extinction event: inbound

Gateway hopes that the following tales of woe in re-opening don’t apply to your parish or church, but here in the wacky-wacky Western U.S., it seems that the clown and excrement show is just getting honked up for action.

slow big
Sorry, Grandma: only the quick get to hear Mass!

Strong vs. Weak

Now that the faggot bishops and pastors across the land have disgracefully placed the Church in servile obedience to the satanic and freemasonic republics and their wholly-owned state and provincial subsidiaries, closing their doors and literally locking Catholics out for the entire octave of Easter, today is the re-opener in Gateway’s patch of this vast spiritual hell-scape in which we humbly dwell. By now, we know all too well what absurd and tyrannical edicts these despicable, judaizing Opus Dei  prelates have set upon the backs of the faithful, but let’s peer a little more deeply into the meaning, and the reality of what is now happening.

First to consider is the cap on the size of assemblies at 100 worshipers. Founded in Bishops’ pimping out their dioceses to masonic governments as retail outlets for social justice, all in exchange for cash money to prop up parishes that these same bishops made empty, their stance of shameful submissiveness to government now reaches new lows. In order to appease their government masters, and protect the public from the first global pandemic in world history to have a 99.98% recovery rate, they will allow only the

Traitor prelates have traded authority for cash from government.

fastest, strongest and most cunning Catholics to worship Christ. Everybody else is screwed, and if those screwed will shut up and smile, then they can watch mass on the Tee-Vee in the parish hall, and maybe receive the Holy Eucharist. That’s right, if you are strong and fleet-footed enough to win the 50-yard dash to the pew against 80-year-old Mrs. Garcia in her walker, then you get the prize. Or perhaps you are a planner, the kind that arrives at Costmo at 4:00 am to be the first in line, and you camp out at the Church door at dawn. Then you will take the blue ribbon over the young Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Henderson who heroically manage to wrangle to Mass each Sunday in their Ford Econoline van their eight exquisitely behaved children. Yes, brethren, the Catholic Church has finally caught up with the times, and turned the right to worship into a rat-race. -Somewhere in the chancery office the crypto-satanist minion of Cardinal Coccopalmerio is giggling with effeminate glee, because too many Catholics, priests and laics alike, refuse to open their eyes to reality, and instead they look for the next opportunity to compromise.

Sit Where You Are Told (And Shut the Heck Up)

To those winners in the contest of survival of the fittest, your next task is to stop in your tracks once inside the door. Blocking your path is the 203-lb. dyke in a pant suit, rumored to be a novus ordo nun, whose current mission of mercy is to play parish busy-body. In her hand appears to be a stack of carnival tickets, one of which will be handed to each of the lucky winners, to prove that they have permission to enter the church. Ladies, pull

sister bulldog
Blessings from Sister Bulldog

your sweaters together when approaching Sister Bulldog, because she ain’t too shy to take a good look. At the moment, however, Sister Bulldog is engaged in that activity that delights her little heart, which is to engender confrontations with men. Toward that end she truculently barks out orders of where the men are to sit, and one gelding after another does exactly as she says. You see, every other pew is closed off with rope, to which is attached a sign imprinted with verbiage intended to reinforce government’s fear programming. So if your personal custom is to pray on the Blessed Mother’s side of the Church, or perhaps you make this your time to commend yourself to St. Joseph, near his niche; whether you prefer the front of the nave, or like the penitent publican, remain beloved of Christ while in the back of the assembly: NONE OF THAT MATTERS, SO JUST SHUT UP AND SIT WHERE YOU ARE TOLD. Such is the keynote for recollecting oneself before Holy Mass.

