Pope Benedict XVI himself alone can lead the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. No one can act in his stead.

About this upcoming event for the Feast of the Assumption: Gateway is avoiding this one as if it were an outbreak of a fake pandemic, and here’s why: this is a revolutionary affront to Holy Mother Church, and a slap in the face of her authority. The one and only man on earth with the authority to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart is Pope Benedict XVI. The only man on earth who possesses canonical jurisdiction everywhere thereupon is Pope Benedict XVI, and hence the authority to consecrate the world likewise belongs to the very same Pope Benedict XVI alone. Consecrate your parish? Go for it, if you happen to have a pastor free of the appeasement disease, or who is not a conservative, closeted queer. Consecrate your household? Proceed with all alacrity. Consecrate your person? By all means, yes. Go ahead and consecrate your diocese if you can find a Bishop who isn’t  a). a criminal, b). a modernist heretic, c). a judaizing heretic, or d). some combination of the previous three. To restate what ought to be obvious: unless you are Pope Benedict XVI, you have zero authority to consecrate Russia, or the world to the Immaculate Heart, and your involvement in this little pantomime of weirdness will come to no good end.

The enemy hates authority.

The Church, like the universe, is hierarchical. God acts on human affairs through the ministrations of angels -all subject to the Queen of Heaven. On earth the Church leads culture to Christ the King and Her Spouse. Each person, whether man or angel, acts according to his office or station. The Pope is the singular head of the Church on earth. He consecrates Russia or he does not. Any attempt by persons of lower rank to act in his stead is insubordination. Such insubordination is the ritual and initial non serviat of any revolutionary, and sows disorder in one’s intellectual and spiritual environment. To collectively act over and against Pope Benedict XVI, and to attempt formally to consecrate Russia and the world to the Immaculate Heart, therefore is no mere jumping the gun, or pardonable overreach in zeal, it is a veritable inversion of hierarchy which offends God and thereby pleases satan.  Gateway urges: have nothing to do with this violent assault on the hierarchy of Holy Mother!

Join Hands And Consecrate

“I’d like to consecrate the world, and keep it company. This commie song I sing.”

To join hands and sing (and attempt to consecrate Russia) with others round the world is very 1970, very Earth Day, and also so very, very communistic in nature, especially when carried out in a collectivist intent in which those of lower rank seek to impose their will on everyone and everything that God placed over them in legitimate authority. The ineluctable reality of such an act is that man is dictating the terms to God: “your plan is too slow, painful, and just all round disagreeable. We don’t know what your problem is, but we don’t like events one bit, and therefore we ourselves are going to consecrate Russia, and you will obey us.” The collectivist, supremacist self-will of self-selecting Traditionalist consecrators, in an apoplexy of impatience, imprudence and indiscretion, thus will seek to impose itself on the Queen of Heaven on the Feast of Her Assumption: She who epitomizes the slaying of self-will in the fact that Her every inclination, throughout every instant of Her life, submitted lovingly to the will of Almighty God. Brethren, if Almighty God wills Pope Benedict XVI to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart on 15 August 2021, then it nothing can stop Him.  If He wills it not, it shall happen not. Woe to any man who should dare to interfere, and attempt to consecrate Russia without the command of the Pope, and who should stir up unsuspecting Catholics to participate.

An Anonymous Google Doc

seems to be the source of this impending act of rebellion, and how fitting that is! Just like so many of the documents put out by the USCCB (United States Coven of Criminal Bishops), the author of this little devotion lacked the courage of conviction to sign his name to it. (Gateway avails itself to correction on this, and if you have proof positive of claimed authorship, please advise, and we will update and correct without delay.) Now let’s take a gander at this little tract of insubordination.

What’s that they said? Our fundamental liberties are being speedily curtailed? Would these be the same liberties fraudulently propounded by the Jews behind the curtain of the French Revolution, and again fraudulently put forth by the Jews behind the curtain of the pseudo-council of Vatican II? Oh, horrors! Can Almighty God not see that it’s all about us and our liberties? Wrong! Gateway’s position is that God is at perpetual liberty to direct the events of human history in such a way (often instrumentalizing enemies) to both glorify Himself and sanctify man through His Church, even and especially during Her times of desperate persecution and crisis. May the unsurpassably ravishing Holy Trinity take no offense at Gateway’s assertion that Almighty God has rights, and foremost among such rights is His to be worshiped as He wills; additionally, to chastise his children in the manner and for the duration as he sees fit to both sanctify His Church and effect the salvation of souls. Thus we can see that our little anonymous google doc-ster is outing himself early by asserting the falsehoods of the fraudulent Council, and taking the classic Opus Dei neo-con stance. The irony here is extra ferrous, folks: this insubordinate conception of liberty is the very lie that gave way to abortion, corruption of innocence, globo-faggotry, and calling evil good. Maybe Our Blessed Lord and the Queen of Heaven are awaiting, with infinite and blessed patience, the day that Catholics actually figure this one out. The next one is a real gem.

