Diabolical Desecration

     St. Therese Church in Alhambra, CA

St. Therese Parish in Alhambra, California; Archdiocese of Los Angeles, is a well-attended novus ordo temple run by Carmelite priests and nuns. Also the site of a weekly celebration of the Roman Rite of Holy Mass, holy priests hold TLM conferences there as well.

Some time on Thursday, June 3rd, the actual and Catholic calendar date for the Feast of Corpus Christi,  unknown persons allegedly perpetrated an unspeakably evil act of desecration. What happened at the Little Flower’s Church? Gateway attempted to ascertain facts from official authorities: the Parish, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and local police.

The inquiry begins here, with a message from a concerned friend, whose source is among those working at the parish. Additional persons inside the Parish, not acquainted with concerned friend, have confirmed that the Sanctuary was desecrated on the Feast of Corpus Christi. Later, on the same day that concerned friend sent the message (right), a third source confirmed the occurrence of desecration, and added the following detail: semen was smeared upon the Tabernacle, necessitating the Archbishop’s re-consecrating the Church sometime between Friday, June 4th and Sunday June 5th.

As of the initial writing of this article on 09 June, the parish website, http://www.sttheresechurchalhambra.org, still featured the following information on its home page:

                                 Something happened: Announcement of disrupted liturgical activity at lower right

In the interest of obtaining facts, Gateway sent the following email to the Media Relations Department at the L.A. Archdiocese, who has offered no reply. Are such questions not urgent matters for ADLA’s media department, especially if such an inquiry presents them with the opportunity to dispel erroneous rumors? Here are the things I wanted to know

One question inadvertently left out was on the existence of security camera footage of the alleged incident.  Question Four, regarding break-in, is critical in defining the nature of this alleged crime. Having heard nothing from the LA Archdiocese, Gateway made a phone call to Investigations Commander Gabriel Ponce at the Alhambra Police Department to ask him if any break-in was reported having taken place at St. Therese’s on June 3rd. That attempted contact resulted in my leaving a voice mail on the morning of June 9th. Investigations Commander Ponce never returned my call. Later on June 9th, however, Gateway did receive the following in reply from Denise McMaster-Holguin, Parish Office Manager at St. Therese. This response followed shortly after my phone call to her at the parish office, in which she informed me that the Pastor, Father Thomas, left the Church’s door open before retiring on the night of June 2nd.

Paragraph two begins the narrative on Wednesday night, June 2nd, and says that the next day is Wednesday. That’s an odd error to arise when one is explaining such a simple and innocuous event as Denise claims this to be. No mention of security cameras is made during her explanation. This omission seems convenient for the official narrative as well.

Summarizing the Official Narrative

goes something like this.  Father Thomas concluded his affairs for the evening and exited the Church building, leaving the exterior door unlocked. This has never happened in 32+ years. Then, there’s a homeless guy. He lives in the bushes. That’s totally normal, by the way, for a parish in a middle class neighborhood to have a random homeless guy living in the bushes -totally safe. Nobody did anything about it. People talk to him sometimes and he just lived in the bushes. But nobody knows where he is now. Maybe he got a better bush near a better building.

On the night of June second, which incidentally, at the stroke of midnight would usher in the Catholic Feast of the Octave of Corpus Christi, random homeless guy who lives in the bushes went round and entered the building, just so happening to find that door that in 32+ years had never been left unlocked. Homeless man entered the sanctuary, ruffled the flowers, took a smoke break, and left a deposit of fluids unknown on the tabernacle. The next morning, the Sacristan discovers it, perhaps saying, “oh look, unknown fluids on the tabernacle.”  Does he exit immediately to inform the Pastor? Would such a decision not be the appropriate course of action? The official narrative indicates that instead, he got out his handy rag and Windex and made that evidence (and any possible DNA therein) disappear in two minutes or less, thereby covering up the crime. Now if the Sacristan had left it untouched, and informed Father Thomas, and if Father Thomas had acted like a responsible adult, he would have left it there for a forensic examination, and we would know exactly what it was desecrating the Tabernacle of Christ, and possibly have DNA as an identifier. But who would want to know that?

Next, now that there was no evidence remaining, we called Alhambra PD. But because the door was unlocked, they told us there was no break-in, and therefore no crime, and they left quicker than our sacristan’s speedy two-minute execution of evidence destruction.

Then, almost as if pre-scheduled, and in the gargantuan Archdiocese of Los Angeles, “the bishop” -no bishop’s or auxiliary’s name is mentioned- just the Bishop, shows up to reconsecrate the Church on Saturday June 5th. Now it can take weeks for a parish to have an Auxiliary perform even urgent liturgical functions in ADLA, but not this time! Johnny-on-the-spot Bishop No-Name came through. By the way, this substance was nothing to worry about. We don’t even know what the random homeless guy ejected on the tabernacle, and thanks to our Sacristan, no one ever will know! But of course, because this whole thing is nothing to worry about, we had the Church re-consecrated within forty-eight hours.

And they don’t expect this to happen again. What a relief! Nothing to see here, folks!

Trusting the Criminals About as far as We Can Throw Them

The official narrative of this disgusting event insults the intellect. We are expected to believe that the only time in 32 years that a door is left open in this Church is also the Catholic date for celebrating Corpus Christi, and is the only time a random homeless guy desecrates the Tabernacle, all conveniently mopped up by a certain Sacristan. There is another narrative that can be related that fits the pattern of crime and desecration well established by the Global Anti-church. This alternate narrative fits every fact mentioned above.

Some time just before midnight on the Feast of Corpus Christi, a male person enters a Church through a door left conveniently open. Knowing that the Catholic Mass of the Tridentine Rite is celebrated at this location, perp commits the sin of Onan on the tabernacle and exits. His actions are undertaken at the command of Satanists operating within his organization. The next morning, the coverup begins, as described above. The Satanists want this desecration to take place in a TLM parish at midnight on Corpus Christi in order to gain power from hell to defeat the Roman Rite itself.

Context for the Alternate Narrative

Forget not that this is the land of Arch-criminal Roger Mahoney, who to this day remains head shot-caller in anti-church’s control over the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of LA. Mahoney was good buddies with Chicago satanist Joseph Bernardin.


Forget not that this is the anti-church of fag/satanist Coccopalmerio.
This is the anti-church of unpunished pederast McCarrick.
This is the anti-church of Donald Wuerl’s escape to Rome.
This is the anti-church of Anti-Pope Francis I
This is the anti-church that intends to exterminate the Mass.
This the anti-church of criminals who promise to police themselves.
This is the anti-church whose crimes were never federally prosecuted.
Their rapes and sodomies are still covered up.
They continue to rape and sodomize even now.
They place conservative queens in almost every parish.
They hate Christ and His Church.
They desecrate the Holy Priesthood.
They desecrate the Most Holy Eucharist.
They desecrate His Most Precious Blood.
The desecrate the Holy of Holies.
They desecrate of the sanctuary of the Roman Rite
They cover up their crimes with stories like those above.
They laugh us to scorn behind closed doors.
This is anti-church.

And we’re supposed to shut up and believe what we are told. Gateway does neither shut up nor believe one word that comes out of their filthy mouths. It’s time to separate from anti-church.

Blessed Feast of Corpus Christi. 

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