Sacrilege in the Roman Rite

They’ve outdone what the novus ordites were never able to do. Gateway has been patiently avoiding locations whereat the Roman Rite of Catholic Mass suffers under liturgical abuse of face-diaper usage in the sanctuary. And like the simping half of a bad relationship, we kept going back under the hopes that things would change. As enervating as is conducting daily life in this global insane asylum, nothing saps the spirit as much as the sight of a holy priest caving in to pressure, and muzzling the Holy Face of Christ in his priestly person.

Make no mistake about what others may suggest: the goyim muzzle over the priest’s mouth is NOT a white flag of surrender. It is a symbol of conquest. Just as the ugly and grotesque stupefaction of modern art and architecture is the marker of cultural Marxists’ overthrowing of their targeted cultures; just as the well-paid thieves and crotch-commies at the airport signify conquest by the paranoid, prison-camp, 9-11 security state of counterfeit Israel;  the Catholic priest in cincture and chasuble, with maniple and biretta, who dons a mask over his mouth and nose during Holy Mass is conquered and occupied territory.

Who has conquered our priestly Church?

Muslim Woman or Veiled And Muzzled Catholic?

Let’s begin by dispelling some misdirection. As tempting as may be to think of Saracen women in burqas when viewing a Catholic woman with both chapel veil and ritualistic shame muzzle, this isn’t where it’s at. Look at England and France: Islamic men come out loud, proud and in public during displays of demographic conquest.  By the way, the same voices that insist that you believe that the Mosque is Public Enemy Number One, will do anything to ignore, deny or distract from the involvement by the synagogue in stirring up the demographic wave. Simply look in on the activities of groups like Isra-aid, Jewess Barbara Lerner-Spectre, or threats by the Israeli diplomatic corps as far back as 2013 that Europe would be flooded with Saracen hordes.

Communist Errors Have Spread

like toxins downriver. The west has been conquered by medico-communist tyranny. It’s like this: they knew that across the U.S. they’ve been looking at 100 million firearms and counting. Hoax shootings planned and executed by the FBI and the US Department of Defense (check out how they use psyops domestically in the U.S.) simply create traffic jams outside of local gun shops. Thus, America couldn’t be taken by force. But America must be taken. They know that their time to take down the U.S. has been running out, and their surveillance state has had every single datum to back it up. But they also have the data to know that the aging population of 65+ can be very susceptible to health scares, and also that their Judeo-marxist education system has been cranking out a very compliant and over-medicated crop of youthful degenerates for at least 25 years. So they ran their round table Event 201 and then rolled out the pandemic road show live just a bit over a year ago.  For the most part, the fear programming cranked out by the likes of CNN and FoxJews worked like a charm. Both old and young caved in, crammed all the Charmin that they could pack into the attic, and within 10 days they were discarding spoiled and hoarded meat and eggs like the deranged lunatics they’d become. Above all, these billions of insane persons have made daily and visible compliance their routine, throwing on the muzzle over their nose and mouth, without the slightest resistance,  wherever they go.  In fact, the hoax health crisis is just a cover and distraction from the actual plan, which is to destroy national currencies by handing out free money so that global digital currency can be brought in as both carrot and stick to herd the remaining, vaccinated and sterilized population into super dense and hellish surveillance cities. Yes, it’s been a communist operation all along, and the shame muzzle is a visible sign of conquest by communism. So when a Catholic priest of the Roman Rite dons a mask, he is making himself a visible and public sign that satanic communism has overthrown the Catholic Church on his portion of the battle line.

Holy Face Confronts the Facelessness of Communism
How interesting it was when Gateway recently learned that among its purposes, the Holy Face devotion was to be instituted to defeat communism, as stated in this post linked here.

Thus the explicit opposition to communism observed in devotion to the Holy Face juxtaposed with the implicit communist tyranny imposed by the irrational and unscientific face covering makes the case: surrender to mask mandates on the Holy Altar is conquest by communism.

Ana Pauker
Jewess Ana Pauker’s torture program for Romanian Catholic priests was named MASKING.

By the way, following the successful war for global conquest by the Jew money empire (a.k.a. WWII), communist Romania -under the direction of Jewess Ana Pauker- had some very revealing names for their blood-chillingly brutal psycho-physical trauma processes inflicted on that nation’s Catholic Priests. These prisons were unspeakably horrendous sites of extended sleep deprivation, prisoners induced to beat down other prisoners, and traumatized priests forced to say low mass with chalices and patens smeared in excrement -all targeted to dissolve the internal act of faith of individual priests.   The name for the process of stripping away psychological defenses during the first fortnight of incarceration: UNMASKING. The remaining time of brutality, abuse and trauma was referred to as MASKING.

You Know What Gateway is Going to Say

Yes, once again, priests need to have an option, and must end their compromises once and for all. It’s well past the time for priests to begin walking away from their blackmailed homo-communist superiors, and if that day comes, the laity who know and support them should be ready to house and provide for each of their needs.


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