Day of Destiny

Approaches. Hurtling toward us relentlessly, the moment of truth deviates not one instant from its appointed time. Tracking the ticking seconds and minutes affords us no advantage, because even when we observe the pace and approach closely, at times even with the throbbing of our heart, the pre-ordained time of final arrival is cloaked in the unknown -most of the time. The supremely important day in the life of any man is his last, because as we know on that day and for the man in question, the time of mercy and forgiveness so generously offered and dispensed through Holy Mother forever ends. Combat in the arena of salvation concludes. Justice alone awaits. Thus we are wise and prudent to work out our salvation in fear and trembling, and remain in the state of grace, especially since we have been warned that death will come to take us like a thief in the night.

It is well to conclude November in the same spirit in which this month has begun: praying for the dead, and being mindful of our mortality. In so doing Gateway remembers two holy priests, known only via internet media, who fell so intensely in love with Catholicism (as traditionally understood) that neither persecution, nor illness, nor death could quench it. These priests are the late Fathers Grigor Hesse, and Peter Carota. There are many others.

Appertaining to the imperative of memento mori, Father Carota wrote a blog post on the topic of general confession. While probable that many Gateway readers are near the head of the class on this topic and in no need of introduction to it, the link to Father’s post is embedded in this text nonetheless.

Finally, although also likely well-known to many, included is the following little gem. Aptly entitled Preparation for Death, it is written by St. Alphonsus Ligouri, with the following English translation from Italian linked to this colored text, and can also be found for free download (newest at bottom) at the Gateway Reader page. Published in 1869, this scanned volume has Gateway’s guarantee to be free of the stench of that judaizing miasma invariably found in the writing of today’s Opus-Judei-approved, Vatican II water carriers of Trad Inc.

Let’s all get as ready as possible, in advance, for our big day.

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