cardinals alone would be a canonical structure of priests, Bishops, and great numbers of laics constituting a vast empire of crypto-Jewry cryptowithin the Church. Regular Gateway readers will know that such a thing absolutely does exist, and its name is The Personal Prelature of Opus Dei and the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, previous article available here.  Father Grigor Hesse, stalwart traditionalist and canon lawyer (+2006), characterized Opus Dei as “the heart and brain of the conciliar church.” Opus Dei controls Trad Inc.’s clownish media operations, and this control may explain why we never hear anything except slavish boot-licking, sinful Judaizing or steathy gate-keeping regarding the malevolent, murderous aggressiveness of organized Jewry.

What About All This, Excellency?
Are Catholics, who have read a few out-of-print or banned-by-Amazon books, and done a little web searching with Duck-Duck-Go expected to take your words seriously?

Another character in the script?

“Freemasonry is a process which has infiltrated the Church in some way.”  If Vigano were really dropping truth-bombs, then he would help us contextualize the reality that organized Jewry (i.e., ADL, AIPAC, AJC, World Jewish Congress, for-profit media both secular, Catholic & alt-media, the faux state of Israel, Rothschild bank-n-crime dynastic world empire, drug/gun/slave/organ traffickers of Chabad Lubavitch sect, and Israeli dual citizens’ control of the entire U.S./Canadian governments) HATES JESUS CHRIST, and by proxy they hate the Catholic Church. Moreover, if truly in hiding for his safety, and purportedly telling the truth that Catholics need to hear, why not mention the malignancy of Opus Dei? Is he afraid? Would such information never see the light of day in an Opus Judei controlled Catholic media? -Perhaps that last question answers itself.

bettting menGateway Trailmarkers
Gateway urges its kind readers to remember that Jew-run/Opus Dei media is not an information source, but a weapon of psychological warfare whose target is we, the media consumers. The screen always lies. The nature, scope and purpose of these lies will vary with the mindwarrior’s strategic objective, but the vast majority of what passes over our screens is intended to deceive us in some way. We recommend studying the media for patterns, and making sensible conclusions. Believe nothing that cannot be verified by your own knowledge, or outside sources. Develop critical questions: why are Catholic authors like De Poncins and Maurice Pinay no longer writing and publishing? Why does the Catholic media say nothing about the Personal Prelature of Opus Dei? Why are Catholics not allowed to question and criticize the cultural aggression of organized Jewry? What happens if we do so anyway?

The Catholic Church has a Jew problem, and the time is well nigh for Catholics to start talking about it.



[1]  De Poncins, Vicomte Léon; Freemasonry and Judaism, Secret Powers behind Revolution; A & B Publishing; New York, 1929; pp 100-101.

5 thoughts on “About Those Infiltrators…

  1. You are, of course, completely right in your assertions, which are not personal but logical, backed by undeniable facts. I would hazard a guess that many people have been conditioned by fear-based pseudo-facts;even too afraid to discover/admit or be told the truth. Sort of like the three monkeys. This is a dangerous situation. These compromised people are just as dangerous as the enemy we fight for they will not support us. Thank you for your courage in proclaiming the truth. In the end, we shall be vindicated because we know that Christ has already won the victory.

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