1955: Never Forget

The two-and-a-half year old was sitting in front of his home on that Maundy-Thursday of Holy Week, the twenty-first of March. Tobias approached him, speaking kindly, and then absconded with the toddler. After sunset, the twin brothers Saligman and Samuel met up with Tobias. Then these three, along with four others, undressed the boy and butchered him.

Little Simon lay across Samuel’s knee while Moses strangled the boy with a handkerchief. Using a knife, another among the criminals sliced skin from the toddler’s neck and collected it in a bowl. Meanwhile, hands of yet others were puncturing the babe with needles and murmured curses. Following this, the flesh of the boy’s arms and legs were cut, and the blood collected in a bowl. Finally, this coven of bloodthirsty fiends turned the boy upside down, and in mockery of the Crucifixion, uttered the following blasphemy:

“Take this, crucified Jesus. Just as our forefathers did once, so may all Christians by land and sea perish.”1

When the child expired they discarded his body in a nearby river, and mirthfully sat down to their Seder table.

After being prosecuted and sentenced to death by the local ordinary, Bishop Hinderbach, the convicted Jews protested and obtained a new trial, which also resulted in a sentence of death. After more protests, the case came before Pope Sixtus IV. By this time, the wealthy Jews of Padua had become involved and hired top rate lawyers.2  Again the sentence was confirmed, and executions carried out against some of the perpetrators in June of that year. Nonetheless deterred, a money lending Jew by the name of Salomone attempted to use his influence to bribe the local officials overseeing the incarceration of remaining defendants. This attempt did not succeed either.3

Ultimately, this group of high profile Jewish lawyers and bankers undertook to assassinate Bishop Hinderbach out of revenge, by hiring a likely crypto-Jewish priest to poison his own superior, using arsenic. The result is related by Jewish historian Ariel Toaff in his book Blood Passover

But the conspiracy, the most prominent members of which were all Jews from Pavia, Padua, Novara, Soncino, Parma, Piacenza, Modena, Brescia, Bassano, Rovereto, Riva and Venice, failed miserably, with the arrest and confession of the fanciful and avaricious priest.4

Simon was two years old when murdered by Jews of Trent, Italy who both consumed human blood and mocked Our Lord Jesus.

Thus a pattern is established: abduction, ritual murder, prosecution, conviction, bribery, and attempted revenge by way of assassination. Because the criminals involved were caught so quickly, the only step missing is coverup. The boy’s name was Simon. The year was 1475. In spite of the deleterious actions of Paul VI, of putrid memory, Catholics know him as St. Simon of Trent, martyr, murdered out of hatred for Christ.

John, Anton Junior, Bobby, Barb, and Patty

Three friends John, Anton and Bobby were making their customary rounds near their Chicago home on a mid-October Sunday afternoon in 1955. Each sporting his own Chicago Cubs jacket to stave off the autumn chill, the boys looked a bit like a uniformed trio. At the ages of 14, 13, and 11, they were able to range more widely about town than in years past, and were able to take the bus back home if the sunset got ahead of them, which it did, and was also the final time that they were seen alive. When the boys were found, all three were lying in a ditch beside a deserted county highway near Devil’s Creek.  14-year-old Bobby seemed to have resisted his attackers and been choked unconscious in addition to having sustained blunt force trauma.

Chicago-landers Barb and Patty Grimes went to the movies on December 28th, 1955. The teenagers were never seen alive again, and their bodies were found a short time later, also beside a deserted roadway, after being reported missing by their father. Forensic evidence indicated that the older sister, 15-year-old Barbara’s last moments on this earth included a beating about her face which bruised and broke her nose.

  • Each victim in both crimes was nude.
  • No evidence of sexual assault emerged.
  • Each was kept alive for some time after being abducted.
  • Each had marks on wrists and ankles as if having been restrained.
  • Each sustained small puncture wounds too shallow to cause death.
  • Each victim’s body was drained of blood.

