Blessed Christmas

The light which surrounded the Blessed Virgin became more and more brilliant: the light of the lamp prepared by Joseph could not be seen. When the hour of midnight nativity lrgarrived Mary was transported in an ecstasy. I saw her raised a certain height from the ground; she had her hands crossed upon her breast. The light kept increasing around her; everything seemed to feel a joyful emotion, even things inanimate. The rock which formed the floor and the wall of the grotto were, as it were, alive with light. But soon I saw no more of the roof; a luminous path, whose bright ness continually increased, went from Mary to the highest heaven. Then was there a marvellous movement of the celestial glories, which, approaching nearer and nearer, appeared distinctly under the form of the angelic choirs. The Blessed Virgin, raised from the earth in her ecstasy, prayed and turned her eyes to her God, of whom she had become the mother, and who, a feeble new-born infant, was lying on the ground before her.

I saw Our Saviour like a little shining infant, whose brilliance eclipsed all the surrounding splendour, lying upon the rug before the knees of the Blessed Virgin. He seemed to me very small, and to grow larger before my eyes; but this was only the radiance of a light so dazzling that I can scarcely say how I could see it.

The Blessed Virgin remained some time in ecstasy. Then I saw her place a linen cloth over the child; but she did not touch Him nor take Him yet into her arms. After a short time I saw the Infant Jesus move, and I heard Him cry. It was then that the Blessed Virgin recovered the use of her senses. She took the child, wrapped it in the linen cloth with which she had covered it, and took it in her arms against her breast. I believe that she suckled it. I then saw angels around her in human form prostrate themselves before the new-born and adore Him.

Mystic Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich gave us both the account of the Nativity of Our Lord, above, and the prescriptive warning, below.

“They must pray above all for the Church of Darkness to leave Rome.”

Few would argue about the identity of the Church of Darkness, which goes by many names such as Conciliar Church,  Church of Vatican II, Novus Ordo/Religion, etc.

Perhaps a new title should be included: the Church of Opus Dei. We do well to remember what the late Father Grigor Hesse told us: “Opus Dei is the heart and brain of the conciliar church.”  And with this must come the understanding that the Personal Prelature of Opus Dei and the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross is a cabal of crypto-Jews, canonically instituted in the Catholic Church. Second, these well-moneyed crypto-Jews have total control over Trad Inc. Opus Dei is the Church of Darkness.

Gateway prays that you have a Blessed Christmas, that we avail ourselves to the superabundant graces vouchsafed to us throughout the Octave, and that the Saints of the Church Triumphant, like St. Nicholas, aid us in the final triumph against the church of darkness.




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