Fake Bishop’s Masque Mass

As Berg-Bag the anti-pope completes his praying to devils for liberation from a pandemic with a 99.98% recovery rate, tens of millions prepare to enter month three of featureunemployment, and instances of heavy-handed policing of citizenry increase, the general public senses a hoax. Affirming such a sense for Catholics round the Land are the facts that neither Planned Parenthood’s abattoir franchises, nor pot shops, nor open-on-Sunday liquor stores suffer any hindrance to their continued blighting of the landscape. All this and Catholic parishes, under the shameful servility of pastors following unlawful commands of criminal bishops, offer Mass after locking the faithful out of their own church buildings.

from rome
Follow this text to FromRome.Info’s article discussing the pastor’s responsibility to determine whether or not to cancel Mass, as a matter of Canon Law.

Gateway has come across a brilliant response to these farcical facts which extend beyond parodies of this present and grim reality, in the form of a letter to fellow parishioners regarding the idiocy of imposter Bishop of Bridgeport, Connecticut; a certain Father Frank Caggiano. {Update: Correction and clarification on the following: Caggiano was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn and Titular Bishop of Inis Cathaig by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006, which makes him an actual bishop. However, his alleged appointment to the See of Bridgeport was attempted by Antipope Francis I, and therefore that act is null and void. So Frank is a Catholic bishop, but not the Bishop of Bridgeport.}

fake frank
Put in place by the pantomime of Berg-Bag the anti-pope means that Fake-Bishop Frank remains a priest.

(Gateway recognizes the fact that because Father Frank was elevated by Berg-Bag the anti-pope, that this priest is not a Bishop, and that his so-called consecration is invalid by the law itself, and nothing he says or does under the pretense of being bishop is of any force whatsoever.) Gateway’s honored guest comes to us under the nom de plume Drumgarive, whose letter to fellow parishioners regarding Berg-Bag’s Fake Bishop Frank will deny this priest any escape from Divine Judgement under the excuse that no one on earth ever warned him of the gravity his crimes. But to burnish Drumgarive’s brilliant Catholicity, first we must read the local novus ordo pastor’s letter to parishioners, explaining the absolutely Byzantine rules laid out by Fake-Bishop Frank, which can only be described as plan-demic kabuki.

Dear Parishioners,

Blessed greetings in this holy Easter season.

Hope you all continue to be well and safe. Having just concluded an Zoom on-line meeting with Bishop Caggiano, I would like to update you on a few issues that were discussed and WILL be implemented:

As per the Governor’s mandate, the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with parishioner in attendance INSIDE Church buildings is NOT yet permitted; it is the hope (at least mine) they will resume in mid June-“God willing and the creek don’t rise!”

Beginning on Ascension Thursday (May 21), the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be permitted to be offered ONLY in open Church parking lots but with ONLY 50 cars admitted at one Mass; all vehicles MUST enter via one drive and exit BY AN ALTERNATE DRIVE; they MUST be spaced at least 6 feet apart from one another.

parking lot novus ordo
Leave it to Vatican II’s novus ordo religion to conduct its schismatic rite as if it were a Burger King drive thru.

An Altar would have to be erected in a “sacred” space safe from wind and inclement weather. A depository for offerings and donations would have to be stabilized and secured (and patrolled).

Speaker amplifiers and/or audio set to radio frequency accessible to each car would allow participants to hear the Mass. Each car may contain a family, or at least more than the driver.

Anyone wishing to receive Holy Communion MUST exit the car WITH A FACE MASK-REQUIRED-to approach the Priest for reception.

catholic social distancing
Six feet of distance breeds mistrust among people, and helps ensure that no one discusses either their governments’ or their anti-pope’s illegitimacies.

A line would be formed at a designated place requiring each person to stand 6 feet back from the person in front of them (yes, even family members). The Priest would place the Consecrated Host into the hand of the Communicant without saying anything at THAT time; the Communicant would then take one step to the side and STOP. The Priest would state: “Body of Christ” to which the Communicant would reply: “Amen,” consume the Host IN PLACE, and ONLY THEN, would walk away and return to their car by AN ALTERNATE designated route. ALL participants would be required to follow the routes designated.

