Michael Voris’s recent Vortex (1-21) announcing CMTV’s lawsuit against Michigan AG Dana Nessel not only provides grist for our mill in breaking through established narratives, but also marks a very important milestone regarding online Catholic discourse.

synagoge sodomite
Opposition is crime.


In summary:

  1. CMTV has been targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.
  2. MI AG’s Office undertakes hate crimes investigation.
  3. CMTV FOIA requests documents in which they are named.
  4. MI AG releases redacted versions and refuses to answer pertinent questions.
  5. CMTV sues.

Monitoring hate/hate crimes list forms the foundation of this story. To hate is a mental action. To criminalize mental action is to criminalize thought. Therefore hate crime is no different from Orwellian thoughtcrime. Who decides which thoughts constitute crimes? Those who are in power decide, and they obtain information on so-called hate groups from organizations whose sole purpose is to target and slander the people and organizations whom those in power do not like.

Southern Poverty Law Center
Conservative Inc. loves to decry the left-wing, socialist, Marxist bias of the SPLC. This is misdirection, because, with the majority of its Directors and Board Members being Jews, the SPLC is essentially Jewish. The SPLC also has a thing or two in common with the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai Brith, such as donors in common, as cited here by the Gatestone Institute, and also the centrality of targeting anti-semitism, which apparently implicates Catholicism. Presumed to identify persons who don’t like Jews, in the Year of Our Lord 2020, the functional definition of anti-semitism is the exact opposite of what we are told: anti-semitism defines persons or speech whom Jews hate. Let this Israeli Jewess confirm, in her own words

Anti-semitism: “It’s a trick, we always use it.”

Now what about Catholic groups, are they targeted by the SPLC using this trick? Let’s take a look at the SPLC’s trusty hate map, and related list.

Being put on this map might mean Jews don’t like you,
a.k.a. that you are an anti-semite.

hate map


Catholics: reverting to tradition makes you an anti-semite.
Highlighted in green:
“largest single group of serious anti-semites” -wikipedia

Thus we can see that the SPLC explicitly targets self-identifying Catholic groups over alleged anti-semitism. Such accusations provoke Gateway’s smirking at the multi-layered irony here, because so many Trad Inc. outlets will mercilessly excoriate dissenting fellow Catholics before they would breathe so much as a syllable about the intent and actions of organized Jewry (and that’s not even counting the added layer of internal control over Trad Inc by the crypto-Jews and toadies of Opus Dei).

Milestone Reached
This is why Voris’s comment at 1:55 is so significant, he names Jewess Dana Nessel’s Attorney Generalship as the “Jewish, lesbian Attorney General’s Office”. The comment is striking, because in so doing, Voris is crossing the bright red line and greatest commandment in both the worlds of Trad Inc. and Boomer era conservatism: THOU SHALT NOT TAKETH THE NAME JEW IN VAIN. In short, and to his credit, Voris names the Jew and thus makes a very important connection between the abuse of political power, the moral degeneracy of globo-homo, and the cunning of the synagogue.

Meaning Laden Five-word Sequence
His phrasing is apt and bears further analysis: “Jewish, lesbian Attorney General’s Office.” Is there a connection between organized Jewry and the homosexual agenda? In the words of the big Jews themselves, here is what we found. See for yourself (captions are linked to articles.)







Again, and to his credit, Voris makes the connection from the above to Nessel’s apparent abuse of power. “Government official wielding her power to go after a group whose ideology she just doesn’t agree with.” Thus it is quite plausible that Nessel is acting as an agent of organized Jewry (SPLC/ADL syndicate) in targeting and silencing a group whom Jews hate. Catholicism is hated and targeted because Jews hate and reject Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God, and the Church is the closest thing to Him within their reach.

“Just who do you think you are? …You are not the overlord.”
In Voris’s own words, Nessel probably thinks of herself as a Jewish lesbian law enforcement official with power to harass Catholics. Catholics ought to better understand the mentality of Jewish racial/ideological supremacism that Arises from the Babylonian Talmud.


Michael Hoffman, author of Judaism Discovered cites above (p. 357) no less than five doctrines of the Babylonian Talmud. Be not deceived that such doctrines only apply to orthodox Jews. Any Jew raised and educated in an environment valuing yiddishkeit, or “Jewishness” will be exposed to such supremacist ideology, including reformed, or secular Jews.

Gentile inferior

Hoffman quoted again (358.) Whether understood as a religion or a revolutionary, racially supremacist ideology, Judaism is not an egalitarian system. Jews’ souls are divine, and gentiles’ are “worse than animals.” Jews refer to caucasian women as shiksahs, which Brother Nathaniel Kapner says means “dirty white animal,” which corresponds well to the citation above equating the gentile woman with a female donkey. Gentile opinions do not matter to organized Jewry.

Furthermore, as cited in the headlines further up, there are causal connections between organized Jewry and the degenerate agenda of globo-homo. The Church not only opposes globo-homo, but the Church proclaims Christ as Savior whom Jews reject. Therefore the Church must be destroyed. Nessel most assuredly sees herself as an agent of a collective overlord having the implacable will of the Tribe to batter, harass, humiliate, threaten and destroy Ecclesia Militans.

“Does she get to weaponize her office just because of her sexual orientation or religious differences?” -Let the Babylonian Talmud answer this question.

“Why are some documents shielded…?” -Because shielding these documents is good for the Jews.

Why It Matters, and What’s Next
An important step toward ending mental enslavement to Jewish power is the willingness to identify an asset of organized Jewry opposing the Church, and as someone who can be criticized. The outcome depends on how well or how quickly the MI Attorney General can find a way to get the matter in front of a fellow Jew and Talmudic-supremacist judge. But neither judges nor voters will dispel this nightmarish cloud descending upon the public square. This assault on the Church, civilization and reason itself will not stop until they are stopped.

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