Synagogue in the Cenacle

Remember to pray to Blessed Nicholas, who in his righteous outrage smote the Christ-hating crypto-Jew Arius, and who had no fear of human respect but desired to please God first and always.

Today’s Catholics, unlike St. Nicholas’s peers who exonerated him, are steeped in double-think (i.e., a pope can be an apostate like the Berg-Bag, the novus ordo mass is both

synagogue in the cenacle2
Not so secret anymore, witness their boldly unmasking.

perfectly legitimate and under anathema by authority of Pope St. Pius V., and the blasphemous religion of the Babylonian Talmud is the root of Holy Church). Especially so are the opinion forgers of Trad Inc. As Gateway’s friends justly describe, these people are anomians (ἀνομίαναι), or practictioners of lawlessness. The Catholic mind has been hoodwinked into substituting sheer lawlessness and brute force for the rule of law and right reason, respectively. The religion of Vatican II, while 500-1000 years in the making, has de facto inducted vast numbers of well-intended Catholics into a mind control cult. Brethren thus hunt around online for some opinion-shaper to guide them, and that’s where they run into Trad Inc., wholly owned by Opus Dei, which itself in turn is an operative arm of world Jewry. This cult makes not the slightest effort to explain its attempt to overthrow reason itself, or Christ Himself; but simply banishes, ignores, calumniates or condemns those few non-monetized Catholics online attempting to find answers. Most odious is that these frauds camouflage both coil and fang for those ardently searching for tradition. Increasing numbers refusing to bend their intellects and wills to this satanic cult opt for sedevacantism in order to attempt to orient themselves around some supposed logical consistency.  Worst of all, Catholics are no longer capable of recognizing their enemies, but rather welcome them in a sickeningly subservient fashion.

euch blasph 2eucharistic blasphemy

The spiritual equivalent of a drunken plastic surgeon who freelances in South American countries.

Almost too much wrong here to catalogue, so let’s prioritize. First, since our Lord Jesus Christ is the transcendent God incarnate; and the Church, who first flowed from His wounded side on the altar of the Holy Cross, is therefore of Divine origin, the matter of DNA is ontologically accidental, and not essential. Second, because of the mystery of Divine action through the person of  the holy priest changes the substance of bread and wine to the Body and Blood of Our Lord, accidents alone remain of the original of bread and wine, their essences having been eradicated through transubstantiation.

Second, study up on the satanic gnosis underlying rabbinic Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud, and the supremacist racial ideology which that gnosis spawns. After a few thousand pages you will notice that the religion of the Talmud is fixated on the notion that man is essentially a physical creation, hence is an amalgamation of DNA. Catholic anthropology, by contrast, teaches us that man’s essence is his immortal soul, and that the spiritual in creation is superior to the material. Therefore DNA is merely accidental to man, as is skin color, height, shoe size, etc. So when a Catholic spouts off about his Jewish upbringing, or that he is 9.65% Jewish, etc., there’s more happening there than meets the eye.  A Catholic mind properly formed understands that its transcendent religion transforms every person baptized into a new 100% Catholic creation, regardless of whether infant or adult, pagan, protestant or Jew. Retention of the DNA mentality is a sign of the retention of the religion of the Talmud. Such a person could well be a crypto-Jew. The publication of such thinking, furthermore, can be virtue signalling to other denizens of the synagogue both within and without the Church.

james martin secret jew

Marshall Jew 1
Notice that this signalling comes from both the left and the right, which means a singular controlling force sits above and unseen, operating both. More detail below.

Third, there is nothing divine about Jews, and nothing special to place this group above any other religion. However, the religion of the Talmud is justly described as collective self-worship, as irrational as such an act of religion may be. Most Jews today are descended from a medieval kingdom north of the Black Sea known as Khazaria, and have no genetic link to ancient Palestine.