Please know that having 15 vehicles parked in our lot, which is small to begin with, we are not able to satisfy the above protocol. We have no outdoor audio system, nor an suitable area where a “sacred” space would enshrine an Altar-as the Bishop indicated the integrity of the sacredness of the Mass MUST be retained. Therefore, here at our parish we shall have to wait until we are allowed to have the faithful enter our Church buildings, but even then WITH the following requirements:

A volunteer task group would HAVE to disinfect/sanitize before and after EVERY Mass, all door knobs and door handles, all pews and pew railings, and lavatory facilities.

The faithful would BE REQUIRED to sit in pews 6 feet apart from each other in every direction (family members may sit together). ALL Prayer cards, Hymnals and Missalettes would be absent from the pews.

The faithful will be REQUIRED TO WEAR face masks during Mass which would be opened on one end for the reception of Holy Communion; the reception would be as described above.

slave mask
Universal masking is a way of telling the world that the wearer has no right to speak publicly about anything. That, and it makes you re-breathe a lot of your own carbon dioxide -not healthy.

Holy Communion: although Bishop would prefer everyone receive in the hand, one may receive either in the hand or on the tongue-as per the recipients discretion or preference, HOWEVER, the Priest would be REQUIRED to dip the “Communion fingers” into a Lavabo dish of alcohol and wiped dry after each person receiving on the tongue.

If one were to receive in the hand and the Priest made contact with the recipient’s hand, he would also be required to dip his “Communion fingers” into said Lavabo dish.

Please know that these measures are precautionary as this Virus is airborne and every measure possible is being considered to avoid spreading contagion, especially between Priest and Communicant at the time of Holy Communion-which is the reason for the Priest not saying anything directly in front of the person as he placed the Sacred Host into the hand, and the person stepping aside and stop at which time the Priest would say “Body of Christ” and the recipient give the appropriate reply, consume the Host and only then walk and return to their pew.

IN the event you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. If you would like to volunteer to help sanitize the Church facility before and after Mass, please let me know and further instruction would be given for your safety and well being.

Also, to ensure that volunteers would have enough time to disinfect/sanitize the Church facility, I would have to consider moving the times of Masses…

Please know that I am in midst of attempting to acquire face masks which would be washable 30 times before discarding through the Diocese which is in negotiation.

Let us pray to Almighty God to bring an end to this spiritual exile, that we may give glory to HIM i this life in peace, and one day join HIM in the Heavenly Kingdom.

God bless you all and keep you safe and healthy,
In prayers and blessing you in Christ, Our God
Your Pastor

Clearly, mandatory masking is for our own good.

Drumgarive’s Message to Fellow Parishioners:

Originally, Bishop Caggiano suppressed the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass until April 6 (Palm Sunday), then until April 20, then until May 20 all in compliance with the State of Connecticut mandate that religious services were not an essential activity. In this Mass suppression parishioners are forbidden to assist at Mass being celebrated privately by priests in locked churches. In addition, the administration of the sacraments is suppressed – no confessions, baptisms, first communions, funeral masses, etc.

From a Catholic standpoint Bishop Caggiano is the direct representative of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the care of souls in the Diocese of Bridgeport. There is no chain of command through any other bishop nor through the Pope. The representation is direct from the person of Bishop Caggiano as a successor of the Apostles to the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. For this reason alone Catholics have a duty of respect for the dignity of the office held by Bishop Caggiano. We also have a duty of obedience where the Bishop proclaims and follows the tradition of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. In this vein, the parishioners of our parish through their task force gave a whole-hearted response to Bishop Caggiano in carrying out the initiatives of the recent Diocesan Synod.

So the question thus posed is: How does Bishop Caggiano’s suppression of both the Mass and the administration of sacraments in compliance with Governor Lamont’s mandate square with Bishop’s direct responsibility to Our Lord for care of souls? The first law of the Roman Catholic Church is salvation of souls.

