Not Globalists: Global Synagogue

What is a globalist? Moreover, what meaning does the word globalist signify? The word encompasses any and every adversary attempting to impose its will on every population, across the earth. For example, who turned the greater part of Africa into a jigsaw puzzle of failed states within which murder and mayhem seemingly never cease? Globalists. Why did the US erupt in race riots in 2020? Answer: George Soros, who is a globalist. Why did a phony health scare imprison the entire world? Consider. In 1900, a family physician was a well-educated man who made house calls, and also typically one who understood the remedial properties found both in horticulture and wild flora. He practiced in a world in which cancer wasn’t much of a thing. By 1925 however, with the population transitioning into urban enclaves, to be a physician necessitated credentialing by an accredited medical school, which programmed its graduates to medicate, inject, and invasively extract all manner of things from their patients’ bodies. Such an institutional foundation would also prove the perfect retail engine for petro-chemical pharmaceutical toxins. The system was designed by Rockefeller who, we are told, was a globalist.  Beginning with radio in the 1920s, then consumption of TV in the 1950s, and finally the web’s inception in the 1990s -based on DARPA’s development of TCP/IP (the computer logic upon which the internet rests)- mass electronic media and its propaganda deceptions were developed and perfected. Together these two undertakings, that is, allopathic medicine and DOD’s neo-cortical warfare delivered by electronic screens, have provided us with the phony health crisis, which for the global money empire, conveniently cripples economic activity the world over. We are told that it is permissible to blame generic oligarchs, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Government, Communist China, and of course, which ever half of the political spectrum we should happen to regard as opponent.

How very unfortunate it is that many of those supposed internet whistle-blowers, who can explain the globalist operation in great detail, provide very little information on who these rank-and-file globalists really are. One such person, whose countenance betrays his attempt to conceal that of an aging tranny, is Catherine Austin Fitts. Austin, –er, I mean Catherine, does convey very useful and factual information with the highly credible hypothesis that Minneapolis was selected for the ridiculously staged Chauvin-Floyd psy-op and resulting (all too real) race riot, so as to create a bargain hunter’s paradise in downtown real estate. What psychopaths can be responsible for such an operation as the high ticket arson ring in Minneapolis? Who are these worldwide financial interests whose aims generate perpetual chaos, which itself devolves into perpetual misery? At that point in her video, Fitts tosses up a real dud: “Mr. Global” is to blame, and other than that, he-she has no idea who is involved.  Fitts might as well have said Dr. Evil, Lex Luthor, or any other comic book villain, as such would be no less insulting to the viewer of his/her videos.

Above: a grain of truth surrounded by sheaves of misdirection: Alex Jones gets mega-donations from whom? Right: Who are really the world financial players about whom internet truthers say so little? 



Globalist is a word used by internet truthers to tell us nothing

by means of appearing to tell us everything. In fact, such truthers can serve globalist purposes by announcing the crime syndicate’s accomplishments, its plans, and leading viewers to the inevitable conclusion that no one in power anywhere is going to do a single thing to stop them. We’re given tidbits of data on their associations and meetings in Switzerland. Which meetings are replete with Israeli style, sub-machine gun security details; we’re permitted to rant and rail about how evil they are; we’re even allowed to speculate about others who serve their interests. However, are we allowed to ask wherefrom comes their limitless supply of money? Are we expected to believe that such a well-funded and organized apparatus of media propaganda, money, and mass murder can be accurately described as some random, ad hoc federation? Is it not extremely likely that a single authority controls and funds all of it, behind the scenes?

What is the World Jewish Congress?

