Call of the Catacomb

From Rome.Info’s news item from 07 May is worthy of deep consideration: Brother Alexis has translated into English from Italian the article written by Andrea Cionci  and published on Cionci’s blog page found at Libero Quotidiano. As a follow up to Cionci’s previous article also translated and published at FromRome.Info, which explores the possibility that Benedict resigned the ministerium to intentionally cease in the active exercise of the papal munus but without abdicating the munus,  (  Cionci now delves more deeply into both the significance of the current Pope Benedict XVI’s intentions behind his actions in 2013, and ramifications thereof for Catholics everywhere.   The following is quoted directly from Brother Bugnolo’s translation of Cionci’s May 7th article at FromRome.Info, which Gateway highly recommends, and the quote is rich in opportunities for deeper consideration

While having caught wind of the following theory in various online conversations over the years, Gateway is unaware of its authors to whom to give due attribution,  but Cionci crystallizes the matter nicely. The theory surmises that Pope Benedict, having responded affirmatively to the enormous and abundant graces conferred by the Holy Ghost upon the Petrine Munus, was loyal to Holy Mother throughout. Backed into a corner by infiltrators both abetted and controlled by the Global Synagogue, Pope Benedict was known to have said in conversation, “my authority ends at that door.” The implications were that his authority was so thoroughly despised by those clergymen upon whom he as leader depended to carry out his orders that he had no means of functioning as Supreme Pontiff. Meanwhile, the Bergoglian junta that took the name St. Gallen’s Mafia then threw down its ultimatum, which no honest person could deny would be backed up by threats of deadly violence, possibly even directed against the Pope’s brother.  Pope Benedict had one card left to play in order to resist: feign compliance with the Bergoglian faction while in actuality embedding substantial defects in what would be regarded by the Opus Judei Catholic media as the Pope’s abdication of Office. This embedded defect could be understood as a distress signal of sorts, as Cionci compares it to a crime victim’s gambit of tipping off police by pretending to order a pizza. To enhance the signal, Pope Benedict XVI continued to wear white, to use the name Pope Benedict, and sign documents as Pope.  To heed or ignore the signal would be a choice made by individual Catholics, clergy or laity. Of course, right on cue, the well-paid clowns of Opus Dei’s Trad Inc. would step in and do everything in their power to suppress the truth: neither slander, nor violent speech, nor sinful outrages against fraternal charity are beneath them.

Simple logic dictates that once the reality of Benedict XVI’s defective abdication gains traction in the minds of Catholics, then Bergoglio’s perceived legitimacy dissolves into thin air.  Yet such perceptions themselves would be merely catching up to the reality set in motion by Pope Benedict in 2013: the Pope’s last move may well have been his checkmating the crypto-Jewish thug from Buenos Aires. Every alleged canonical action that has occurred since the defective abdication is fiction, or the LARPing of a South American megalomaniac who clawed and manipulated his way into a red hat, nothing more.  No cardinals have been created, no bishops installed, no saint has been canonized. As Cionci writes, from this point forward, the Bergoglian junta marches to the perverse cadence of its own schism, and the strident melody of its own heretical lyrics, as it attempts to draw Catholics along with it.

Gone but not forgotten: report on sodomite clergy.

Now remember that banker’s box of documents of 2013, which held the report on the inner workings of the homo-mafia in the Church? That disappeared, but the catastrophes continued. Scandal piled upon scandal and heresy upon heresy, year after year, reaching what Catholics might have hoped to be rock bottom in 2018, with the public outbreak of McCarrick’s decades-long sex-crime spree. Yet even that was outdone by the public act of apostasy and pachamama, and the public apostasy was outdone by the betrayal of the Chinese underground. Still, through it all, Catholics were browbeaten and ostracized into avoiding any public questioning of Anti-Pope Francis I’s alleged legitimacy.  Cionci fits this grim reality into the schema of the deliberately defective abdication. If Catholics are faced with the reality of the Great Apostasy, then they will be able to see for themselves the disaster awaiting anyone who follows Bergoglio, or modernism.

Here we can hold the prism of Cionci’s explanation up to the catastrophic reality of Bergoglio, modernism, anti-church and peer deeply into this frightening chasm. Pope Benedict XVI has been trying to warn us of what is in store for us if we take the broad road tread by Anti-Pope Francis I. Crime, apostasy, abandonment, betrayal will all follow each other in worsening succession. This is a warning from one who is a true shepherd, a signal to the sensus Catholicus within any man willing to hear.

The return to the catacombs will spell the end for crypto-Judaic anti-church, and every apostate anti-church bishop knows this fact well. Thus they are desperate to keep it from happening, even if it means taking the stupid rope off the pews and ceasing their lawless obstruction of Catholics’ right to worship in their own churches. But it’s already too late. Too many priests have already entered the underground, praying the pre-1955 Roman Rite, saying the Leonine prayers, and preaching Catholicism. Their less decisive brethren will soon join them. At the moment, these brave and holy priests also say mass in diocesan Churches, but they are one illegal command away from never coming back, and they will take the faithful with them. The pertinaciously self-worshipping among the novus ordites can keep doing exactly what they are doing, and they can keep the title to the real estate if they must. Pope Benedict XVI has exposed the enemy by cleverly instrumentalizing St. Gallen Mafia’s very arrogance and aggression. He has denied them the cover that “conservative Vatican-II Catholicism” has always provided them. From here on, the novus ordites, the Anti-Pope, the criminal clergy, Trad Inc., and the Trad-wing crypto-Jews proceed to their own place, right along with traitor Bishop Judas Iscariot. Gateway prays for their spiritual U-turn, one and all.


3 thoughts on “Call of the Catacomb

  1. Rather than hide away in the catacombs like frightened rats we should be demanding our Cardinals & Bishops confirm their allegiance to Pope Benedict & call for a church council to denounce Jorge Bergoglio the False Prophet & his retinue. In that way we can ensure the restoration of the Latin Mass of Ages & return Catholic morality to our Churches, Schools & Universities worldwide, not just in a few diverse areas of the world as has been the case since VII, a council that should be completely revoked.

    All Catholics are God’s children & should be treated the in the same way; that charitably must include those with nowhere but the NO diocesan church to attend which is not of their choosing. Since the disastrous closing of our Churches in Holy Week last year, two thirds of our congregations have left & the one third remaining are not as generous as before in their Sunday offerings resulting in a major financial loss to the Diocese.

    With the assurance that Francis is an Antipope all could dramatically change. Priests would be at liberty to celebrate the TLM in all parishes & the sacraments of Penance, Extreme Unction, Marriage, Baptism & preaching be fully restored. The NWO Great Reset would be no more & the demonic scamdemic ended. The saddest part is that the entire prelature appears to be complicit in not wanting to rock the barque not recognizing it has become the Barque of Satan.

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