Sadistic patterns emerge indicative of torture: 

The girls were tormented by repeated puncture wounds on their breasts, thighs, and buttocks, suggesting a sadistic sexual element in the killer’s motivations. but the two youngest male victims, the Schuesslers, had been transfixed through the hands, wrists and feet by larger weapons similar to nails or a carpenter’s awl, inflicting wounds very similar to those of Christ.


John Schuessler was missing a fragment of skin on one of his thighs, which had been removed deliberately, trying to hide marks printed on his skin. There were eleven jagged, irregular wounds on Bobby’s scalp. The eyes and mouths of the boys had also been mutilated in a manner never publicly released. Another interesting forensic aspect of the case was that the boy’s wounds contained traces of an unspecified GRAIN, of all things, a form of matzoh.

The Coverup

The Chicago Daily News published an afternoon article detailing the ritualistic nature of the wounds and speculating that members of a “religious cult” might be involved. Within ten minutes of the edition hitting the street, trucks were sent out to bring them all in; all copies were ripped off the newstands and taken back to the news building where they were burned. Eight copies of the issue were obtained by a woman named Mrs. Lyrl Clark Van Hyning who published a women’s journal called “Women’s Voice”. When she called the daily news office to ask why the paper had been recalled, she was told that there had been “complaints” about it and it was likely to cause “racial unrest”.

In what way could a religious cult murder incite racial unrest? Nothing in the report indicates that anyone involved in the investigation, whether victims’ families or law enforcement even mentioned the possible race of the killers. How could racial unrest be incited when no one was even talking about it? Back to Freedom of Speech Twenty First Century

Mrs. Van Hyning had her own suspicions and sent the father of the two murdered boys, Anton Schuessler Sr., a copy of Arnold Leese’s definitive work JEWISH RITUAL MURDER. Jewish Ritual Murder Leese [Full PDF]   Schuessler read the booklet and was stunned by what he learned. He then made the mistake of going to the police and demanding that the possible ritual murder angle in his sons’ death be investigated. The Cook County Sheriff of the time was a Jew named Joseph Lohman. Lohman immediately placed Mr. Schuessler under arrest on suspicion of killing his own children. A Jewish deputy named Horowitz was sent to the Schuessler home with a party of men.

But Lohman had a problem, because two detectives of the Chicago Police Department had proven that the victims’ father had an iron clad alibi. So the Jewish Sheriff sent Scheussler to the psych ward.

Instead of releasing him, the authorities committed Anton Schuessler to a private mental institution in Des Plaines, IL operated by a Dr. Leon Steinfeld. Mr. Schuessler was rushed right into electroshock treatment, where he died the same afternoon he arrived at the “sanitarium.”

Now America in 1955 was no culture of degenerate porn addicts and potheads. Christian men started talking to each other, asking what the heck is going on with the Jews? Together they became angry, and together they demanded answers. An investigation into Leon Steinfeld revealed that during WWII, the Jew took cash payments to use illegal drugs to fabricate symptoms of heart conditions in his draft age Jewish patients in order to keep them off the battle field.  And Anton Scheussler Sr. allegedly died from what? You guessed it, a heart attack at age 42, with no previous symptoms of trouble. The County Coroner in charge of the investigation referred the matter to the District Attorney, because in his view Steinfeld was both a perjurer and a murderer.

Gateway sidebar: readers might remember a previous article explaining how the Jewish New Year features the Kol Nidre prayer during Rosh Hashanah in which each Jew absolves himself from lying, oath-breaking and perjuring himself –in advance. Also noteworthy is the doctrine found in Jews’ Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 57a-b and 58a-b, which condones the murder of gentiles by Jews, due to the fact that rabbinic tradition teaches that gentiles are not considered human beings. So in the eyes of fellow Jews, even if Steinfeld did murder and perjure, as long as no Jew was harmed, then the Doctor did nothing wrong. Relevant article linked here.

