Out of the Church of Darkness

The unmasking of the church of darkness continues apace.  LARPing Anti-Bishops, like Robert McElroy of the Anti-Church-controlled Diocese of San Diego, have executed their first mafia-style rub-outs against real life Catholics, putting out the hit on the Roman Rite of Mass at St. Margaret Parish, and also at St. Mary of Escondido, informing them that perhaps they could seek to establish a Latin Mass Center at a nearby casino. Merely apprehending this situation presents a challenge: where is one to start- the illegitimacy of the Berg-Bag and his fatwah, the erroneous conception of obedience, the phoniness of the pseudo-council of 1962-65, Trent’s anathema against changing the rites of the Church into new ones? In fact, each item of the above can readily be made plain for Catholics with a strong desire to know the truth.

Defining Anti-Church, the Church of Darkness
therefore, stands as our first objective. The purview of the Holy Priest and scholar, such as Father Paul Kramer -friend of the late Father Grigor Hesse- identifying the church of darkness can be done by recognition of its promulgating doctrines of darkness

There is another very grave error out there. People are saying that it’s not an actual defection into a false church unless the Pope were to define heresy. No! How did the Lutheran Church come into existence? It wasn’t with a heretic pope solemnly defining a heresy. No, it came with Martin Luther professing heresy. This is how a false, heretical church comes into existence: when the heretic professes heresy and makes that the official doctrine of his false church. Then you have a false church…Let’s just suppose there was never any Pope Benedict XVI. Let’s just suppose a pope died, and Francis was elected, and then he became a heretic. When would his church become a heretical church? Well, when he professes heresy, and when he says that, “my doctrine is the official doctrine of the church,” then his church is a heretical church, just like Martin Luther. Martin Luther was a heretic: he professed heresy, and he made his heresy the official teaching of his church. This is what Bergoglio has done. He has taken Amoris Letitia; he has taken his heresy on the doctrine of marriage, and he’s declared it in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis to be an act of authentic magisterium. So he has made a public magisterium of his heretical church…the doctrine that denies the indissolubility of marriage; the doctrine that allows concubinage, cohabitation of unmarried people. In some cases that can be called a valid sacrament, that these people can receive holy communion; the doctrine that denies the indissolubility of marriage insofar as those who are divorced and remarried, are permitted to live together in the state of concubinage, in the state of adultery, and that they are able to receive Holy Communion. This is heresy, and this is the doctrine of the new Bergoglian Church. This is not the Catholic Church. This is the Bergoglian Sect. The protestant Bergoglian sect is teaching this new religion, this false religion. There is no need for him to solemnly define it. There was no need for Martin Luther to attempt to solemnly define his heresy {in order} to create a false, heretical church, and there’s no need for Francis Bergoglio to solemnly define a heresy for that to be establishing a false and heretical church. It’s enough that he’s considered to be the Pope of his church, and he makes his heresy the official doctrine of his church, and all those who follow that doctrine, and all the bishops, and the lay people who follow that heretical doctrine of that heretical pope are now protestants in the new Roman protestant church.

Of course, having been firmly established for some five years now, the new Roman protestant church instrumentalizes its Opus Dei media machine’s cunning to employ the con-artists of Trad. Inc., who strive to stifle public communications regarding Anti-Pope Francis I and the impossibility of his legitimacy. Couched in griping and grousing about the unprecedented destruction carried on during this, disastrous (what they allege to be) papacy, their online opinions defeat Catholics at the outset by tricking them into accepting the premise that this rival claimant to Pope Benedict’s reign is in fact, the pope.  Their stifling, tricking and confidence rackets operated against their Catholic audiences are also defensive maneuvers that forestall conversations of larger scope, such as the top-to-bottom fraudulence of Vatican II, and the emergence of just such a false, new, Roman, protestant church of darkness. Thus, with Anti-pope Francis I, we encounter an aspect unseen with his predecessors such as Anti-Pope Anacletus II (a.k.a. crypto-Jewish anti-pope) in that Berg-Bag the anti-pope simultaneously strangles the Catholic church, while holding the position of actual pope of the church of darkness.

The Church of Contradiction
It is Gateway’s belief that the metaphysical essence of the Vatican II church of darkness is in its contradiction of Christ, which itself in turn devolves into gnostic, satanic, self-contradiction. The so-called paradoxes of Henri de Lubac serve to attack the Catholic intellect at its very foundation. Consider the Church Herself: of Divine Origin, She emerged from Our Lord’s wounded side; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic;  the perfect society, She lacks nothing to accomplish Her mission of saving the souls of men from damnation; by way of teaching, governing and sanctifying. However, Lumen Gentium 1 of the pseudo-council Vatican II contradicts this with its tradition-free assertion that the Church is a sacrament. LG 16 further alleges that Catholics, Saracens and perfidious Jews worship the same merciful God. Now Saracens blaspheme the Blessed Trinity with words such as excremental, and the Babylonian Talmud claims that Our Adorable Savior abides in the hell of the damned: thus, how can LG #16 be anything other than complete falsehood? Furthermore, how can an authentic council of the Catholic Church comprise one jot or tittle that is not Truth, whole and entire? Trad Inc. has had fifty-six years to explain that one, but it seems that they’ve got their hands full in distracting Catholics from the reality that a crypto-Jewish anti-pope has founded a church of darkness on their watch.

