The Problem of Presidents

Dismay and angst now arise from many Catholic quarters: we’ve been defrauded, the democratic form of republican government is being demolished in front of our eyes! The reality is quite the opposite.

The unfolding of events -not only sinister but also scripted- during this dreadful present hour manifests not the destruction of democratic republican polity, but the totality of its perfection. That’s right: dissolving societies into degenerate chaos and ushering in iron-fisted totalitarianism describes the fulfillment of the purpose of any republic.

Under such conditions we witness, as at this moment, the manner in which so-called democratic forms of government are intended to function. As distasteful as such a premise may seem, the erupting communist tyranny itself proves that the republic and the revolution are simply two sides of the Talmudic coin of endless war against Catholic society. American Presidents, for no less than 150 years, have been mere puppets of those who really call the shots. November 2020 simply marks the moment during which voters are disabused of the faulty notion that they decide anything at all. May the reckoning inspire new worldviews having increasing correspondence with reality, for all.

Absolute Anomianism

Sheer lawlessness has seem to have overthrown everything: lies in the media, brazen fraud in vote counting and in certifying winners. Criminal acts against state and local election laws have taken place on camera. Regarding such flagrant contempt for decency and order, we Catholics ought expect the same amount of justice that we saw meted out to Unkl’ Ted McCarrick, still living large off the money of Catholics. Yet if you or I were to attempt the merest fraction of such criminality, we would be hauled off and ground under a steam roller of legal severity. Why and how can they get away with this? There is a logical explanation for the enormity of this present outrage, but such logic reveals a reality so dire that it withers would-be listeners’ desires to hear: America’s subversive infiltrators, having completely overtaken her systems of treasury/coinage, cornered every marketplace, enslaved culture to its mendacious, sewage-spewing media, education, court of law, governance and foreign affairs, are now manifesting their successful overthrow. They’re telling us that we decide nothing, and they everything, but who are they? For now, it must suffice to preclude as unsatisfactory any answers that accuse the political left. Both left and right serve as one another’s political scapegoats for that privileged minority exerting actual control. If leftist ideologues were truly running the show, then communist Jew Bernie Sanders would be the man foisted upon all, and not the aging, demented and babbling, incontinent pedophile-cum-political-prostitute known as Joe Biden, and his tranny president-in-waiting, Mister Kamala Harris. Hence, to blame leftists for this current manifest outrage is to miss the target by miles, and blunder even more hopelessly into the true controllers’ psychological trap.

Revelation of the Method

Previous to the present fraud, even the very campaigning of Joe the Pedo constituted revelation of the method. The first joke was on true-believing leftists, Bernie supporters. Kingmakers of the Democrat party sent them a message, that their opinions and support meant nothing. Their candidate was chosen by the people who matter. Rumors swirled on social media about disspirited activists and volunteers who disappeared, never to return amid a seemingly failing campaign that took its toll on Biden’s frail mind and body.

Whether it was Joe’s gibberish, forgetting that his opponent was not George W. Bush, his general demeanor of irate confusion, or rallies that looked like a strange sitcom scene with a dottering old man yelling at automobiles honking their way through a traffic jam; Joe’s very presence undermined his own party’s true believers while invigorating his opponent’s, which seemed extremely energetic by contrast. The entire Biden operation bespoke of vicious mockery by hidden operators. Joe was such a joke that his presence not only gave offense to his supporters, but was an insult even to his opponent. Whatever one’s take on the vote stealing now just completed,

the controllers have been overtly signalling to the entire electorate as if to tell them, “you don’t choose anything, and our proof is this demented, pants-pissing pedophile with zero accomplishments and zero support. No one wants Joe, left or right; so we’re going to put him in the White House to prove that we are in control, and that no one can stop us.”

Catholics Have Lived This Nightmare Before

As they have done to Catholics, they do now to Americans. Recall that the revolutionary periti of the Phony Vatican II Council enacted a brute force takeover in that pseudo-synod’s early stages. Some say that the original schema were doctrinally sound, but that these sound schema were discarded for those espousing the principles of the French Revolution: liberty of man (to worship himself), equality of all religions, (except supremacist Jews, about whom the Church was wrong for 1962 years) and fraternity (where all are one brotherhood -except Catholics who preserve tradition). The mentality of 2013’s lawless junta establishing Bergbag the anti-pope seems to have gone global and arrived in the U.S. In both cases, the Church and the Nation, the coup has been accomplished first through subtle infiltration, made manifest gradually and over time, culminating in the public, brute force overthrow of the election’s actual result.

