“Nostra Aetate Rests on Nothing”

The contumacy of the criminals was more even more obvious than their guilt in committing the crime.  So far beyond any reasonable doubt stood the responsibility of the Jews, led by their gangster-like mafia of Pharisees, for the death of Our Lord Jesus, that no honest person can dispute it.  Now the reality is that all sinners bear the guilt by their sins. But our vows of baptism restore innocence and friendship with God. “Let His blood be on us and on our children,” this is the curse of all curses brought down upon oneself and one’s posterity.  Such a shamefully audacious and foolhardy challenge against the omnipotence of Almighty God not only plunged the Jew into spiritual blindness, but formalized his rejection of Christ. From this point forward in history, no man calling himself a Jew, and thus adhering to the criminal coven of the religion of the rabbis, can deny that he rejects Our Lord Jesus Christ as Messiah. This adherence is a function of the will, and not DNA, evinced by the fact that most Jews claim to be Ashkenazim, who are the genetic descendants of the seventh century Turkic kingdom of phallic worshipping thieves and assassins of the Eurasian steppe known as Khazaria; and whose empire was ended in 965 AD, by the Slavic Federation known as the Kievan Rus, the forerunner of the Russian Empire. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of Jews have no genetic link to ancient Palestine.  Thus, following the Crucifixion and rending of the Temple veil, the essence of what it means to be a Jew is to understand Christ’s claim to Divinity, to consciously reject it, and to adhere to a religion bent on attacking it and destroying His Divinely instituted Church. Over the centuries, by craft and by cunning, these converts to the Coven have conducted commerce with stupid and lax Catholic kings, nobles  and even peasants, thereby amassing fortunes, fomenting both heresies and chaotic revolutions, gaining control of governments; and finally centralizing through force the control of the world’s money system at a little New Hampshire village known as Bretton Woods, in 1944. It is this same Coven, the spiritual adherents to the rejection of Christ, that constitutes the Global Synagogue which played a fundamental role in the phony council of Vatican II, made manifest in the particular document Nostra Aetate.

Pray an Ave, if you will, for the repose of the soul of Viscount Léon De Poncins, son of the Eldest Daughter of the Church, descendant of the heroic Vendean Patriots beloved of Christ the King, and exemplar of what it means to have noble blood coursing through one’s veins. Forsaken by the crypto-Jews of Trad Inc., The Right Honorable, the Viscount of Victory De Poncins has left us with another excellent document: the thirty-five page booklet The Problem with the Jews at the Council, of which we Catholics can make use to dispel the crypto-Jewish diabolical disorientation afflicting our citadel, translated and rendered in PDF by those known only as G.F.H. and AAARGH [sic], respectively, for whom we should also pray. This document can be found on Gateway’s newest, free download page, The Synagogue of Satan Collection.

De Poncins’s essay is introduced with this salient fact: for the 1965 years previous to the pseudo-Council of Vatican II, Catholic doctrine and membership both aligned on the commonsense position that the Jews of St. Matthew’s Gospel were indeed guilty of deicide and that the Church and synagogue were of mutual and irreconcilable opposition regarding the significance of the Incarnation, Nativity, Ministry, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Our Lord. With the approval of Nostra Aetate by the pseudo-council’s voting assembly, the attempt to fabricate a new doctrine, over and against Tradition, was imposed on the Church’s membership, both cleric and laic alike. To wit, the Jews were not responsible for the death sentence pronounced on Our Lord, were no longer to be considered accursed, were the ongoing beneficiaries of the Old Covenant apparently still in force today, thus were not rejected by God; therefore (of course), anti-semitism formed the foundation of 1900+ years of Church teaching. This anti-semitism caused the mass murder of Jews by Germans during World War II (De Poncins 6).

In fact, this council document—one must read it to believe it—is not equipped with any notes, and that is because this far-fetched thesis, imposed on the faithful of the whole Catholic world, rests on nothing! Not a single passage of Holy Scripture, not a single saint, not a single Pope—at least until 1962—has ever supported a similar theory. On the contrary, as results from a reading of this simple essay, all the Saints, all the Fathers of the Church and all the Popes have strongly reaffirmed the traditional doctrine. Nevertheless, except for a few voices out of the “politically incorrect” chorus which were hence immediately silenced, the Christian people, slowly poisoned with other new doctrines brought forth by the Council (Ecumenism, religious freedom, etc….), have passively accepted this diktat and have aligned themselves with the novelty (De Poncins 7). 

The most sinister aspect of all, (as related in the translator-inserted preface by Maurice Pinay) was the intent by those behind the scenes during the time of the Document’s development: to cause the Catholic Church to contradict its own doctrine and Tradition, and thus obliterate its entire 2000-year foundation. Auschwitz would thus be used as a cudgel of guilt to exterminate the basis of Catholicism, arising from the evil desire on the part of the Global Synagogue to induce Catholicism to join the Pharisees in their ancient call for the condemnation of Christ (De Poncins 4).