The WJC is a global organization and an operative arm of world Jewry, which in its own words, focuses on “cooperative and collaborative global approach to strengthen the position of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, and to defeat attempts to deny its national sovereign rights.”   Some might say that such a statement implies that WJC is committed to targeting and terrorizing any nation who criticizes Israel, actions which are documented in Victor Ostrovsky’s By Way Of Deception and available for free download in Gateway’s Synagogue of Satan Collection. Current WJC President Ronald Lauder, scion of cosmetics magnate Estée Lauder, had the following to say on 25 May 2021:

“Any government leader that does not stand up with a strong voice against antisemitism will know that the World Jewish Congress will be there.…But we must do this as one, united people,” said WJC President Ronald S. Lauder.   h ttps://

This is very strong, even threatening language for the arena of NGOs and international diplomacy. By the way, who gets to define anti-semitism? You guessed it, the WJC defines it. Also noteworthy is the “one, united people.” For gentiles, it means that -when push comes to shove- Jews will identify as Jews, over and against your country, whether they were born there or not. The same three words also have a totalitarian, collectivist bent intended for Jews, meaning that the WJC will instrumentalize its own people to further its own ends, even if it puts rank-and-file Jews at risk of harm: no objections allowed. And if any gentile country doesn’t fall in line with WJC’s demands, expect some really embarrassing dirty tricks to happen to your president, courtesy of the Israeli Mossad and its in-country sayanim network. WJC has the backing of the Rothschild Family; the unchallenged, global, Jew money kings since 1815, currently led by Alexandre Guy Francesco De Rothschild.

Who is WJC’s Jacques Attali?

This French-speaking financier and socialist Jew addressed the World Jewish Congress’s executive committee to exhort his listeners to establish a global rule of law h ttps:// In the past he has written about reducing world populations via pandemic, believes suicide to be a fundamental freedom, and in the following little 86-second gem, he discusses Jerusalem as an ideal capital city for a world government.

During a 1981 interview entitled The Future of Life, Attali is reported to have said

“We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old and the weak, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of the idiots will thus be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.”

Now, About Those Globalists
mentioned above, let’s have a second look. We’ve covered the following:

  1. Globalist chaos in Africa
Israeli Gertler strips natural resources.

Meet Dan Gertler (right), Israeli billionaire and stripper of national resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Typical globalist middleman, Gertler brokers deals with multinational companies and ties in Jew-bankster operations like Citibank and Bank of New York.  Deutsche Bank and Bank of China Limited are also involved.

2. Globalist George Soros is also Jew George Soros.

3. Rockefeller, from a Rock-Solid Source
In 1971, noted author Stephen Birmingham published his history of Sephardic Jewry in America, The Grandees: America’s Sephardic Elite. In it, he cites a 1960 work, Americans of Jewish Descent. Written by Malcom H. Stern, Birmingham describes his source on page 17

It became known as The Book in elite Jewish circles at the time, and subsequently a veritable Who’s Who of Jews whose ancestors in the U.S. predate 1840. On page 19, Birmingham drops information that, fifty years later, is not only subject to intense misdirection, but is nothing short of incendiary

Who would expect, for example, to find the Rockefellers in The Book? They are there, along with such old-family members of American society as the DeLanceys, the Livingstons, the Goodwins, the Stevensons, the Ingersolls, the Lodges, the Ten Eycks, the Tiffanys, the Van Rensselaers, the Hopkins, and the Baltimore McBlairs. (Birmingham, 19).

“And by the way, I was a Jew.”

In 1971, perhaps having less chutzpah or perhaps having been satisfied with their being so fawningly portrayed by the goyische writer, the Global Synagogue did not object to the publishing of such a fact that Rockefellers are indeed Jews. However, in 2021, in a world steeped in confusion, chaos, cultural and financial misery, gentiles are looking around and asking some difficult questions. Online sources differ and contradict each other on the Rockefeller question, but the late Stephen Birmingham was a respected author, and he names his Jewish source. In fact, because this confirmation of Rockefeller as Jew is such a large piece of the globalist/Global Synagogue puzzle, Gateway is making The Grandees available for free download in Gateway’s Synagogue of Satan Collection. Furthermore, the next time you observe a Trad Inc. retailer, or alt-med Trad site mention Rockefeller with disdain, drop a comment with a link to the download page informing all readers that ROCKEFELLERS ARE JEWS. Don’t forget to screen shot it. If and when they remove your comment, let us know and Gateway will publish your screenshot as an update to this article.