In response {to his statement, Coroner McCarron} received an official order from the district attorney to make no more public comment on the case. Several nights later, to emphasize the serious nature of the warning, a small bomb blew the front door off McCarron’s house.

To this day, none of these murders has ever been solved.

Anton and Eleanor Schuessler grieve their two ritually murdered sons. Anton would soon die mysteriously after implicating Jews in the crime. Local Jews then gave Eleanor $100,000.00 in hush money.

Previous Data

1915; Atlanta, Georgia: The body of young Mary Phagan is found dead, the apparent result of assault and ritual murder. The girl’s employer, prominent Jew and B’nai B’rith member, Leo Frank is found guilty of her murder. Powerful New York Jews induce Georgia Governor to commute the death penalty to life in prison. Georgia men break into prison at this news and haul out Frank and lynch him. Afterwards, B’nai B’rith forms the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, which defames and threatens any gentile whom Jews do not like.

1911-1913; Kiev, Russia:

In 1911, a 13-year-old boy’s body was found at Kiev with curious wounds and drained of blood. A Jew named Beiliss was arrested on suspicion. It was proved that the murder took place inside the premises of a Jewish brick factory to which only Jews had access. This factory contained a Jewish hospice with a secret synagogue attached.5

The court proved that victim was pierced about the neck and head and drained of blood. Important witnesses to the crime died of poisoning. Ritual murder was proven conclusively, but not sufficient to prove the identity of the suspect, who was acquitted.

1900 Konitz, West Prussia. A 19-year-old youth, Ernst Winter, was murdered in March. His body had been dismembered and parts of it were found in different localities. The culprits were never discovered, but two Jewish agents were sentenced to imprisonment for false witness and for the suborning of perjury during the enquiry! The county physician… pronounced death to have occurred from loss of blood. A large assembly of foreign Jews visited the town the night of the murder and left next day. This case aroused the country against the Jews, and its description occupied 2½ pages of the Jewish Encyclopædia.

1899. The Polna Case (Bohemia) Agnes Hruza, 19 years of age, was murdered 29th March, 1899. On 1st April, her body was found in a wood with the head nearly severed from the body. In spite of this frightful wound, there was no blood about, although the body itself, of course, was almost bloodless. A man called Peschak had seen a Jew Hilsner with two other Jews on the day of the murder on the spot where the body was found. Hilsner was arrested and tried; another witness testified that he had seen the prisoner very agitated on 29th March, coming from the spot where the body was found. The Court, whilst recognising that Hilsner must have had accomplices, found him guilty and condemned him to death. He then confessed, and implicated two other Jews, but later retracted these statements, as also his confession. The two men produced satisfactory alibis. By the Power of Jewish Money and the agitation it was able to raise, a new trial was ordered. Meanwhile Dr. Baxa, attorney for the murdered girl’s mother, had in a speech in the Bohemian Diet, 28th December, accused the Government of showing partiality to the Jews in the way they handled this case.6

The four cases above are taken from Jewish Ritual Murder, written in 1938 by Arnold Leese. The number of documented cases is staggering; all involving a pattern of ritualistic blood-draining, apprehension of criminals, prosecution and cover-up. Arnold Leese died after a sudden illness in January 1956. Leese had learned about the  Scheussler-Peterson-Grimes cases mentioned above, and at the time of his mysterious death he was investigating and preparing to publish the results of his research. For an overview of documented cases of Jewish Ritual Murder dating back 2000 years, check here: https://archive.fo/cORFv#selection-1821.0-1821.208.

Is It Still Going On?

When the following account is viewed within the context of the documented historical facts cited above,  the answer seems to be, yes. But abducting goyim off the streets and killing them by draining their blood creates a backlash that is bad for the Jews, thus the following account indicates that breeder families are established. Also worthy of consideration is how many homeless people disappear each year, and the troubling pattern of cases cropping up involving many child protective services agencies.

