Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists

Imagine if you will, that we are the op-ed department of a well-respected mid-twentieth century newspaper.  We say all the right things, in all the right ways. Our well-educated readership feels challenged, edified and informed after absorbing our weekly column, and they even have a sense of connection with the smartest of the smart. Meanwhile, our superiors, and their superiors, execs who sit on  mahogany row, feel affirmed in their newspdecision to place us where we are. After all, it is their opinions, the opinions of the oligarchic ruling class, which we must uphold.  This then would be our craft, for which we might be very well paid: to program our readers what to think, while artfully leading each to believe that he thinks for himself alone. Of course, our compensation would place us amongst the privileged,  living in homes high up on the Upper West Side, and summering at Lake Winnipesaukee. We’d have made ourselves well-to-do by peddling as gospel whatever those in power tell us that we must or must not say. Thus, if truth has the mandate, then well and good, but if lies become the law -ah, there’s the rub.  When the reasonable and well-off WASP oligarchs ruled, as they once did in culture and country across the western world, then our burden would have been light, and our rewards sweet.  Today’s world, however, is ruled by a hierarchy of psychopaths who have sheer contempt for the very concept of truth. And if the party line is an outrageous lie, or an attack on truth itself that would seem objectionable even to the most cynical, then so much the worse for the truth.  Likewise we, the hypothetical opinion-shapers, would then have the unenviable task of taking the sow’s ear of the party line and weaving it into the silk purse of received opinions. Should we not attempt to peddle the most absurd fictions as fact, and cast our opponents as benighted and evil men, then all our privileges would come to an abrupt and permanent end.

Welcome to the pathetic situation in which Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists find themselves. The beneficiaries of low-profile mega-donors, many of whom work hand in glove with Christ-hating crypto-Jews of Opus Dei, Jorge-Vacantists have received their marching orders: “Defend the Council. Defend Bergoglio. Viva la revolución!” Now today’s oligarchic-psychopaths are paranoid megalomaniacs. (Incidentally, we should understand well that whether we speak of Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bill Gates, Jorge Bergoglio, Reinhard Marx or Uncle Ted McCarrick, that all are of the exact same nature, and in the exact same club.) Thus, Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists must resort to the most slavish, servile adherence to the Opus Dei agenda behind Bergoglio and the Vatican pseudo-council of 1965.  If they do not comply, then they can say goodbye forever to million-dollar grants and donations. Make no mistake, Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists are all about the Benjamins.

What Is a Jorge-Vacantist?

A Jorge-Vacantist is an inconsistent version of a sedevacantist. His inconsistency arises from using his own private judgement to overthrow objective legal facts, and thus the whole of Canon Law, due to the inconvenience that adherence to the law poses for him. For example, any Catholic can recognize that when reigning Pope Benedict XVI’s alleged abdication statement is examined alongside the explicit requirement of Canon 332.2, that the man Joseph Ratzinger abdicating the Papacy must explicitly resign the munus. Ratzinger never explicitly resigned the munus, which constitutes a grave defect and caused the alleged resignation to have no effect whatsoever, hence causing the Papacy of Benedict XVI to persist to the present. Here is where the Jorge-Vacantist overthrows the law in favor of his own opinion. The Jorge-Vacantist seems to believe that when he b16generates fairy tales, that reality must play along with him. He will concoct fabrications such as: munus and ministerium are Latin terms with identical meanings; or that the Berg-Bag is not an anti-pope because most people think that he is a pope; or that Catholics’ minds are failing when they observe aloud and in public the fact that Pope Benedict’s abdication does not meet the explicit legal requirement of Canon 332.2. As a vassal of the Vatican II revolutionaries, or perhaps merely a mental thrall thereof, the Jorge-Vacantist obnoxiously entitles himself to both make his own rules, and to abuse the reputations of others, as he pleases.

“For Me It Goes Against Common Sense”

Thus when we hear, as we did recently, from Bishop Athanasius Schneider, contradicting that the legal fact that reigning Pope Benedict XVI’s alleged abdication does not conform to the explicit requirement enumerated in Canon 332.2 of the Code of Canon Law, His Excellency slips into conciliar subjectivism when he says, “for me it goes against common sense”.  Where is the good Bishop’s customary forthrightness, as in statements such as this  ‘The ban on Communion in the mouth … constitutes an abuse of authority’?  Where is the refutation of our position that Canon Law 332.2 has been broken? Not only is it impossible to refute the truth about the invalid abdication, but also the very attempt to do so would further expose of the absurdity of the Jorge-Vacantist position, and the rank, brute-force antipapacylawlessness usurping the Holy See for the past seven years. The Berg-Bag is stuck in a crisis of legitimacy, as if in quicksand, and in it he slowly sinks.  In spite of all this, Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists are commanded to disregard legal facts, and to treat with contempt Truth Himself; their job is to pound the keyboard, ban peasant Catholics from communicating in com-boxes, and resort to their last, cracked and weakening cudgel, the ad hominem fallacy. These things they must do no matter what, because if they don’t, all their precious shekels will be taken away.  Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists act like they know all the answers, until Canon 332.2 comes up, at which point they seem to completely lose their understanding of the English language.