4.  Jewish Lightning in Minneapolis

Pence invites Trump activist who called George Floyd 'horrible' to meeting | Daily Mail OnlineJew Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis, (right) strikes a solipsistic and mawkish pose at staged funeral for porn actor George Floyd. Did he take two knees in service of real estate interests looking for some burning hot bargains in downtown store fronts? Apparently, business owners had to pay their 2020 taxes before they could enjoy the privilege of applying for a permit simply to haul away debris. Is such red tape a recipe for Mr. Frey to ruin local proprietors and bring in fellow Tribesmen for some incredibly sweet deals? Also noteworthy here is the Global Synagogue’s intrusion and possible takeover at local government level. –Jewish lightning is a colloquial term for building-insurance fraud perpetrated via arson.

5.  When you hear the word oligarchs
understand that the oligarchs in question are often Jews

6.  Big Pharma
Meet the Sackler Family, proprietors of Purdue Pharma, and manufacturers of opioids to which many adult American men (the men who, having had their breadwinner jobs and careers outsourced/exported, would otherwise have the time and energy to figure out what has happened to their country and do something about it)  have become cripplingly addicted. Oh, by the way, 22 American veterans a day commit suicide, and many are homeless.  These are among the now two generations of American men who have been sucked into military misadventures in Afghanistan. FoxJews has gone quiet about freedom ‘n democracy ‘n killing the terrorists, so why are we there? Apparently, American blood is spilled in the guarding of opium poppies, from which opioid pills like the Sacklers’ can be made, on the cheap, and fed back to unwitting patients trying to recover from surgeries or injuries.

Back here at home in the land of the free and the mandatory face-diaper, toxic injections have killed 4000 so far, but Gateway suspects that’s just a bonus for the psychopaths in power, and that the real intent is a sterilization agent that will very soon crash the birth rate. When that happens, and can no longer be covered up, a new crisis will be declared, and some tyrannical emergency measure imposed. The willfully ignorant screen-zombies (now sterilized) will likely comply. Don’t look now, but who is the CEO and Chairman of Pfizer? Sephardic Jew Albert Bourla, who sold stock on the very day that his Company announced the release of its vaccine, making millions for himself before thousands of goyim were maimed or killed by the injection. Have Bourla and Jacques Attali ever worked together? One wonders.

7.  Big Government
So ecstatic that Joe the Pedo has such a Jewish cabinet, American Jews quip that it could be a minyan, or quorum, required in order for Jews to engage in their creepy religious practices. Trump’s cabinet had no less than 15 Jews. Such facts are completely apart from the number of Jews in career bureaucratic positions in all branches of FedGov. State and local governments are increasingly in the hands of Jews.

8.  Big Tech
Amazon, Facebook, Youtube: Bezos/Jassy, Zuckerberg and Wojcicki – Jew/Jew, Jew and Jewess. Need we say more about why so much content is obliterated from these platforms?

9.  Communist China
The Rothschilds, global Jew money kings, sponsored the communist revolution in China, as in the case of Russia. Names like Solomon Adler, Israel Epstein and Frank Coe figure prominently in Mao’s rise to power.

10.  Democrat/Republican Party
Whether the poor, duped voter supports the party of usury, or the party of sodomy, Washington, D.C. is an Israeli occupied territory.

Catalyst: Remember Richmond of January, 2020?

The gun control specialists of the Global Synagogue can’t forget. Similar outings were held in places such as Frankfurt, Kentucky.  Across Europe, genuine grass-roots populism had been breaking out, such as with the Yellow Vests in France, ad hoc protests in Britain, as well as people on the streets in Hong Kong. Bill Gates cited populism as a genuine problem.