Fourth, Jews reject Christ. Why is there a call to rediscover something obsolete, when the religion of the fulfillment, the Catholic Church, has everything the promise had and infinitely more? Why do they subtly attempt to conflate the religion of the ancient Hebrews, our forerunners, with the religion of the rabbis who to this day slur the Holy Name with the phrase: “may his name be blotted out” or “the one who was hung from a tree”?  Don’t be naive, brethren, they want to turn Catholics into second-class Jews who depart from the Church to submit themselves to the homicidal, anti-christian Noahide Laws of the Rabbinate.

Fifth, according to E. Michael Jones, anti-semitism is a word coined in 1871 by German revolutionary Wilhelm Marr.  Eugenic in origin, the term was meant to explain pathological and anti-social behaviors historically manifest by Jews against gentiles as having genetic causes. Jones corrects Marr’s radical error by attributing Jewish behavior not with DNA, but with rejection of Christ. Such rejection makes all adherents to Judaism purblind.  Today however, as noted by the late Catholic writer Joe Sobran, antisemitism is a term used to target persons and ideas hated by Jews. So when the malpracticing priest Matt Fish {there’s a Jewish surname if ever there was} uses this word, he is attempting to deflect attention away from his blasphemy and silence the good Catholics who object to him. Also noteworthy are Catholic voices online who are more preoccupied with so-called anti-semitism than the ongoing attempt to rape of the Bride of Christ by imposters who hold her positions of authority.

Sixth, and this is crucial to understand, Jews’ self-identification as a race is a more important in-group identifier than adherence to religious doctrine. Thus the secular Jew with no interest in the synagogue, the Talmud, or donning a shtreimel is still claimed as a Jew by organized Jewry. Again in this mentality we see direct opposition to Catholicism, whose in-group identification is entirely based on reception of the sacraments and adherence to religious doctrine. Thus an authentic convert, like renaissance era Catholic convert from Judaism Johann Pfefferkorn, would never identify himself as any percent Jew, but 100% Catholic.

rabbi marshall
Oh the irony: to be more Catholic, be a Jew! These people make no distinction between the obsolete religion of the covenant, fulfilled in Christ and His Catholic Church; and the repulsive, blasphemous, revenge-obsessed rabbinic tradition of the Talmud.

Continued from above: the original posting has been removed from his website. However, it has not been removed from the internet archive’s Wayback Machine, and is linked to this text. What follows is a stunning example of an individual who marches at the head of the parade of Trad. Inc., clearly manifesting the synagogue’s race=religion mentality, and unabashedly publishing it. What can stand as evidence of the enormity of the degree to which most Catholics have been so mentally castrated that they no longer make connections between heretical/schismatic religious principles, direct and obvious consequences of the same, and their own duty as Catholics to make a coherent response to defend the Faith as befits their state in life and rank in the Church, is the fact that the following public statement was intended for a Catholic audience. It remained online for over a year until Gateway’s Twitter account quoted it, after which it disappeared.

Marshall Jew 1Marshall Jew 2

Marshall Jew 5
Is this man a Catholic or a Jew? Only the anti-rational Babylonian Talmud, with its penchant for self-worship, would permit anything less than a definitive answer, and a thorough explanation of what in the world this whole piece is about.

Organized Crypto-Jewry Loves to Control the Right

so that it can destroy with the left. This is true in both national/international politics and in the Church. Finally, understand that just like Opus Dei’s operating under the cloak of traditional orientation, including the offering of the TLM, by co-opting Trad. Inc., their intent is to bring Catholics under the synagogue’s heel using subversion disguised as ultra-orthodox traditionalism.  The unmasking crypto-Jew mentality evinced above is by no means unique in the English-speaking, monetized Trad. Inc. media orbit. There are many others, who if known, would astound faithful Catholics. Brethren, we are a Church held captive, and our captors want us dead.

What started out as a reblog for the feast of St. Nicholas has become a post of its own. Here is the repost, and Gateway asks this sainted Bishop to obtain for us the grace to recognize the enemies of all mankind within our midst.