Mandatory: Slave Muzzles & Six-Feet of Mutual Fear-and-Loathing

Now perhaps you are one of those selfish persons who refuse to wear a slave muzzle, in order that other people don’t get sick. (Now logic tells us that others’ masks are either effective or not effective. If they’re effective, it doesn’t matter whether you wear one or not. Conversely, if they are not effective, it doesn’t matter whether you wear one or not. Thus the real reason for requiring them –they are a symbolic gag- is not disclosed. But never you mind logic. Reason is not allowed here. Only fear and obedience are safetypermitted.) If you are one of those terrible people who won’t self-muzzle, you are also probably a racist, and therefore you definitely need to wear a symbolic gag to be permitted to worship Christ the King, so other people don’t catch your racist disease by hearing you speak. Refusing to gag yourself will entitle Sister Bulldog to order you to get out. Resisting Sister Bulldog will result in the immediate summoning of local police (BTW she has them on speed dial, and that number on her touchscreen is getting worn out from overuse.) And don’t think that you are in the clear simply by retreating from Sister Bulldog to the parking lot. Because once there, if you try to relate your experience to other brethren in a private conversation, you will have violated rules on the mandatory six-feet of mutual fear-and-loathing, and for that the police can also be summoned.

Then again, if against your better judgement, you obey Sister Bulldog and meekly take the seat to which she orders, you will subject yourself to further outrages later on.  Before the Agnus Dei has finished, Sister Bulldog has marched her sensible shoes all the way to the altar rail and done a waddling 180-degree turn, putting her back to the

social distancing
Observe Six-Feet of Mutual Fear-and-Loathing, please.

sanctuary. Being a novus ordite, and unaware of the Ecce, Agnus Dei, she shouts out unintelligible logistical instructions while waving her arms like an aging and bloated airline stewardess, cutting off and drowning out the prayer of the priest, and oblivious to the presence of God Himself.  Following this, you will see Catholics on their way up to Holy Communion wearing their symbolic gags. Sister will then ensure that no less than 12 feet of fear-and-loathing are to be found between each communicant, leading to an unnecessarily long Communion of the Faithful, and exhausting the priest as he now is engaged in an impromptu cardio workout. If you’re unsure what to do then, don’t worry, because Sister Bulldog will continue yapping at communicants the entire time. If you’ve made it to the altar rail, hopefully the priest is neither symbolically gagged, nor administering communion in the hand. -BTW St. Norbert, when proclaiming the last gospel with his breath suffused with the Holy Eucharist, would exorcise demoniacs brought to the gospel side of the altar for the very purpose of liberating the souls held hostage. So a priest’s breathing on you, especially when administering Holy Communion, has a sanctifying effect. Isn’t it interesting how satan seems to plan for this kind of thing with the help of faggot bishops?

Then, with the post-communion verse complete, and just when you thought that your sense of outrage could never again rise to the level you once knew from the abuses at novus ordo masses, and that you can grind it out if you can just get to the door quickly, Sister Bulldog is now at the back of the assembly near the main doors, this time drowning out the Last Gospel, and like a true liturgical terrorist, telling all that no one can leave the building without her say-so.

May Their Eyes Be Opened, And Take the Initiative in This War

What was called normal no longer exists. Brethren, as outrageous as things are today, they are going to get worse. Conspiracy theorists the world over, both within and without Holy Church, are vindicated with each passing day. Hell-on-earth is only beginning to unmask.

The faggots and fiends in mitres are perpetuating the big lie that is masquerading as a public health emergency. The laity is, knowingly or not, participating in the lie. So in order to receive the Incarnate God, the One who says of Himself,  I am the truth, you must not only participate in the big lie, but you must undertake the ritual of the collectively insane. Pastors should be guiding the flock toward a correct understanding of the situation, to help the simple-minded avoid being caught up in the hoax. Instead, they are offering their pinch of incense to the god of the Big Lie.

The bishops are saying loud and clear that they reject Christ, and that in his place they accept government and obey it first. Obviously, they and many of their pastors over parishes don’t believe in Christ at all. This government, by the way, via its media outlets has said that rioting and looting are permissible in this health emergency, but onerous restrictions on churches must remain in place. When man drives God from his heart, he will believe anything. Such insanity can only be accepted by a people who have driven God from their hearts.

She is a priestly Church, and only Her priests can accept or decline to take the initiative in this fight. For nigh on four years, Gateway’s raison d’être has been to promote the idea that the Church can turn the tide in this crisis if Her priests are liberated from their captors: faggot bishops, abbots and Berg-Bag the anti-pope. The laity has a duty to

upper hand
Even the unstoppable need to get started.

provide for these priests. When they do so, let that trumpet blast, and the war-cry sound: nothing will stop her. But even the unstoppable need to get started. Maybe it’s time to stop sitting on the bench and waiting for God to take the initiative, because perhaps God is waiting for us. Gateway knows what an infinite blessing is to be found in the holy priest, and that their number is neither small, nor static, but indeed increasing.

