Exit the Upper Room

Shut in to the Cenacle with door barred, there they had enclosed themselves: Peter and Andrew, Simon and Bartholomew, James and John, Philip and Thomas, James the Lesser and Matthew; Jude and the newly chosen Matthias; and the yet-to-be-crowned Queen of Heaven. In the order of this world, in which the satanic will-to-power seduces men to impose tyranny upon others under threat of brute force, the Twelve had an appropriate reason to lay low: fear of the Jews. Almighty God had other plans, however, for this fearful but prayerful gathering; and He made use of tyranny, or the fear thereof, to send His Holy Ghost and invigorate each with Power that neither Sanhedrin nor Roman authority could comprehend. There ought be little doubt that just at that time when the Christ-haters of the Temple thought that their crime of deicide had been brought to rest and smartly covered up, His followers burst into the street to proclaim the Resurrection and Baptismal rebirth, and would not be silenced. On that great day of Pentecost, Faith in Christ and the reality of Holy Mother Church drove out all fear in these men, as the Barque of Peter set off on her maiden voyage to haul in a great catch of men’s souls to be saved from hell.

What about we Catholics today, are we not huddled in the upper room, for fear of the Jews? Who among us with canonical authority, or even a laic with a substantial following, sets out resolutely down the stairs, as it were, and charges into the public square to decry the treachery of the Global Synagogue and its infiltration of the Catholic Church? There are indeed some who do, for whose leadership Gateway remains grateful, but by contrast, were the number of crypto-Jews in Roman collars and positions of prominent opinion-shapers to be fully known, Catholics would be dumb-founded.

Against Whom Did Athanasius Contend?
Gateway thanks Vox Cantoris for the reminder of May 2nd’s Feast of St. Athanasius who, contra mundum, preached the Gospel in season and out. So edifying and apt is Vox’s quote of the saint, that it appears below.


Now let’s direct our attention to the world of the Arian heresy against which Athanasius fought. Who was Arius? He was a north African crypto-Jew, a man who outwardly pretended to be Catholic but in secret returned to the vomit of the tradition of the Elders condemned by Our Lord. Arius stole the Holy Orders of Deacon, Priest and Bishop all out of desire to act on his hatred of Christ. Gateway has previously posted on this historical fact gleaned from the Plot Against the Church. However, after years of consuming Catholic media online (much of the time only Catholic media, and much of it pertaining to history), not one solitary publication has ever mentioned this fact that Arius was a crypto-Jew, yet the problem of crypto-Jewry in the Church has worsened as the centuries have passed: from the Marrano crisis of Iberia in the 15th century, intensifying greatly during the last century with its pseudo-council of Vatican II, and perhaps reaching its nadir today with Anti-Pope Francis I, whose Jewish roots are beginning to show. Why is it that Catholics are not allowed to criticize their enemies in the Global Synagogue? At first glance, Nostra Aetate might seem to answer the question, but imputing cause to that thinly veiled stand-down order merely closes a logically circular path.

Demystifying Disturbing Events and Trends
Are Catholics allowed to ask what historians Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Hillaire Belloc both referred to as the Jewish Question, or JQ? -It seems that the answer is no, at least regarding speech in the public square. Unwritten blanket prohibitions on such a vast topic are bound to cause consternation. E. Michael Jones once explained that if we don’t understand the Jewish Question, then we can’t understand anything about what’s taking place in the world around us. In no way an exaggeration, Jones’s statement applies to the Church as well. Throughout 2020,  Catholics endured year seven of the Anti-Papal antics of Anti-Pope Francis I, astro-turf race-riots and reactions were erupting all over the country, with consequences all too real. With the scripted and phony health scare operation being run simultaneously, by November 2020, many had pinned their last hope on a prince of this world running for President of the Masonic Republic of America. Doing so was a mistake, as the controllers arrogantly ensconced their wholly-owned, incontinent pedophile atop an increasingly sinister FedGov leviathan. For many Catholics online with (what Gateway understood to be) substantial followings, the disorienting cognitive dissonance, and sense of foreboding for the future might have been too much. What happened to them all?

Packed it in during peak race riot season. Seemed to have a big following.
Online since 2006. Disappearance coincides with Bergoglian lockout of faithful during Eastertide 2020.
Final post embeds film trailer for Jewish Hollywood production for programming the goyim to believe in pandemics. Blogged for 12 years.
Oh so close to asking the JQ, departing in November of 2019
Catholic and genuine patriot: final post about election 2020. Would never brook the topic that Jews control Washington, top to bottom.