Arian Fifth Column


5th column smaller
Patient indeed has been the Church’s enemy who lacks the ability to conquer by brute force. What could not be accomplished by the crude slaughter of the Baptized of antiquity, would have to be drawn out more slowly through swindle and through slander, through heresy and harlotry, until finally the visible membership of the only Church of Divine origin would open wide its faculties for teaching, governing and sanctifying to accept the bit and bridle of the Synagogue of Satan, and therefrom be led around the circus as ridiculous pet, and by a clownish, degenerate anti-pope. Much has been said by the stewards of internet Tradition about the Arian catastrophe’s similarity to the present and seeming apocalypsis. But there is one overwhelming fact that is never mentioned. Has this fact been ignored or concealed, and why?

The Plot Against the Church was written in German and Spanish in 1962 by a group of clergymen writing collectively under the pseudonym Maurice Pinay, and later translated. Revised in 1967, the work was produced as a measure of resistance to the revolutionary overthrow of Catholic minded leadership which took place near the outset of Vatican II. Although the book can be found by Catholics who are relentless in their quest to understand more fully the apostatic psychopathy of Bergoglio, and the bewildering acceptance thereof by Catholics; we ought not be surprised at its being ignored by the self-selected arbiters of acceptable Catholic discourse.

One of the book’s key points is its documentation of a recurring phenomenon whose origin is as old as the Church herself: the problem of the false convert, a difficulty which arose with peculiar frequency among many Jews who accepted baptism, especially when Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire and subsequent kingdoms. The false convert would, according to both Catholic and Judaic historians, while outwardly manifesting the signs and behaviors of one baptized, nonetheless practice his former religion in secret. The sons of such converts would repeat the cycle, receiving publicly the Sacraments of initiation and Catholic catechesis, but privately blaspheming the Savior (that He is the son of a prostitute, damned to hell and up to His ears in boiling excrement) and internalizing Mishnah, the gnostic oral tradition which would centuries later be set in writing as the first part of the Babylonian Talmud.  Very little time would be required for such false converts to enter the clergy and form an enemy fifth column within the bosom of the Church herself.

Such insincere conversions provide a tremendous opportunity for the Church’s enemies, especially those who take (or rather, steal) Holy Orders, because by  studying Catholic doctrine such robber priests can probe for opportunities to undermine it by way of heresy. Needless to say, this tactic was neither novel at Vatican II, nor was it young with the near-election to the Papacy of Cardinal Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro in 1903,   nor even with the tacit acceptance of usury by a certain Renaissance Pope. To see one of the earliest manifestations of a false Judaic convert-cleric laying waste to the visible Church, we must go all the way back to the fourth Century and a certain priest by the name of Arius, originator of the infamous Heresy.

The authors of The Plot Against the Church cite well-known Catholic historian William Thomas Walsh, and summarize as follows the life and heresy of the crypto-Jew Arius in a way that reminds the Catholic reader of a critical fact which not only the all-hallowed Council, but the contemporary custodians of Tradition have conveniently forgotten.

Born in North Africa, young Arius emerged on the scene as the follower of a schismatic, and later repented when that cause suffered setbacks. He then took Holy Orders under the Bishop of Alexandria and garnered prestige for his preaching, asceticism and apparently had a mystical aura as well.

The basic principle of the Arian doctrine was the Jewish thesis of the absolute unity of God, denying the Trinity and representing Christ solely as the most exalted of all creatures, but in no way as possessing divine nature. This was one of the first serious attempts to provide Christianity with a Jewish stamp. (Pinay 212)

The authorship of Pinay continues that Arius’s pious reputation aided in his heretical preaching and its delivery method, which was comprised in lavishing on the name of Christ the highest praise that any man ever has, and ever will merit. Thus the  Heretic

allowed his poison to seep in with the cunning denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ, since it is the point which encounters the most stiff-necked  rejection by the Jews.  (Ibid.)