“Defend the Council!”

The scope of the problem, of course, extends well above and beyond the selfish concerns of the petty and revolting Berg-Bag the anti-pope. Even before 2013, those who were to become Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists faithfully served their Opus Judei masters in being conservative gatekeepers quietly protecting the legitimacy of Vatican II. A council whose

Canonist and Theologian: Phony Council did not fool Father Hesse

invalidity Canon lawyer and theologian the late Father Grigor Hesse eloquently proved using Thomistic principles of matter, form and intention, Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists could never bring themselves to question it. What sort of conciliar dreck did they never decry? Consider. Does a Catholic worship the same merciful God together with a Saracen, or a Jew? If you defend the Council, that’s what you’re defending. How about the idea that the Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church? Did Our Lord say, “Thou art Peter, and subsisting under this rock I will build my Church?” The voices of Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists, who yawn and say that the Berg-Bag is just an outgrowth of the Council (sort of like a metastasizing tumor), are the same who refused to question that council in the first place. -At least they’re consistent about that!

Cult to Satan

Folks, the time has long ago come to recognize that both the Council and Berg-Bag the anti-pope are manifestations of anti-church, that anti-church is nothing less than a cult to satan, and the spawning of this tumor within took place centuries ago, not long after the year 1450, the result of naive clerics attempting to graft the Talmud’s Kabbalah onto sacred doctrine. Today, this writer’s personal suspicions are increasing that the coke-

the councils true intent
The Council’s True Intent

blowing and sausage-smoking, satanic rituals are neither unique to the Vatican, nor optional: these sickening events could be happening in every diocese in the world, at the order of a Coccopalmerio-like figure whose wont is to dress in a ritual, hooded scarlet cloak. Worst of all, these satanists-in-mitres are transforming the novus ordo religion through an occult, alchemical process, into an esotericism into which somnolent novus ordites are being inducted, completely unaware. They’re being herded into the worship of satan. These nominal Catholics have along the way been so denuded of intellect and will, that when the image of Moloch or Baphomet moves from the Vatican’s corridors to its altars, scarcely any will notice or even care.

Not One Penny More

When our treasonous pastor ejected a saintly priest for daring to reiterate the words of Bp. Athanasius Schneider, and replaced him with a middle-of-the-road, corporation man (who in his haste at Mass has dropped the sacred host to the floor), resolve was galvanized.  These days, and with clear conscience I have adapted my support in the following way: snub every collection for both parish and diocese. I save what I used to give the parish and hand it to my holy priest on those occasions when I can drive to one

crown of thorns or baphomet's horns
Crown of Thorns or Baphomet’s Horns? Catholics paid for it.

of his Masses. Very importantly, I make explicit my intent that whatever I hand him is for his own personal use, at his own discretion.  One might ask, what if everyone did what you do? What then? Do you enjoy shooting yourself and your parish in the foot? My answer would be quite plain: I’m not paying for anymore criminals, embezzlers, traitors, appeasers, or those who treat so-called discretion as a cardinal virtue. If the building collapses, or the parish shuts down, so be it. Almighty God Himself provides Holy Mass. Mass is not some favor over which to fear the displeasure of some closeted faggot.

The Truth, No Charge

So, because there are courageous Catholics online willing to speak the truth without rich monetary rewards, Brethren have another option. To paraphrase E. Michael Jones’s commenting on a non-ecclesiastical topic: the faithful can listen to the well-moneyed lies and calumnies of the Opus Judei mouth pieces, a.k.a. Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists, or they can get the truth, for free. Gateway throws its humble efforts in with the latter.



2 thoughts on “Trad. Inc.’s Jorge-Vacantists

  1. “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Sad to say, there is nothing worse than an ill-educated Catholic. I was Blessed with a true Catholic education from 1954 to 1966 with no changes. Therefore, based on what I was taught, I judge everything using this yardstick. The most blatant lie of the Council was the statement that Jews and Mohammedans, along with us, worship the same God. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Fr. Hesse brilliantly explained that the God of the Old Testament was the God of the New Testament. Since Catholics worship a Trinity, Jews and Mohammedans cannot possibly be included. This one statement renders the entire Council null and void, perhaps only in my opinion. I do not hesitate to point this fact (and many others) out to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Needless to say, in today’s “culture”, I am looked upon as exceedingly harsh. I am not a canon lawyer or theologian but I was taught to think. The entire Council is false and has given us a false church as Blessed Anna Katherine Emmerich saw in her visions. You are, of course, quite correct to see what you call Trad, Inc., as essentially serving themselves with a “job”. Sort of like the government creating a bureaucracy to give themselves a job. No matter what the situation in the Church, we are not dispensed from educating ourselves in the Faith. We are Blessed to be literate and have resources easily available. To know God is to love Him and each of us has this responsibility. Following popular clergy or web sites is no substitute. God will even give us the Grace to desire to know Him; we just need to accept and follow through.


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