Broadcast on May 1, 1989, the show was titled “Mexican Satanic Cult Murders,” and during one segment Oprah presented a woman under the pseudonym of “Rachel” who was undergoing long-term psychiatric treatment for multiple personality disorder.

“As a child my next guest was also used in worshipping the devil, participated in human sacrifice rituals and cannibalism,” Oprah told her audience. “She is currently in extensive therapy, suffers from multiple personality disorder, meaning she’s blocked out many of the terrifying and painful memories of her childhood. Meet ‘Rachel’, who is also in disguise to protect her identity.”

“Rachel” said she had witnessed the ritual sacrifice of children and had been a victim of ritualistic abuse. “I was born into a family that believes in this.”

“And this is a — does everyone else think it’s a nice Jewish family?” asked Oprah, introducing “Rachel’s” religion. “From the outside you appear to be a nice Jewish girl…. And you are all worshipping the devil inside the home?”

“Right,” said the disturbed “Rachel.” “There’s other Jewish families across the country. It’s not just my own family.”

“Really? “And so who knows about it? Lots of people now.”

“I talked to a police detective in the Chicago area….”

“So when you were brought up in this kind of evilness did you just think it was normal?”

“Rachel” said she had blocked out a lot of the memories, but she remembered enough to say “there would be rituals in which babies would be sacrificed.” She later added, “Not all Jewish people sacrifice babies…. It’s not a typical thing.”

“I think we all know that,” said Oprah.

“I just wanted to point that out.”

“This is the first time I heard of any Jewish people sacrificing babies, but anyway — so you witnessed the sacrifice?” said Oprah.

“Right. When I was very young I was forced to participate in that, and…I had to sacrifice an infant.”

The four-minute clip includes important clues to Jewish ritual murder not detailed in the above citation, and can be viewed here https://archive.org/details/SRAVickiPolinOprah

What It All Means

It stands as a fork in the cognitive pathways of the mind. If Jews can slaughter a toddler, and then sit down blithely at their phony passover dinner celebrations without the slightest burden of conscience, then Catholics are up against wicked, psychopathic malevolence that taps straight into hell.  Either one acknowledges this homicidal hatred for Christ harbored in the bowels of the synagogue, or one continues to pretend that the world is a place other than what it is. Worthy of note, especially in the Chicago case, is the manner in which the Jew uses his positions in government and media to both cover up crimes, commit additional crimes, and generally oppress the goyim. There seems to be a hidden network in place in the Chicago case. Can such a network be anything but more extensive today? Can such a network be operating within the hierarchy of the Church, and in the media operation of Trad Inc.?

Forget not that Trad Inc. wants us to believe that these perfidious, bloodthirsty Jews are Catholics’ elder brethren in the Faith, and that the Church has Jewish roots. Also very telling is the number of Catholics who have internalized the thinking of the rabbis about ritual uncleanness: that criticizing the Jew makes a person ritually unclean, and listening to what such a person has to say will instantaneously cause any listener to become unclean as well. Many of these same sorts of sad and mentally castrated Catholics will parrot accusations of “anti-semite,” always ready to zealously defend the synagogue, but ever the coward in protecting Holy Mother Church as she is brutally assaulted every day.  The Church has enemies among men. We would be far better off if more Catholics figured out that the synagogue is the Church’s Public Enemy #1.


References from this article have been added to the Gateway Reader page, and are available for FREE download.

1  Unrolled Thread; https://archive.fo/cORFv#selection-1821.0-1821.208; URL accessed 4 April 2021.

2 Toaff, Ariel; Blood Passover, The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder; Lucchese-Gianetti Editori LLC.; 2007; p42.

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5  Leese, Arnold S.; My Irrelevant Defence, Being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out, on Jewish Ritual Murder; The I.F.L. Printing & Publishing Co.; London; 1938; p 32.

6 Ibid., p  31.

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