These contradictions corrode the intellects of Catholics who permit the church of darkness to impose its gnosis on them, especially when the church of darkness contradicts its very self.  The pseudo-council of Vatican II provides a perfect example of such self-contradiction in asserting that the Council holds the weight of ordinary magisterium. Father Hesse cited an example of ordinary magisterium as that authority wielded by a Bishop in his own diocese. The late Theologian and Canon Lawyer further explained that the essence of an Ecumenical Council of the Church is when the Pope, together with all the bishops, exercises extraordinary magisterium. Thus, Vatican II contradicts itself by claiming, on the one hand, to be an Ecumenical council of the Catholic Church, and then on the other, by precluding that act of extraordinary magisterium which is necessary for an Ecumenical Council of the Church to have taken place at all!

This sort of self-contradiction has had a devastating effect on Catholics in the pews who claim to believe everything the Church teaches. Now what about when the Council of Trent’s Session VII, Section XIII, anathematizing changes to the rites of the Church is presented? The novus ordite in the pew, with a straight face, will often claim that Vatican II changed all that. When pressed, as to how that can be, the novus ordite will slip into an oddly sanctimonious nescience and claim that he is just being obedient to what the Church teaches (often implying that his interlocutor is defying such alleged authority). In short, for the first forty years, the challenge – the asking of how the Church can alter perennial doctrine without obliterating it- was all explained by the magical thinking which took place at Vatican II. Ratzinger himself later called it the hermeneutic of continuity, a cognitive burden which Vatican II conservatives gladly internalized: that is, don’t simply accept what the documents flatly say; rather, restrict your mind to a certain unjustifiable presupposition that they must conform to Tradition, and use that mentality alone when reading the documents.

Things became really problematic in 2002 when the secular, Jew-run media spilled the beans on the molester church of darkness. That’s when conservative Vatican II-ism began its sad journey into the depths of double-think that would be the envy of any cadre of mind-control cult leaders. Catholics in the pews were faced with molesters in miters and had no more mental gymnastics left. Faced with the incontrovertible fact that “my bishop is a criminal,”  Catholics who didn’t stop going to church simply avoided the facts and pretended the opposite, hoping that their priests were somehow the exception. When said priests were caught by the Feds with kiddie-porn, or romping round hotel rooms in diapers, too many laics simply went about their business as if nothing were any different, yet without either challenging or investigating such catastrophic allegations. The crime-syndicate of conservative vatican II-ism was always more than happy to play games of pretend right along with the laity, as long as there were checks to be cashed.

Subversive attacks on the sacraments wreak absolute havoc within the person targeted. One such mode of spiritual assault might be referred to as the permissive confession. The Catholic who confesses mortal sins, genuinely contrite, only to have his ego stroked and his sin confirmed by his confessor asserting falsely that his sins are in fact not sins at all, suffers a devastating blow to not only his conscience, but his will and his intellect. His will is damaged because his perverted desires are given moral legitimacy, and his intellect suffers in that he believes that his confessor can square the circle between the contradicting surges of reason and conscience clashing against his own disordered desires. Confessors’ permitting artificial contraception under the guise of sacramental confession is the quintessential example. There are far too many others. The church of darkness teaches that sin is virtue.

The Parasite-Predator Church of Darkness
Long before most had even heard of Bergoglio’s Saint Gallen Mafia, the homos were in high places. For example, Cardinal Cooke of ADNY was a fag, and so was his predecessor, Cardinal Spellman, which takes us all the way back to 1932. Give at least ten to twenty years of organizational infiltration to put such a fag in place, and you can trace this particular sodomite onslaught back more than a century to Cardinal Rampolla del Tindaro.  Of course, this timeline also incorporates the arrival on the scene of a certain crypto-Judaic fag named Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer, whose Opus Dei to this day tightens its garrote like strangle-hold on that hostage portion of the church of darkness which desires to be Catholic.

The church of darkness is parasitic in operation. By necessity it must remain as close as possible to its Catholic host, while camouflaging itself as Catholic and draining Catholicism of its holy priests, its lay membership, its treasure, and its credibility in the public square. To aid itself in maximizing its blood meal, its American cloak was most often one of ambiguous conservatism. Like a tick engorging itself on the blood of a dog, the church of darkness is an embedded and clandestine operation.

Meanwhile, its role as predator needs no explication given the countless lives destroyed by rape, abuse and the residual suicide, addiction, PTSD, and ever-to-be-remembered, innocent brethren having been shunned by fellow-Catholics who didn’t want to believe that people like Donald Weurl are criminals who cover for their bed-fellows. This predation also includes not only the multiple and completely mendacious promises by predator prelates to police themselves, but also the pimping out of authentic and unfailingly holy Catholic priests for the church of darkness’s superficially Catholic marketing campaigns, all the while brutalizing these same sons of the Blessed Virgin with unspeakable mistreatment in private.