However, when 30,000 men armed with semi-automatic rifles assemble in a state capital, the message is unmistakable: “totalitarianism will be forcefully resisted!”  The authentic patriots at Richmond likely were takers of rather docile attitudes toward the Jews; however, the Global Synagogue knows that its camouflage of left-wing proxy warriors is wearing as thin as onion skin, and that very little separates the Virginian patriots’ resisting their government, and the attainment of consciousness that Jews control said government, and that said Jews are very much in favor of gun control for the goyim. Furthermore, the Global Synagogue is well aware that its control system is a mile wide, but an inch deep. The big Jews have no real support anywhere. Once people start to connect the dots about exactly who is sowing chaos and misery in their lives, then they will start protesting outside their state capitols and city halls. Even more alarming to the Global Synagogue than armed patriots: populations the world over telling their creditors -both national and personal- to get lost, and that no more payments will be made.  Did panic set in for the Global Synagogue because of Richmond? Was the roll-out of the live version of 2019’s Event 201 moved up as a result? Gateway can’t say. Regardless, such energized populism certainly does explain the Global Synagogue’s reaction: religiously imposed muzzling, mandatory six-feet of mutual fear-and-loathing, and residential imprisonment. Gateway hates to be the bearer of bad news to the Global Synagogue, but long term, their plan isn’t going to succeed in suppressing rising consciousness. In fact, the very attempt to suppress will actually accelerate the unwinding of their control system.

January 2020: thirty-thousand well-armed patriots make a statement heard 5 x 5 by the Global Synagogue

The Scope of the Question, Once Answered

is absolutely staggering. Can the world really be like this? The paragraphs above are anchored very firmly in facts, and include many Jewish/Jew-friendly sources. Gateway isn’t making this stuff up. Catholics have to decide what mental action to take: either keep listening to the programming of Trad-Inc., and the servile silence of Trad-wing alt media, or take a look at the starkness of the state of affairs both inside and outside the Church. Whether in the nave or in the culture, nothing ever seems to get better over time. Today is a great day to steel one’s will in manly fortitude, force oneself to take in the destruction, and admit that whatever narratives are being peddled to us do nothing to explain what is really going on. As E. Michael Jones relates regarding the Civilta Cattolica article by current Pope Benedict XVI’s great-uncle George Ratzinger written in 1890, the Church teaches us that we can be ruled by God, or ruled by the Jews. Because, within our hearts, so many of us Catholics have turned away from God, the world is now ruled not by globalists, but by Jews of the Global Synagogue. Furthermore, the Church is so overrun with crypto-Jews, that many aren’t even bothering to hide their Jewish identity any longer. The Global Synagogue is funded by the Rothschild money kings, and includes the World Jewish Congress, its subsidiaries like the European Jewish Congress, and the American Jewish Congress, AIPAC, the ADL, B’Nai B’rith and a host of other organizations. The nation of phony Israel not only stirs up chaos in the Middle East, but also round the world with its spy agency the Mossad and its network of rank-and-file Jews residing in their respective nations. Israel is also the hiding place for the world’s rich and Jewish child molesters, organ traffickers and financial swindlers, because it extradites no one. The Global Synagogue’s operation isn’t new, and neither was it new in 1489, when the following letter was written.

Post Script: Getting Ready for the Reaction

which will be both unpleasant and inevitable. Alert enough to know that the slur anti-semitism is a cowardly retreat from the facts, Catholics will nonetheless recoil with accusations that those who say such things as written above are literally Hitler! At such slander, simply remain calm and say that you (as does Gateway’s writer) subscribe to the Catholic anthropology which states that every man has been created with a throbbing heart that has the power to truly love God, and truly love his neighbor. Skin color, IQ, and racial attributes are merely accidental to man’s spiritual essence, which has been graced with the ability to worship God the way God wants to be worshiped, and to serve neighbor as self. As to accusations about racial supremacist ideologies: twentieth century German National Socialism and today’s White Nationalism both are nearly carbon copies of the racial supremacy advocated in the Babylonian Talmud, and in the behavior of Zionists, and supremacist Jews everywhere. While ever-praying for his eternal salvation, loving one’s neighbor includes loving one’s enemy, which one must battle nonetheless.


Work Cited

Birmingham, Stephen.  The Grandees: America’s Sephardic Elite. New York: Open Road Integrated Media, 1971.

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