Reverse Engineering the Psychological Programming of Catholics

by the Global Synagogue is essential. Nostra Aetate is the blade that has mentally castrated otherwise faithful Catholics more than any other weapon in this psychological war. The synagogue’s use of this psy-war weapon did much to induce the laity to the aforementioned passive acceptance and aligning itself with novelty, because to object to Nostra Aetate would expose a critic to accusations (baseless as they were) of anti-semitism. Unfortunately, this passive stance on Catholics’ part has been watched by noteworthy writers and researchers outside the Church. Their name for the uncritical and underinformed, passive acceptance of Nostra Aetate and the historical presuppositions on which it rests is holocaustianity. They especially accuse Catholics of submitting to a new super-dogma that overrides everything that the Church once taught. These hostile bookends put the Catholic mind in a tough spot: did the Holy Ghost or the Church make an error in Nostra Aetate? On the other hand, do critical observers not have a point in their noting a glaring inconsistency resulting in their developing the term holocaustianity, and applying it to the religion of Vatican II?  The solution to this apparent conundrum is found in mastery of the facts. Understand Gateway’s aphorism pertaining to civilization’s malcontent Jews: every rabbit hole finds its end in the basement of the synagogue of satan. Gateway is not of the mind to find a Jewish conspiracy behind every rock; rather, the simple fact is that organized Jewry places a rock in front of every one of its conspiracies. Because the rabbit hole of Nostra Aetate is so deep, and the rock concealing its Talmudic intent so massive, most Catholics will not immediately be able to grasp it. Thus the need arises for us innocent Catholic doves to be as wily as serpents, and rhetorically reverse-engineer the evil psychological toxin in Nostra Aetate that so adversely affects Catholic thinking.

Prerequisite: Deny Quarter to Deniers

How can Catholics be de-programmed of our acceptance of Nostra Aetate’s arbitrary imposition of guilt by the Global Synagogue, and yet also acquit ourselves of accusations of holocaustianity? Like our 2000-year adversary, we must first patiently prepare the ground and make it safe for discussion, by knowing our history and pre-empting the deniers.  To control them, we must know and make rhetorical use of facts to halt the opponents in their tracks. Like the prosecutors of any crime, oral facility and eloquence regarding history’s criminals’ motives, methods and opportunities will induce the jury, as it were, to reach its verdict in our favor. Now the history of World War II in general, and Auschwitz in particular, ensures that opportunity is a settled point that no honest mind can dispute. Therefore, to successfully battle our opponents, the dispute will swing on the hinges of motive and method. Here are Gateway’s tips on how to swing the door shut against opponents’ objections.

Motive: we must acquire detailed knowledge of that document, signed by Adolf Hitler, ordering the mass exterminations. Whether online or in person, command of details is essential in establishing command of the discourse. Therefore, we should know in advance of any argument, at a minimum, each of the following two points in depth. First, what institution’s archives currently possesses the certified original text of Hitler’s Order to Exterminate? Museum, national archive, university library, or private collection? If we really want to know it, through researching and discovering for ourselves, we will come to know it all the better. No relying on History-Channel hearsay will suffice! Second, double-check the German translation into English for the correct rendering of the operative statement in the text of Hitler’s order (DeepL is a terrific translator). For example, the pre-amble to the U.S. Constitution has a single predicate, that we the people do ordain and establish. Another example would be a Pope’s Ex Cathedra pronouncement in which he must include the singular and unambiguous statement that he binds all the faithful to adherence to a certain doctrinal definition. We should make ourselves rock-solid certain of the precise German-to-English translation in Hitler’s order. With this fact alone we can win 90% of the argument. Every. Single. Time!!

Points to avoid when arguing motive:  Avoid referring to pictures of camps being liberated, as these sad scenes were the direct result of an awful typhus epidemic and food/medical supply lines having been cut by allied bombing raids (don’t blindly wander into the rhetorical trap set for you that the Allies caused the starvation/pestilence in the camps). Also, avoid photographs of starving prisoners during their incarceration:  your opponents will know that these photographs actually featured Ukrainian Christians and other dissident prisoners of the NKVD, and were taken in the Soviet Union’s death camp gulags.

Method: The value of detailed knowledge is impossible to overstate. Therefore, we must exceed our opponent’s knowledge regarding the facts of the gas chambers. Although a grim topic, it is simply a price that we must pay to honor the fallen. You might be surprised at the limited number of proofs required to change your opponent’s mind. Good things to know: were the gas chamber doors made of steel or alloy? Were the gaskets on these same gas-chamber doors of Auschwitz/Birkenau made of rubber or cork? Were the double-pane glass windows circular or square in shape?  Were the insulated light bulbs incandescent electric or of the older, natural gas type? How many meters were the gas chambers from the crematoria? What safety measures were taken by the Germans to ensure that they didn’t gas themselves or blow themselves up? How many hours of incineration time were spent to cremate 1.1 million bodies with the number of ovens at Auschwitz/Birkenau? Approximately what size area of ground was used to dispose of the crematoria’s ash/bone residue? Who first captured with aerial recon photographs the location of the disposal areas: the British Royal Air Force or the US Army Air Corps? Learn these important facts and win the argument! Because these points will be more difficult to track down, Gateway has linked to the free downloadable resource: Holocaust Handbook 16, The Leuchter Reports. Leuchter is an American death penalty expert who conducted an exhaustive forensic investigation of the gas chambers. Opponents will never argue their way past his findings.

