Do It, Jorge

Rumors once again swirl about scrapping reigning Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum and reverting to the more complete liturgical lawlessness of Fraud-Saint Paul VI, of doleful memory, and of Super-Saint-of-Fantastic-Legend John Paul II. Anti-Pope Francis I has put out similar rumors on more than one occasion in previous years.

Gateway Supports This Anti-Church Maneuver, 100%

Here’s why: the fence-sitters among us, both clergy and laic, will be denied their precious and prudent middle ground. In the face of the wanton criminality, the satanism, the Jews in our ranks who no longer even hide the fact that they are Jews, betrayal and desolation; too many Catholics remain complacent. Many among these somnolent are so mentally castrated, that they jubilate at having returned to the status quo after the fake health scare: assisting at the Roman Rite devoid of meaningful preaching, pretending that their conservative queer who role-plays as pastor is a holy priest. As for fence-sitting clergy and opinion-shapers, they smugly assume that Summorum Pontificum is untouchable: as if a principle of both doctrine and law means anything to the Vatican crime syndicate. This complacency is like the deadliest part of a killer cancer, and Catholics simply shrug and submit to the ongoing destruction; whereas instead they should be stirring up peasant rage-riots in their parishes.

Incidentally, by their fruits ye shall know them. When the anti-pope issues his fatwah, watch for prominent online opinion-shapers attempt to herd Catholics further into the darkness with nonsense like, “we must obey” or “the best way to end this is to just not fight it, so they will give the Mass back to us.” Such internal enemies thereby will out themselves.

The end of the false modus vivendi enshrined in Summorum will create a permanent and binary division between Catholic war-horses, who seek to destroy the enemy’s control over the Church; and the Vatican II geldings whose greatest aspirations are appeasement, conservation of material privileges, and growth of their all-hallowed follower counts.

God Put All the Imbeciles On Our Team

We mustn’t pretend they don’t exist, because they do, and perhaps an ecclesiastical earthquake will shake them up and cause their minds to both correspond and better cope with the reality of our situation. Case in point: local clergy, loyal to Christ, clandestinely administered confession and Holy Eucharist during 2020’s totalitarianist global imprisonment. A certain on-sides imbecile wanted the same setup at his novus ordo parish, and so contacted the anti-church bishop to demand it, citing and thereby disclosing the secret operation of loyal priests’ confessing and communicating. Anti-church Bishop promptly shut down confession/communion operation. In other cases, on-sides imbeciles informed their favorite –oh-so-holy– conservative faggot pastors about catacomb masses, and such masses were shut down before they could start. Clearly the anti-church children of this world have a rather easy time of things when the children of light are so suicidally naïve.

War-horses or Geldings

By his putting the hit out on Summorum, Berg-Bag himself will end at last the pernicious game of fence-sitters’ pretending that the anti-church and the Catholic Church are one, or that “things are bad out there but  my pastor would never do wrong,” or “we need to be grateful for our Vatican II, lickspittle celebrant of the Roman Rite, or they will take him away from us!” Whether clergy or laity, there will remain only two categories: those who fight vs. those who surrender. The size of the surrendering faction may be so large as to scandalize and strain the will of the fighters to our breaking points, but fight on we must. Liberated from the mentally castrated weaklings of the Vatican II religion, the war-horses at last will be able to form a line and charge.

One thought on “Do It, Jorge

  1. When I first read this I responded with a Hurrah because I always considered the SP to be a very divisive act when PBXVI didn’t mandate it. The very small elite section of Catholics who were able to access TLM made no bones about telling the rest of us that we risked damnation if we didn’t uproot ourselves, jobs & families & join them in their small communities leaving our homelands to illegal Muslim immigrants. They never understood that SP, delivered in the way it was, actually destroyed the Unity & even the Apostleship of Mother Church – an invalid bifurcated papacy following a coerced resignation that has been proven not to be in conformity with Canon Law (PBXVI said he resigned from the Ministerium not the Munus) & a fraudulent election that ignored Canon Law requirements & PJPII’s Rules on papal elections. Neither did they seem to care that the name of an apostate pope was being cited in the Canon of the Mass they were attending & were jubilant when JB gave the SSPX permission to hear confessions & attend at wedding ceremonies. This circus of destructive events comes directly from Satan & his minions who were allowed out of Hell to cripple, but not kill, the Church of our forefathers in keeping with Christ’s promise that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail.

    God’s decision to release Satan from Hell has affected everyone, silencing our licit Pope & leaving the church militant without a strong Vicar of Christ to organize the much needed rebellion against Modernism & the NWO Satanists. Maybe the fencers will at last recognize their error & combine with the rest of Catholicism in staying & fighting to remove Satan from the Vatican & society, ridding ourselves of those prelates (almost the entire School of Cardinals) who foisted such an elaborate hoax on the OHCA Church to which we all belong.

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