Vatican II Double-Think

However, Gateway has also observed many of these holy priests undertaking steps that seem contrary to reason, in order to conform themselves to the lawless demands of their abusive spiritual fathers. Some flee into hiding for fear of safety. Gateway would cheerfully (and kinetically) communicate to any diocesan thug the foolhardiness of threatening a priest, and thus free such holy ones from hiding. Others live in their cars, again, attempting to appease one who is likely an implacable queen occupying the diocesan see. Still others go to foreign countries. Many others undertake actions that while obedient to Christ, are disobedient to the arbitrary whims of a queer-superior. Gateway asks the question, why? Why pretend? If obeying Christ has caused you to not follow an already unlawful instruction from a superior, why then obey anything? Of what purpose is a religious order or diocesan community if belonging to it prevents your obeying Christ?

This brings us to the deep psychological wound inflicted upon us all by Vatican II, the principle of double-think. That is, the idea that something that is objectively wrong, heretical, or in some way sinful can be made in some way acceptable or not sinful in concrete practice. Such a fictitious disjunction between a transgressing a moral principle and the attempt to square the circle and sanitize its factual outcome can be seen everywhere in the past 3-4 generations of Catholic life.double think Exhibit A is the novus ordo mass, whose very basis and inception falls under anathema by the Council of Trent, promulgated with weasel words, and yet accepted as right and good by Catholics round the world. Ditto for contraception. Ditto for communion in the hand. In reality, this double-mindedness imposed on the intellects of the baptized is the casuistry (a.k.a. rabbinic pilpul) of the synagogue.

From Dismal to Dire: Abuse of the TLM just the Tip of the Iceberg of Moral Horrors

Submission to government combined with Vatican II double-think has opened the floodgates for abuses against the Roman Rite of Mass. Satan is delighted. The Church is being razed to the ground.

Meanwhile, as the Church in her priests persists in compromising and retreating, the world’s most sinister forces have hatched their scheme on the world to first imprison itself, and then implode the already moribund and debt-laden economy of extraction. Today’s young adults had slim enough prospects previous to the plan-demic, with a future of Starbucks n’ Target jobs, with rent-and-interest payments to Jewish landlords and Jew-run banks for their entire lives.  Now even that’s gone. Once defined by the now cancelled post WWII arrangement in  the west comprising: college degree, lifetime vassalage to some joint stock corporation, spouse, children, bread-winner’s wages, house, vacations and retirement, the young do not have reasonable prospects for the future.

This is the future that our compromises leave for our children.

Whereas we know that God feeds and shelters us, each and all, both today and in our hoped-for futures, that future is delivered via the factual milieu of the world around us.  As of March 2020, young Catholics lack a reasonable opportunity to house and feed large families, and this dearth extends even to many who reject the modern world, planning and beseeking egress from this hellish, global, Jew-controlled, techno-spy-money empire, into a humble yet noble future of homesteading. That reality which Gateway is increasingly desperate for today’s humble and holy warrior priests (yes, that’s you, Father!) to which to open their eyes is that the Church in the West is out of time. We have exactly zero generations left to produce and raise sons into holy priests to vanquish the repulsive judaizing of the modernists.

north africa
Neither prophecy nor mystical vision is needed to foresee the extinction of Catholicism in the west.

It’s time to take that sword of truth and start swinging it at the infernal powers, with or without the cooperation of Bishop Ben Dover. The only alternative is to yield to inertia, accepting the comfort of compromise, and know that the Church in the West is certain to follow in the footsteps of the Church in North Africa. Every day of delay brings that extinction event closer.

Today is a great day to start a conversation between priests and their trusted parishioners for an exit-fag-world strategy, to quit compromising, and start driving the infernal forces back into hell where they belong.

upper hand











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  1. I am still not attending our local “drive in church” where the Eucharist is chucked through the window at the end of mass like some hamburger happy meal while you drive out.

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