Points to avoid when arguing method Avoid discussions including Zyklon B. It is now well-known that Zyklon-B, or cyanide gas, was used in the process of delousing inmates’ clothing. Also avoid discussion of the infamous chimney. It has come to light that this chimney was constructed by the Soviets in the late 40s for propaganda purposes, and this chimney is completely unattached to any structure on the site. Avoid questions and discussions about the gas chambers being facsimiles/reconstructions by the USSR.

Conclusive Proof After the Fact: There are certain data which by their very existence remove any and all doubt about the facts. Perhaps the most convincing proof will be found in the aggregate population change in European Jewry from 1938 to 1948. The international Red Cross of the time was well-known as a non-partisan source for this information. The World Almanac will also provide information. The numbers are actually very precise, and worth memorizing. Source this information online and use it especially when time requires you to take a single rhetorical swing for the fences and hit one out of the park. (In fact, it’s a bit of a mystery why this debate-ending data isn’t brought up and published on a wider scale.)

Points to Avoid When Arguing Proof After the Fact:  Avoid references to The Diary of Anne Frank, due to a truly dismal display of money-grubbing regarding the Family and dispute over the right to possess the manuscript, which culminated in a court case in Germany in the 1980s. In the end, German law enforcement conducted a forensic examination of the original diary and discovered that much of it was written in ball point pen, a device which wasn’t invented until 1951. Also avoid references to the 1993 film Schindler’s List, which was based on a novel that won the Los Angeles Times Book Award for Fiction. Neither mention the book Night, by the late Elie Wiesel: the text makes no mention of gas chambers. Presume the opponent to be well informed on the defects of each of these sources. Further, avoid references to the Nuremburg Trials, as it has come to light that the defendants made confessions under torture (testicles were literally crushed), were not allowed to mount a defense, and were simply show pieces in a display of victor’s justice. And those lampshades, human soap and shrunken heads? -Admitted falsehoods, they never happened, so definitely avoid.  Finally, watch out for and avoid counter-questions along the lines inquiring why the event was never mentioned in any primary source document during the War, only making a big splash in the media in the 1960s.

Those among us who truly love the Church, the Truth and want to protect both will do our homework, find our facts and internalize them. The membership of the Church is desperate for a detox from Nostra Aetate, a novel document with zero basis in Scripture or Tradition. In so doing however, we must be vigilant. DENIERS of Truth, fact, and authentic history are not held in high regard here in the Gateway!


This post is dedicated to the memory of the late Ernst Zundel; and to honor the work, sacrifices and courage of David Irving, Germar Rudolf, Robert Faurisson and Fred Leuchter: whose lives were turned upside down by ruthless deniers of the Truth.


De Poncins, Léon Vicomte; The Problem With the Jews at the Council; Translated and E-Published, 2008.

4 thoughts on ““Nostra Aetate Rests on Nothing”

  1. A very minor point: Ball point pens existed in The Bronx in 1946 or ’47 made by Reynolds Aluminum Co. One of the pupils at St Joseph Grammar School displayed his ball point to ink-stained classmates otherwise happy with their fountain pens.

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  2. Thank you for your tireless defense of Holy Mother Church against her most implacable enemy. You are absolutely right in revealing the destruction that Nostra Aetate has wrought. In 1965 I was a junior in H.S. and obviously none of the documents of the Council were available. We heard very little news of the proceedings. (Only in 2012 did I read of the Vatican-Synagogue Agreement whose negotiations were entrusted to Cardinal Bea.) Over 50 years later, we see many, many Catholic people extremely reluctant to acknowledge or even care to discuss the truth regarding the Jews. One of the first things the Council generated was a rather ill-concealed hostility toward the traditional Catholic teaching of the Faith. Out went the Baltimore Catechism and in came their “feel good” version. 1Thessalonians 2:15 is a good wake up call that explains who we are dealing with. “Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men;” When I stated that the Jews are enemies of mankind during a discussion, the person still didn’t accept it even after looking it up. Why would that be? Fear?
    As a reader of history, I have a good collection of books related to WWII and the Council and its aftermath, including those truth-seeking authors you mention. It is astounding to read what happened to them in their pursuit of the truth and not come to the conclusion that something is being hidden but not forever. As Our Lord said there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Wanda. And thank you for your comment. It seems as if perceptions and opinion control are accomplished through media programming. And yes, I do think fear of the Jews keeps many Catholics locked in their upper room of personal silence, so that they cannot allow themselves to think bad thoughts, because they fear that someone will call them an anti-semite.


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