This denial-through-praise for Christ as mere man is precisely what occurs to unsuspecting Christians who enter the Lodges today. The authors further note that Arius attempted to innovate upon the Church’s stance against the Jews by mitigating Her Founder’s Divine condemnation against those who stubbornly reject Christ. Hmm… the old covenant still valid, do we hear such pablum being spewed today? Such an attempt at reforming the Church’s stance vis-à-vis the Jews also bears remarkable affinity to the motivation behind the damnably ambiguous Nostra Aetate, and bears out what ought to be axiomatic: that the Synogogue’s playbook never changes.

Following this, and likewise right out of the unchanging playbook came the use of media of the day: Arius produced books and pamphlets in attempting to subvert the prelates into his desired mode of thinking. Yet again out of both the ancient and modern field manuals of infiltration through corrupt ideas, even if unsuccessful in winning converts came Arius’s successful attempts to cloud the issue as a mere theological dispute among brethren. This minimizing feint deceived Emperor Constantine as to the gravity of the threat posed to Holy Mother from within, and led him to seek a resolution of conciliation between Catholic Bishop Alexander and Arius himself. -Sounds a lot like the personal accompaniment and encounter excrement peddled by the conciliar religion: dialogue between light and darkness, good should meet evil half-way. Pinay comments on this method of infiltrator as benign actor

this is worthy of being remarked, since it is the classical technique with which the Jews begin a revolutionary movement. Upon many occasions they give themselves out to be harmless, good-willed, of small influence and without any kind of danger, so that the institutions threatened by the revolutionary germ do not allot to the latter its true importance and therefore look away from applying their whole force against it, which is imperative if it is to be rapidly and effectively destroyed.

Lulled through this outward conduct, the Christian or Gentile leading personages are accustomed to avoid such measures, by reacting in a modest way. This is utilised by Jewry, in order to treacherously kindle the conflagration, so that, when combative measures are finally resolved upon, it already possesses such an overwhelming force that it is impossible to halt it. (Ibid.)

At the synod in Alexandria, Bishop Alexander excommunicated Arius in 321, who immediately sought to bolster support for himself in Palestine, in close proximity to the Bishop of Nicomedia, the Heretic’s aide-de-camp

It is illuminating that it was Palestine where, in spite of the repressive  measures of Titus and Hadrian, the most compact Jewish population was found, and where the “Jewish Fifth Column”, which had infiltrated into the Church, was very powerful. It is therefore not strange that Arius, declared outlawed through excommunication and in a desperate position, sought his salvation in flight, in order to seek support with his brothers in Palestine. He was so successful in this intention that an entire Synod of Bishops and high-ranking clergy, as was the Synod of Palestine, decided upon support of him and gave new power and prestige to his cause, which, after its condemnation by the Synod of Alexandria, seemed condemned to failure. (Ibid., 213.)

Now that he was in the company and material support of fellow tribesmen and untrue converts, Arius could quickly convene a non-canonical synod for himself and attempt to gain a patina of legitimacy. Right on cue, the Synod of Nicomedia provided Arius authority to return to Egypt, thus an anti-synod contradicted the Catholic Church under the flag of false legitimacy. – Flagrantly contradicting validity through the use of pretended authority, have we seen that recently?  The defiant Synods of Nicomedia and Palestine, however, were only the opening salvo of the tried and true, ancient-yet-new, classic divide and conquer scheme, because wherever the Synod of Alexandria held sway, the Arians would stridently raise the spectre of the rulings at Nicomedia and Palestine. Furthermore, bribes and inducements could be set out to reward supporters, while slander and intrigue would be meted out to opponents. On and on the contagion spread

Arius and the Arianist Bishops intrigued against the clergy who defended Holy Church. They persecuted and feuded against them and even attacked the venerable Bishops and all priests, without regard for their rank, who had appeared to the fore through their zeal in the defence of Catholicism. They persecuted and fought them by means of secret and poisonous intrigues and by means of false accusations, until they were rendered harmless or destroyed.