Gateway also had its hiatus, but that time away was due neither to bewilderment nor consternation over riots, phony health crises nor sham elections, which fit hand and glove with the decades old plan by organized Jewry for the takedown and communist overthrow of the U.S. Regarding the online brethren above, who seem to have departed the arena: did they give up in frustration? What about all of that hard-thought analysis- what was it all for, if they just gave up when the cognitive dissonance became overwhelming? Did their discouragement cause them to question their worldviews, or the future for their children? What did these Catholic writers not understand?

Perhaps they never took the time to inquire about the JQ as it relates to Catholicism. A careful examination of the Jewish Question comprises (but is by no means limited to) the following: identifying and critically examining Jewish culture and behavior throughout history; discovering the doctrines found in the Babylonian Talmud, Jewish dominance of media/alt media; Jewish control of the money systems of the world via usury; paranoia that finds outlet in relentless espionage and the establishment of universal surveillance systems; character/actual assassinations of targeted persons who criticize or pose threat to Jewish culture and behavior, and above all, the use of false converts to infiltrate Catholic society and clergy.

Even a limited investigation of the JQ is far superior than so-called insider knowledge of any scope or depth that is devoid of this crucial matter of the Jewish Question. For example, those willing to examine the JQ would have happily shared the fact with others that as far back as May of 2016, Donald Trump was in deep with Jewish Wall Street Investment (meaning fleece the goyim) Bank of Goldman Sachs, or that he went to the AIPAC Convention to trumpet ever so loudly that there is “no daylight” between the U.S. and Israel. This man was no outsider, had no real solutions to any problem, but because so few Americans, and Catholics among them, refused to look into the JQ, they were led badly astray down the blind alley of November 2020,  shortly before or after which, as can be seen above, many abandoned their positions as online Catholic opinion shapers. The same goes for astro-turf race wars and phony pandemics, which originate from nothing more than psychological operations known as neo-cortical warfare, using the screen as weapon, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers and the Israeli dual-citizen Zionists who completely control the U.S. Pentagon and Department of Defense. Many Catholics in the U.S. are likely to dismiss such statements with zero investigation of their own, because perhaps they really do not want to know the truth. Of course, the topic of vaccines and their exterminationist purpose is yet another avenue that when investigated under the Rosetta Stone of the JQ, uncovers a truly dark agenda laid out for our children and their children, and transforms the JQ from an intellectual inquiry into a vital first action of self-defense, Catholic or not.

Know the Enemy. Fight the Enemy. Love the Enemy.
Our Lord did not command that we have no enemies; rather he affirmed that we would, but that we are to love them. How can we avoid being conquered by our enemy, if we cannot identify them? We therefore must know our enemy by educating ourselves on the JQ. Once identified, what does one do with respect to one’s enemy? One battles his enemy in order to defeat him. Before, during and after battling our enemy, we must pray for him, that he enjoy (somehow) happiness with God in this life, and in the next. Thus we pray for his conversion and eternal salvation. Yet battle our enemy we must, and contending with our enemy necessitates that we must identify him. Catholics have been given permission by their psy-war handlers to select only the following as their enemies: Saracens, political leftists both within the Church and without, communist agitators, China, and a few others. However, it is forbidden to oppose the Global Synagogue. In fact, many among so-called Catholics seem to believe that only an immoral person would criticize the Jew, even considering the synagogue’s most indisputable and criminally subversive enterprises such as pornography, abortion, and globo-homo.

The Catholic Church is permeated within by unconverted, Christ-hating Jews. Episcopacy, priesthood, laity, Catholic media/altmed are brimming with them. Some are crypto-Jews, as strongly indicated by the bizarre and ham-handed cover-up of the likely Jewish ancestry of Anti-pope Francis I’s grandma Rosa Vasallo. The danger posed to Holy Church by Bergoglio, the very-likely crypto-Jew, is impossible to overstate. Others cannot be called crypto-Jews because they publically manifest their allegiance to the Global Synagogue while still apparently pretending to be Catholic; such as James Martin on Twitter (…”how I got to be so Jewish, no kidding!”), or another who (rather than operating from the foregone and inward conclusion that he is 100% Catholic) publishes reflexively that he is 9.65% Jewish -and later attempts to conceal it. The one below is difficult to categorize:

Supports Objectively Immoral Vaccine Programs. Worsens public confusion.