God Rules from on High, satan Seeks Rule from Below

Who decides how men should be governed? More to the point, who alone possesses the right to answer this question? Since our days as schoolchildren, we Americans have been programmed to conceive the answer as some form of the principle of government “by the people, for the people and of the people”. How is this principle brought into alleged effect? Everyone casts a vote. Votes are counted, and the count decides the question at hand. We have been conditioned to understand such absurd rituals and outcomes to be the very perfection of fairness. Yet never is explained the metaphysical basis for such ritualized, communal consent. Namely, why do we vote in the first place: who gave us such a right? The American who is also Christian traditionally would answer that such a right comes from God, but is that really true? Where in scripture, tradition or the Fathers do we hear about men possessing the sole right to explicit consent as a precondition to being governed?

Maintaining this same line of inquiry, a more pertinent question about a glaring omission begs to be asked: what about God’s rights? Has the Almighty neither interest nor title over the matter of whether his people are ruled by saints in progress, or outright fiends? Is God’s infinite love factored in during Americans’ quadrennial ritual in which they explicitly choose the lesser of two evils, thereby expressly consenting to evil? Somehow Catholics in America never seem to ask themselves these questions. The reality is that sooner or later, democratic elections become simply rule by the degenerate mob. Societies degenerate into mobs because subversive agents slither in through the open-door societies of liberal democracies and debauch their cultures, generation after generation. Sleazeball cultures are indifferent to brazen crimes, because in their sinful stupefaction of mind and slothful will, they make a tiny minority out of the men in possession of well-formed consciences. Then one day, from this debased culture, blackmail-able moral imbeciles ascend to positions of power, controlled by the same hidden agents who slithered in from the outset.

The voices of those opposed to fraudulent vote-counting are sufficiently dispersed and remote from the centralized political powers so that their objections can be ignored. This brings us to America in November of 2020. The process is so predictable that it must be the result of a plan.

Who would be so arrogant as to usurp for themselves the control of the mob they created, and ultimately the government thereof? Could such actors be connected with cultural subversion?

Voting of the sort in America and other liberal democracies is an offense against piety and the rights of Almighty God. Vote-stealing is part of the very purpose of holding elections. The agents of subversion and manipulation work to convince the mob to vote its way or, as we see today, simply take power under the guise of a mentally incapacitated puppet. What about those agents of iniquity who wrote the above? Where can their words be found?

See for yourself:

“Freedom!” The Cry of History’s Snake Oil Pitchmen

What about freedom, so highly prized by Americans as to be not only an end in itself but an offense against God in the First Commandment of His Decalogue? Americans extol liberty, often understood as the ability to do as one darn well pleases, only curtailing such satanic impulses just short of violent crime against others powerful enough to retaliate. Men are free insofar only as they are able to do as they ought. What frees men in any society is that which clears the way for authentic worship of God and charity toward neighbor. Authentic freedom therefore will impede the paths to vices such as drunkeness, licentiousness, blasphemy and impiety. Such a conception of freedom has long since been banished from the American mind, public square and any notional framework of acceptable norms of conduct, both public and private.

America instead has become a veritable pigsty of vice, with generations of spoiled brats begetting others even more willful in malice than in mere selfishness. The concept of freedom has become an inversion of the reality. We’ve become a land of barbarians, tattoo-covered, porn-addled potheads. We’re a land in which too many men are hopelessly enslaved to their own vices, and therefore take no interest in shameful, brazen and public criminality.

Who banished the rightful understanding of freedom, and replaced it with indulging in turpitude? Who intends to exploit false freedom to create universal slavery?

Protocol 1, Par. 25:

Preplanned Progression: From Republic to Revolution

Enter the discussion the late, inimitable and tenacious traditional Catholic researcher and nobleman of 20th century France,

Viscount Leon De Poncins. Writing in concert with Emmanuel Malynski and Julius Evola, these three have left us with the brief but brilliant work having massive explanatory power, The Occcult War, the Judeo Masonic Plan to Conquer the World.

(Big H/T to Samisdat.Info, an outstanding resource for texts banned by the digital book-burners of the modern age. Linked in Gateway’s Blogosphere list.)

In a quick 166 pages, The Occult War will greatly aid the Catholic reader in reformulating a historiography rooted in both the Truth and the Faith, dissolving today’s Jewish fables crammed down the public’s throat as some sort of religio-historical dogmas. With De Poncins’s fearless challenge to the synagogue, it is no wonder that Trad Inc.’s Opus-JuDei-funded history propagandists never mention his name. The first item De Poncins generously affords the modern reader is a correct understanding of the disastrous events of 19th Century Europe. What has Europe then to do with America now? Foremost among his numerous salient points: liberal democracies, and even parliamentary monarchies are a means to destabilize Christian societies. In so doing he establishes something not often made clear to history students and other non-experts, regarding the Divine Right of Kings. Divine Right, contrary to what Jewish textbook publishers want gentiles to believe, was never some sort of man-made privilege that a rich and powerful king vouchsafed upon himself. As the term implies, Divine Right is God’s right to have a say in the man and the mode of government whom He wishes to lead a nation. Modern democratic republics seem to have obliterated such an idea from their consciousness. The statement bears repeating: God has rights, and included thereamong is His right to ratify the man chosen to both serve Him and lead His nation as its king. To have the man chosen by God at their head, no voting is necessary on the part of easily manipulated masses. God provides the rulers men deserve (sometimes for glory, and sometimes for chastisement). With elections, the rights of God are heinously disregarded, and sooner or later, as De Poncins will explain, the synogogue sets up shop and uses elections to have its way. Hello once again, November 2020.