By means of a well-organised action the Arians on their side strove to bring under their control the Bishops’ offices when they fell vacant, and they were successful in occupying them with clergy of their own way of thinking and of preventing true Catholics from finding admittance to this office.

These infamous manoeuvres were set in motion above all after the Ecumenical Council of Nicaea. At this council Arius and his heresy were condemned in spite of the opposition of a minority of heretical bishops, who participated with them in the Council and who vainly attempted to bring about the victory of their viewpoints which were just as novel and contrary to the traditional Catholic doctrine as those which some bishops wish to make prevail at the present Ecumenical Council of Vatican II. (Ibid., 214.)

Could this Arian pattern entailing  infiltration, co-optation and overthrow have a parallel in our day?

  • Persecuting faithful clergy from within (check!)
  • Capturing vacant sees for heretics (check!)
  • Catholic doctrine nullified through disobedient day-to-day practice (checkity-check!!)

-And the ancient heresy was all the work of a crypto-Judaic fifth columnist and his fellow-travelers. Isn’t it telling how the Conciliar religion’s leashed and muzzled controlled opposition has no trouble talking about the world groaning and waking to find itself Arian, yet never once before now, in years of seeking authentic Catholicism online have I come across the infamous Heretic’s true origin. This leads to the question: what have we yet to discover about the originators of the Conciliar religion and their episcopal descendants?  Let’s look round at the observations of some authentic Catholic lay brethren.

chaput 1 witness

chaput 2 witness
St. John the Evangelist refused to enter a building where an enemy of the Faith was to be found. But things are different now, huh, Charlie?
dolan adl witness
Hiding the Pectoral Cross for the ADL
Dolan witness 1
What ingredients are in the Matzah, Eminence?  The joke is on those stupid Catholics isn’t it?


TIA menorah
Is this the true image behind the malicious mask of the novus ordo religion?

At least the Fourth Century Catholics groaned and awakened; we Twenty-First Century Catholics just whimper in our sleep.

7 thoughts on “Synagogue in the Cenacle

  1. Thank you Gladstone for your efforts to expose the darkness. Unfortunately, the deception runs deep and very few can fathom it.

    The Synagogue of Satan and it’s anti-Christ agenda (ie AI/transhumanist depopulation) orchestrates a clever WWF combat between Zionist/nationalist/usurer Trump and his Q army of evangelical and Neo-con Catholics vs. Communist/globalist and their army of godless degenerates.

    The latest con/distraction foisted on the unsuspecting is the “impeachment” circus which as Henry Makow accurately comments is not “ designed to remove Trump but to legitimize him, so he can lead Americans into the next world war.” Such clever deceptions are only perceived by a fraction of even the “awakened”.

    May our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us!!


    1. Some decent points made here. Caution to Gateway readers about communist leaning Makow: he publishes pieces on how bad porn is, and then features porn images and links to porn on his website. Strongly suspect a communist disinfo agent there.


  2. This is the sort of information that should be read by every Catholic searching to understand the current situation of the Church. Unfortunately, there are two barriers that would need to be overcome: the first is ignorance of what the Church has always taught, (this does not include VII documents) and the history of the Church, particularly how it handled heresy. In 2013, I bought 4 copies of The Plot Against the Church and told my children, one day you will read this; I just hope it will not be too late. Fear of the Jews has now become the operating principle in most of the world. You cannot even begin to have any type of rational discussion of facts if it involves the Jews. Out of fear, no one wants to know the truth. This will not end well. It will simply be a battle between those who accept Christ and those who reject Him. BTW, the link to Toronto Catholic Witness says the article is no longer available.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Wanda. Excellent comments, and terrific work in getting The Plot Against the Church to your offspring. Interestingly, World Jewry itself will force the issue by pushing things so far beyond any limit. People will realize that the only way to survive will be to fight back. The author of that blog may have taken it down. I’ll find some other pictures and update.


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