Anusim: Jews Regard Christian Converts as Jews

How do practicing Jews view crypto-Jews? Are they shunned and anathematized as heretics or apostates? Nope, the synagogue claims crypto-Jews as their own, referring to them with the term Anusim, a word also used to describe forced converts.

Anusim is also applied to crypto-Jews, who are extremely useful to the Global Synagogue’s centuries-old engine of espionage. h ttps://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/anusim-jewish-virtual-library
h ttps://anusim.weebly.com/retorno.html

Destructive Imposter Trads

The most damaging, however, are crypto-Jewish imposter Catholics (a.k.a. those who advertise deceased mum’s Jewish maiden name) who monopolize the arena of opinion-shapers of tradition. These characters occupy a most undeserved position of trust in Catholic minds attempting to orient themselves in this savage psychological battle space, and these writers’ absolute toxicity to the body of Christ is manifest in their iron-fisted control over public conversations.

Zeal for the Holy Faith versus zeal for the synagogue. Note the arrogance of the term right-thinking Catholics. And of course, this English Deacon is placed squarely in the camp of defending tradition. Anti-semitism is speech and action which Jews hate. This Deacon dogmatizes his opinion that Catholics must hate what Jews hate. (I wonder if this dogmatized opinion of his includes hatred of Christ.) Apparently he also anathematizes heresy against the super-dogma of holocaustianity as worse than blaspheming the Holy Ghost.

Above can be observed a little left/right Talmudic-Kabuki for the benefit of Catholic goyim. On the supposed trad side opines Rorate Caeli who has relatives listed in the Holocaust Museum, while on the left is the Catholic Goldstein, sworn enemy of holocaust belittlers. Of course, what they agree on is much more important than their play-fighting, and that common ground is the high value placed by both on holocaustian street cred. What’s interesting as well is that the leading contributor to the Rorate blog is the pseudonymous New Catholic. Gateway can’t help but notice its affinity with the term New Christian, as explained by the Jewish Virtual Library

h ttps://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/marranos-conversos-and-new-christians

Is New Catholic communicating more than meets the eye with his online alias? Regardless, the writer is eager to mix it up with his leftist opponent who accuses him of publishing a holocaust belittler. Gateway suggests that they put this quarrel aside and undertake an ongoing publication campaign disseminating three key facts that will forever end questions over the holocaust:

  1. Translation of operative phrase in Hitler’s order to exterminate,
    & name of institution that has the document.

  2. Details on gas chambers
    (What were doors made of, what methods did Germans use to seal them?)

  3. World Almanac data on change in population of European Jewry
    from 1938 to 1948.

Another Indicator of Trad side Crypto-Jewish Infiltration

Consider how on the one hand, in the criticism by certain online trads of the Personal Prelature of Opus Dei and the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, that they seem to expose the cult-like recruitment, retention and control methods of the group. On the other hand, however, mark the absolute embargo on the merest syllable of what others have written about the dangers of Opus Dei: that it’s founder was an (allegedly canonized) crypto-Jewish pederast, and today stands as a canonically instituted cabal of crypto-Jews bent on hoarding money, controlling Catholic media, destroying the Church and establishing a Jew World Order. This problem extends well beyond the orbit of the customary clowns of Trad Inc., and into what might be referred to as Catholic and Traditional alt-media. Such lethal silence perpetuates both the myth and deadly peril for the Holy Faith -the legacy of Nostra Aetate’s foundation in holocaustianity- that the Global Synagogue and Holy Mother Church are partners in the modern world, and therefore criticism of Jewish behavior is by definition immoral. Brethren, we must ask ourselves some difficult questions of our trusted online Catholic opinion-shapers: do they ever broach the subject of crypto-Jewry? Are they indeed silent, or do these opinion-shapers perhaps even direct our attention away from the exterminationist agenda slowly being manifest by the Global Synagogue, and bid us to place sole blame (so convenient for Jew and crypto-Jew alike) upon the Saracen religion, or leftists, or modernists, communists, lavender mafia, etc.? We must ask ourselves, why?