The Writer contrasts the 18th/19th Century state of affairs of France and Russia with that of Austria and Germany. While the former two domesticated their landed nobility by centralizing power at Court (and thus jobbing out said nobles’ administrative affairs to bureaucratic hirelings), the nobility of the latter remained more closely connected to the affairs of their provinces. The result left Austria and Germany more resilient to subversive elements working in the countryside, due to the fact that landowners who had a vested interest in the land were close at hand to govern affairs, the people and the future for everyone’s children. Not so for the others.

From p. 36 of The Occult War

Kings and nobles have a natural and vested interest in the future of their nations. When nobles and monarchs manage their lands well, cultural subverters have no quarter, hence the reason for such an energetic pursuit of freedom and democracy on their part. De Poncins continues

Ibid., p. 38.

Liberal democracies, liberal republics, their election processes and subversions of stable and dominant culture all work synergistically in the hands of international Jewish capital to bring functioning societies to their knees.

Which Way Out?

Of course, Americans as a nation have never had an ethnos, or ties of blood and soil to one another. Neither have we had kings or nobility. At one point, however, we did have a relatively stable and moral society looked after by a conscientious middle class engaged in both civic and national affairs. While true that even in 1950 they were already decades into their enslavement as America, the Jew-run tax plantation controlled by Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Corporation; the virile morality of the country’s men at large kept Jewish subversion in check for another generation. It is this stable, masculine, economically viable majority that has been obliterated by the synagogue’s learned elders in America: the American Jewish Congress, American Israeli Public Affairs Committees, B’nai Brith and its Anti-Defamation League & Southern Poverty Law Center, and a host of other operations in the areas of finance, education, media, culture, judicial system, law enforcement and national security.

Gateway hates to point this out, but we need to admit that there is no political solution to our problem. Things might need to burn to the root, and this whole thing just might be going down for keeps. Time has perhaps come to cease praying for Trump (other than his conversion and eternal salvation). The time has clearly arrived to stop pretending that voting matters, and to look beyond the failed paradigm of left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative. Time is also nigh to relinquish the utterly deadly notion that there is a single, solitary good guy in any position of power or influence anywhere, within or without the Church. Time for Catholics to exit the mind-control cult of “everyone knows Bergoglio is an apostate-criminal-communist-embezzling-homo and all-around scumbag, but you have to accept that God wants things this way, or you aren’t Catholic.” Time for the same to admit that not one single bishop anywhere in the world is willing to battle the anti-church like a man of God and true successor to Saints Peter and Paul. Time for priests to take an honest look round and know, unflinchingly, that the 7th Cavalry (in a manner of speaking, and pertaining to the temporal and material spheres) is not coming, because the 7th Cavalry does not exist. Time to acknowledge that communism never collapsed; moreover, that it is only superficially a political system, and in its metaphysical essence is the Talmudic religion of universal human sacrifice and revenge against gentiles, always preceded by ritual humiliation and profound physical/mental suffering.

Liberal democracies are collapsed for the purpose of ushering in communism.

Only A Way Through

Time to understand that we are the good guys, and we have what it takes to not only battle this enemy, but to win the victory. Time to remember that for both cleric and laic alike that war has long ago arrived, and warriors fight, not because they hate the foes before them, but because their hearts burn with love for that which is behind them. This is the war of the anti-religion against the true religion. So far, the anti-religion has held as captives the most devastating fighting force on the face of the earth: holy Catholic priests.

If priests were to simply walk away from their anti-church captors, the Holy Ghost will surely ratify in them with moral certainty that the Church Herself walks with them. The Blessed Virgin backs them as the very heralds of her Reign, and in His fire of justice blazing, the most Dread Lord and Judge of History Himself commands them.

Until that glorious day, however, events can only worsen in frightfully rapid succession.

Free PDF Downloads of both the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and The Occult War are available at the linked text within this paragraph, and also at the Gateway Reader Page (right hand side of main page and scroll down)

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  1. I always look forward to your columns, sir. You write what I think, and I am so appreciative. God bless you. Catholics, including our priests, have forgotten that God’s rights are foremost. Until Our Lord Jesus Christ reigns over nations, there will be no peace, true liberty, or charity. On another note, I have been pondering the ugliness in the culture. Clothing, music, art, behavior, speech — ugly and repulsive. Lord, have mercy.

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