Would Christ Wear A Mask?

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The Face of the One Eternal King: No Mask

That question ought to be a breeze to answer: no, never, ever, full stop. Our Lord comes to us as the Supreme and Necessary “I am.” Of His divine identity revealed in the flesh to all men, there can be no doubt. Morally speaking, masks conceal the identities of those whose actions are shameful. In a like manner, how can a Catholic Priest, being Alter Christus, ever mask the face of Christ in his own person?  When introduced into acts of the false and occult religions, masks open the way for demonic possession, as in the case of the shaman who wishes to assume the identity of a certain spirit.

We have reached that point whereat the bright red line of impending judgement has been crossed in the act of Catholic worship, and it’s all about masks,

sq comp
Square and Compass Mask: Like them all, Useless for Filtering Airborne Pathogens!

and one or two other things.  First to consider is Catholic worship vs. the novus ordo. In years past, the abuse of the novus ordo mass could make the blood simmer, but that was during time before which Gateway fully understood that the very concept of the novus ordo mass is an abuse, in and of itself. So other than objecting to the horrendously evil act of calling Our Lord’s Eucharistic presence down from Heaven as hostage to a ceremony roundly anathematized at Trent, who cares what Father Twinkle Toes ‘n the Choir do during their little hour-long performance art? However, this mask thing has brought profound liturgical abuse to the Roman Rite of Catholic Mass. And judging by the following local anecdotes, the feedback ain’t good.

Aftermath of Abuse in the Nave

See Gateway’s previous post for details of chaos in the nave, driven by faggot pastor flunkies of Opus Dei crypto-Jew bishops. The particular event was a real-life Solemn High Mass for the feast of Corpus Christi, followed by outdoor Eucharistic procession. For anyone on the nave side of the altar rail, it was a blood-boiler of abuses, harassment of the assembly without any sense of proportion or decency. Six days later, at this very same church, at an hour late in the evening, a 27-year-old tweaker broke in, picked up a large crucifix and began swinging it at the altar. Reliquaries were knocked to the floor, and a priest who intervened had his nose crushed and the orbital area of his eye badly bruised.

The Parish of Winners and Losers of the Weekly Footrace

In another parish, featuring the foolhardy “reopening plans” -in which Bishops take the knee (or maybe some have taken two knees) in subservience to their government sugar daddies – worshipers are literally shut out of mass for not being faster than others (a satanic inversion of the last shall be first and first shall be last). At that place, an apparently deranged demoniac of a woman, invoking the devil, took a swing at a lady parishioner, cracking the lady in the forehead.

Stand Down Order?

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich relates, in vision, that every parish has its own guardian angel. Was Our Lord’s displeasure with pansy pastors expressed through a stand-down order given to the angel guardians of these parishes? Why is it that year after uneventful year transpires at both these parishes, and all of the sudden things happen now?  While clearly impossible to ascertain at this time, we’ll all find out on Judgement Day.

Superstition in the Sanctuary

A disease now being compared to the common cold, with a 99.8% recovery rate is no pandemic. There is no pandemic: neither in China, nor in Italy, nor here in the United States of Israel America. Acceding to government demands and allowing government’s imposition upon Catholic worship is an act of superstition.  Regardless of the fact that overweening government is preoccupied with power and not modes of worship, when false cures for fake diseases are permitted to intrude upon Catholic worship, superstition is afoot.

Drumgarive Graciously Returns

And this point about superstition immediately above has been raised by Drumgarive, Gateway’s kind and perspicacious contributor. Let’s hear more of what he has to say:

It is well-known that Bergoglio’s collaborating with McCarrick and Parolin has thrown faithful Chinese Catholics under the bus and has turned over the Catholic Church there to the Chinese Communist government. It is now becoming known that since 2014, Bergoglio has been receiving US$-2 billion per year -walking around money from the Chinese Government for abandoning Chinese Catholics.

Is a corresponding sellout occurring here? Have American Catholic bishops abandoned Our Lord for everyone to see under cover of the corona-virus hoax in their meek surrender to progressive State governments in having religious services declared “non-essential” and in their continuing obedience to State governments by introducing secular restrictions (masks, etc.) as part of re-opening churches for Sunday Mass? Is part of the sellout what can be seen: bishops singing their paymasters tune on an agenda of cultural Marxist themes, racism etc? The paymaster in this case being the Democratic Party in Congress. (And Jews if we consider dopey Dolan’s acceptance of $40 million dollars from the promoter of the recent Metropolitan Museum six-month long exhibit of Catholic art, sacred objects, liturgical garments – a veritable pansy fantasy paradise).

Masks have extraordinary symbolic power. One using a mask is pretending to be another person by hiding his own identity, and hiding not only his identity but also hiding his conduct.

Masks Conceal Acts of Shame, Criminality, and of satan.

Compare Verdi’s Masked Ball, Phantom of the Opera. So, with a priest at Mass wearing a mask, the question becomes: Who is he? Is he hiding anything? Is he in persona Christi? Christ did not wear a mask and has never been depicted wearing a mask, and his conduct was open for all to see and hear. Is a priest wearing a mask at a virus Mass really saying the re-presentation of Calvary is passe, and that a new world order is at hand? Get used to it! The priest may not have such an intent, but gestures tell otherwise.

eyes1In the Diocese of Bridgeport the sellout must be placed in context of a Diocesan Synod of 2016 having as its purpose a renewal or rejuvenation of parishes through the Diocese. Participation by the laity was widespread and enthusiastic. A mere four years later all of the Synod gains have disappeared. Would a bishop organizing such Synod expect us now to believe that declaring religious services to be ‘non-essential’ and shutting churches, is for our health?

Bergoglio is not alone in throwing Chinese Catholics under the bus. Bishops are throwing American Catholics under the bus. We can foresee bishops in a meek surrender of Catholic dogma to an onslaught of cultural Marxist political pressure.

As we would say in The Bronx, “It stinks to the high heavens”.

Gateway congratulates Mr. and Mrs. Drumgarive on their upcoming 60th wedding anniversary.


2 thoughts on “Would Christ Wear A Mask?

  1. The world-wide orchestrated commie pandemic has revealed the sad state of the souls of most people. Fear has been the overriding response; fear of death, fear of contracting the “virus”, fear of other people not wearing masks, etc. Since “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”, these people are exhibiting stupidity and folly. I lay the blame for most of these societal ills at the feet of the false Catholic Church as Blessed Anna Katherine Emmerich saw in her visions. Instead of courageous shepherds, we have callous and cowardly bishops, doing the bidding of their pay masters. It’s rather obvious that the objective is the destruction of the Catholic Church in whatever manner is easier or more profitable for our enemies. For those who have the faith, the true, enduring Catholic faith, we know Who has won the victory and Who we shall follow.. The abandonment of God and, in particular, the Church founded by Christ Himself, has had grave consequences. “My people perish for lack of knowledge” couldn’t be more appropriate for the current world situation. Regarding atheism, Solzhenitsyn declared: “Over a half century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of old people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.” May God have Mercy on us all.

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    1. Well-said, Wanda.

      Fun-fact about Russia. The Slavic federation of 1000 years ago was known as the Kievan Rus. Eventually they would form Muscovy Rus, and the Russian Empire. From 988-1054, they were Catholic: 66 years. Then they split, going along with the schismatic orthodox.


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