We must battle the enemies of the Church, but in order to do so, Catholics must be capable of identifying the foe in our very midst. Yes, even in what we believe to be the dissident and resurgent Catholic alt-media: even there, -and thus most damaging- the Global Synagogue has its agents in our midst. The enemy is increasingly desperate to keep Catholics, (especially the young and better formed Catholic men) from taking a critical look at Jewish economic, political, cultural and religious aggression against Catholicism. We must inquire, investigate and discover for ourselves: why do so many of our trusted alt-med Catholic voices of Tradition never criticize the Global Synagogue?

God the Holy Ghost has long ago come to the upper room, in which the Mother of God and Her twelve Bishops awaited Him. At that moment, the Holy Apostles there feared with good reason, as Pharisaical Jews were always wont to eliminate those who threatened their racketeering operations, and who doubtless sowed the City’s populace with their spies. However, the Holy Ghost in his roaring wind drove away not only Men’s fear but also those spirits of the air provoking the Sanhedrin to pile sin upon sin. God, filling the Twelve with His power, caused them to boldly enter the streets. On that glorious day that thousands entered the Fold, heed was paid to neither spy, nor slanderer, nor slaughterer among men, but the eye of each intellect was fixed and dilated upon Almighty God. The Twelve Holy Bishops of Pentecost never once negated the existence of their enemies, the Resurrection-denying elders of the Temple. In true love of enemy, they accused the guilty of Christ’s Blood and exhorted them to repent and be baptized. Furthermore, Blessed Peter later accused and outed early crypto-Jew Simon the Magus for attempting to gain filthy lucre by the power of the Holy Ghost, and by his mighty faith in God brought about Simon’s true conversion. We, the spiritual descendants of Saint Peter and the Apostles, must do the same: recognize our enemy, battle our enemy, and pray for our enemy; the Global Synagogue and it’s crypto-Jewish agents in our very midst. It’s time for Catholics to exit the upper room and to bring the fight against crypto-Jewry into the streets.

6 thoughts on “Exit the Upper Room

  1. Another searing post which 99.9% of “learned” Catholics will shun “for fear of the Jews”? Or, maybe like those bloggers you pointed out, crawl under their stone uncomprehending that everything they have been taught is wrong, and don’t have the intellectual spine to go there. Just like the fact that heliocentrism is heresy and geocentrism is truth, people cannot comprehend that Copernicus was wrong, Galileo was wrong, Einstein was wrong, and Carl Sagan was wrong. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Post Renaissance man needs to be deprogrammed and re-christianised. When you read St Paul you know that he knew the capability and capacity of evil of his hebraic brethren.

    As Holy Mother Church enters the tomb of the Three Days of Darkness, it will be beholden on the Holy Spirit to lead fallen man once more in the Truth out of the Upper Room

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s really a great point you make, Paul. The willingness to reassess our viewpoint in the face of overwhelming contradictory data is critical. But Truth is liberating. I’m also of the opinion that if I can awaken from my former somnolence, anyone can.


  2. I’m confused by your position and maybe I remember your writings incorrectly. I thought that you stood with Ann Barnhardt, who frequently slurs Catholics as anti Semitic, in holding Joseph Ratzinger Pope. So who promulgated Nostra Aetate? The Church? The Pope? Joseph Ratzinger played a role as well as his predecessor. You don’t think that it might be time that the Church has a Pope? A Pope would make it clear that this Nostra Aetate did not come from Her but the enemy. Clearly it came from the enemy and not the Church, no?


  3. Dawn Goldstein. Mmmmm I am pretty much sure she came on a book promotion tour to the UK and came to our parish (when I then lived in London). My fakeometer flew off the scale when she claimed that she could associate herself more with the saints than with Mary. She left a nasty taste in the mouth that she had come to our bi-ritual parish trying to pass herself off amongst the mainly trad parishioners who turned out that evening. Needless to say I didn’t buy her book. The parish priest, a trad convert, was instrumental in my journey as a revert to the faith. I pray for him every day. But when I approached him re the Bergoglio antipope crisis in the church he just would not go there.

    As Brother Alexis, who was roughly manhandled by Italian police on Mayday, has stated, we cannot go to Mass celebrated by priests not in union with the true pope. I watch Don Alessandro Minutella’s Mass in Sicily and pray more on Sundays.

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  4. A prayer I try to say. daily: “Lord, have mercy on our enemies, but deliver us from their deceits.”


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