The mandate and the first law do not square up. They openly contradict each other. Bishop Caggiano has chosen to obey Lamont not Our Lord. Caggiano follows Lamont’s mandate without the slightest word of protest. This is not a one-time emergency – no, the obedience began in March will now continue indefinitely beyond May 20 with no end in sight as the pandemic subsides, and the State opens. (Golf courses open May 10!!!). People have been congregating at Costco open all day long, but not for one hour at a Roman Catholic Mass. You see, Mass is a non-essential activity.

“and plaiting a crown of thorns, they put it on his head, and a reed in his right hand. And bowing a knee before him, they mocked him,” Matt 27:28.

Caggiano’s obsequious compliance with Lamont’s mandate brings a Sunday ‘parking lot Mass’ as from May 21st, apparently for as long as Lamont mandates.

The Caggiano-Lamont parking lot Mass performs a grotesque hat trick: it openly mocks (i) Our Lord Jesus Christ, (ii) Roman Catholics, and (iii) the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

First, Our Lord is mocked because we are separated from his body and blood, soul and divinity present in the tabernacle within the church. We cannot enter the church, bless ourselves, genuflect, and spend a few minutes in silence in the presence of the Lord offering Him our adoration and sorrows before Mass. In the parking lot there are no sacramentals, holy images, tabernacle, kneelers, fellow parishioners, no infants in their mother’s arms.

Second, in the parking lot we are mocked as Roman Catholics by separation from community with each other by body count, by masks, and by automobile. A 50-person limit is entirely arbitrary with no basis in fact or reason. Masks are hideous in themselves causing us to avert our gaze from one another.

goyim muzzle
Catholic consciousness is coming to understand the New World Order. The next level is to understand that the NWO = JWO, or Jew World Order. Those responsible for it hate Christ and call us goyim -which means stupid-like-a-cow- in their coded language, Yiddish.

The automobile as much as we cherish them are intended to separate you from everyone else as you roll along the highway, recognizing only traffic laws. If you recognize anyone while rolling along, it is because you first recognized their automobile not speaking to them but merely waving toodle-oo! In the parking lot Mass the automobile is truly a cordon sanitaire, the antithesis of community and communication.

Third, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is mocked because at Mass before the tabernacle we are in communion with Our Lord Jesus Christ and with each other in reception of the Blessed Sacrament. Together as a community we share in divine life of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament! Our Parish is not a social club meeting in the parking lot every Sunday Morning! The solemnity of Mass is mocked by the ‘Mother May I’ child’s game of ‘Giant Steps’ proposed for reception of the Blessed Sacrament in the parking lot. I urge you to raise hell with Bishop Caggiano by letter, e-mail, or otherwise protesting this outrageous abomination of a parking lot Mass.

-Gateway thanks Drumgarive, an accomplished grower of blueberries, for his contribution.

One thought on “Fake Bishop’s Masque Mass

  1. I live in this diocese. One of our local parishes had these disclaimers for sign-ups for the parking lot Mass:
    (I deleted the parish name)

    DISCLAIMER: By signing up to attend the parish service, you recognize the obligation to (i) wear a mask or face covering when required; (ii) adhere to all required direction regarding social distance spacing when participating in the service and (iii) not attend service if you are sick, experiencing any symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, or are otherwise required to be quarantined.
    DISCLAIMER: St. X Parish has taken appropriate precautions in light of the CDC and Governor Lamont’s recommendations regarding public gatherings in light of the possible transmission of the coronavirus. However, despite these precautions, it is possible that transmission of the virus is still possible due to the public nature of the service and the unknowns with how the virus may be transmitted. By registering for this service, participating in the Mass, and opting to receive Holy Communion, you acknowledge and understand that you are assuming a risk of transmission and will release St. X Parish or any clergy involved in the service from any responsibility should you contract the virus in the future.

    I’m not sure if the disclaimers have come directly from the parish only or if it’s from the diocese. Still looking into it.

    After reading the hold harmless, it opened my eyes. Is this why the bishops have acquiesced to the governors? The possible lawsuit money?

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