This line isn’t Pelagianist at all. Please tell me where in the words of our Adorable Saviour’s Holy Gospel, in His Sacred Tradition, in the Words of the Fathers and the Doctors and the Saints does he command us to make ourselves worthy? Maybe the anon-google-docster really has no idea that sanctification is an action of God alone upon man, and not man acting upon himself. Our author’s sensus Catholicus seems to have a major malfunction; that is, if the author is even Catholic at all.  Next up, like every example of treasonous misdirection, cheap sleight of hand with language is used.

This one is interesting: where in the words of Sister Lucy do we see the wording used above? (By Sister Lucy Gateway means the real shepherdess of Fatima, not the documented, proven impostor for whom they might have murdered the real Saint.) Above, the passive voice is used when giving attribution to Our Lady of Fatima’s command to consecrate Russia. Did Our Lady command that Russia be consecrated, or that the Pope consecrate Russia? Now in grammar, the passive voice is to be used sparingly, especially when need arises to direct attention away from the subject of the sentence. Well, that need comes out in spades for our little Opus Dei flunkie and google-docster, who must divert attention away from the fact that without the Pope, this little act of consecration is in reality an act of insubordination. Support the hierarchy by attacking the hierarchy! It’s all such rabbinical, Vatican II double-think targeting the deeply wounded intellects of vast numbers of Catholics. Coming up: failure to comprehend.

Here, the anon-docster fails in much more than simply not capitalizing the word Faith, but manifests a thorough failure to comprehend the meaning and ontological reality of the crime of heresy against the Faith. The heretic, meaning one who knowingly and not out of ignorance, rejects one or more teachings of the Church, by the very nature of the act of heresy (suapte natura) loses his office in the Church automatically, and also by the same act is no longer a member of the faithful.  This loss of both office and communion occurs automatically and without any action on the part of the Church. No Catholic rejects any teaching of our Faith, because the very act of doing so causes the loss of office and membership among the faithful. What we see in this, the worst crisis in history therefore, is that the Church is temporarily unable to remove heretics from her midst. This temporary inability, however, in no way alters the reality that heresy by its very nature causes loss of office and communion. Of course, don’t take Gateway’s word for this, simply check out the Encyclical of Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi, § 23, take some time to listen to Father Paul Kramer discussing.   Brethren, do not be led down the primrose path by the anonymous coward of google documents: this is a setup.

“For not every sin, however grave it may be, is such as of its own nature to sever a man from the Body of the Church, as does schism or heresy or apostasy. ” 

And of course, they get to the operative phrase in this little Judas Goat routine, note the degree of Opus Dei chutzpah in the claim that the insubordinate consecrator is acting obediently.

The Tribunes of Trad. Inc Are Acting in Sync!

And this in itself should raise eyebrows. Has not even one of these Trad Inc. retailers critically looked over this insubordinate, anonymous slop of slag? Well, if they were all acting on orders from some Judaizing heretic from Opus Dei, then the lockstep uniformity would fit the explanation that this is a centralized, top-down, obey-the-orders, psychological operation against Catholics.

So What’s in It for Them?

Simply put: your internal act of faith is their target. It is quite possible that the anon-googler of the insubordination consecration intends that you be whipped up and herded like cattle into a fever-swamp frenzy of goin’ consecratin’, only to set you up for mockery by modernist heretics on the left, come September –or whenever, when the next top-down moral horror is imposed by the Global Synagogue, amidst the adulation of heretical faggots like James Martin. They will ask you to your face or on socmed platforms: what happened to your consecration? Is this dystopia the Reign of the Immaculate? At which they hope you, the non-plussed target of their operation, will give up and give in: give up your faith and give in to a world of mindless and suicidal carnality. Would that more Catholics understand that there are no good guys in positions of power or influence. The vast majority of what comes up on screen is a well-coordinated fraud: this is especially true of Trad Inc’s ongoing huckstering of gullible Catholics both newly orienting to Tradition, and decades long in their devotion. Stop listening to Trad Inc.; judge your alt-med Trad site by the facts, and not by your act of will that “they seem like a good guy.” Make no exception for the Gateway, and hold us to the same standard.

Goin’ consecratin’: the enemy is at your elbow, whispering bad advice into your ear, and mocking you to scorn when you can’t hear.

They Are Truly Desperate

And this is good. His attack on the Catholic Mass seeming to have precisely opposite of the intended effect, Anti-Pope Francis I also seems to be losing his bowels in a manner not entirely dissimilar to the demise of Judas Iscariot, or Antiochus IV. Now the Opus Dei Judaizers and their slave masters in the ADL really need to pimp out Trad Inc. to defend the Anti-Pope, defend the phony Council, and defend the satanic revolution. It’s possible that, in a manner like many suspected regarding American Talmudic Jewess Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that the Argentine Apostate is already dead. Their darkest fears realized will be to have to cope with the Berg-Bag’s lying in state, like a bloated roadkill in Rome’s August swelter, being attended by an alive-and-well Pope Benedict XVI. Such would be an optical nightmare beyond compare for the Vatican’s Christ-haters, and attempting to explain the same would be the ultimate shark-jump by Trad. Inc., prostitutes to the Opus Judei traitor Catholic media machine.

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