Exterminationist Enterprise
The church of darkness has its own mission, to neutralize and eradicate Roman Catholicism from the face of the earth. By subsuming Catholics into the church of darkness, the fiends at its fore have hoped to counter-evangelize the faithful into apostasy. This is where the Berg-Bag has come in: to so scandalize and demoralize Roman Catholics as to induce in them to simply give up their internal assent of faith, and walk away. Hence can be seen the most cruel, brutal, sinister, inhumane and quite Jewish aspect of the church of darkness. Ironically, this exterminationist bent seems to have created a civil war within the crime-syndicate, because the Bergoglian eradication phase ruins the racket and dolce vita enjoyed by the phony conservative faggots who have lived long and large as parasitic con-men, now in their third, homo-vampiristic generation since the phony council.

The Big Challenge   
is to accurately locate and define the exact boundaries between the two, the church of darkness versus the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Gateway and Drumgarive were once locked in heated rhetorical sparring which went something like this

in medias res…
Drumgarive: Are you saying that the Novus Ordo Mass isn’t valid?
Gateway: It’s about as valid as a Greek Orthodox Mass. Are you going to go there?
Drumgarive: That’s not an answer.
Gateway: It is an answer! The Novus Ordo falls under Trent’s anathema pronounced in Session VII, Canon XIII*. The consecration may be valid (since 2011) but it constitutes a schismatic act.
Drumgarive: So where does the fake church end and the Real One begin?
Gateway: {nonplussed} I don’t know.

Sometime thereafter, Father Linus Clovis provided a very productive first step in addressing this most vital and pressing question:

It is self-evident that the Catholic Church and the anti-Church currently co-exist in the same sacramental, liturgical and juridical space.

This delineation fits hand in glove with what also has become self-evident: Anti-Pope Francis I’s doctrinal establishment of the criminally parasitic, predatory, exterminationist church of darkness. Clovis’s words further enable Gateway to at last to propose an answer to Drumgarive’s bout-ending, yet not entirely rhetorical question.

So Where Does the Fake Church End and the Real One Begin?

Whereas secondarily they might offer some indication, we first need look at neither buildings, nor books, nor religious orders, nor previous Popes. She is a priestly Church, and the very purpose of the priest is the salvation of the souls in his care. Look there first: that is, at the heart of the priest. Is he holy, does he desire greater holiness, does he love Christ and the Blessed Virgin, and manifestly so, with the necessary visible fruits of his good works and internal disposition? Does he love the Roman Rite? If yes, then you have found a certain amount of square footage of the Catholic Church. Perhaps even before that, we must look in the mirror, laymen and priest alike. Does the one gazing back desire the same things just listed, given the respective state in life: laic or cleric? If yes, then once again, you have identified Catholicism apart from the parasitic church of darkness.

-But Is the Answer Really as Simple as This?
Unfortunately, no. While it does provide what Gateway believes to be a solid cognitive starting point, the predatory and parasitic church of darkness has inflicted terrible internal damage to Catholics. Such damage is made manifest when the division between Catholicism and the church of darkness rages within the heart and mind of layman or priest. Such occurs, for example, when he fears that to question the super dogma of Vatican II is a mortal sin comparable to denying the existence of God Himself. Perhaps worse still are intellectual wounds evinced in attempting to resolve mutually contradictory propositions such as the following: Vatican II comprises Catholic doctrine, and Vatican II changes Catholic doctrine. This cognitively destructive loop of contradiction is what Catholics have been expected to believe for nigh on three generations. A better example of an attack on the Principle of Non-Contradiction might be difficult to find. Of course, the principle itself suffers not, but the principle as a function of the intellect of the person in question suffers horrendously. Such intellectual venom injected by the church of darkness paralyzes both mind and will in persons who intend to be Catholic, something that Gateway has referred to as mental castration. For example, the mind and will of the person in question is deprived of its ability to regard with outrage the individual acts of the church of darkness (such as a faggot pastor’s working overtime to eject a holy Catholic priest and drive him from his Roman Rite flock) and stand up by the many dozens and scream and yell the fear of the living God into such a faggot pastor. The church of darkness has paralyzed far too many Catholic men into such a state of mental castration. Another such example of the paralyzed and mentally castrated is that nauseating grovelling and misplaced gratitude shown to such faggots when they finally quit their lawless liturgical lockouts of 2020.

All-Hallowed Middle Ground

The Church of Darkness’s Great Stalemate
has thus arisen when the majority of Catholic men (laic or cleric) of a parish, diocese or even province succumb and create an aggregated majority of inert mental castrati. It is this aggregate of individuals who have, for fifty-one years, constituted the middle-ground that has been so deftly weaponized by the church of darkness. The mentally castrated middle ground has always opted for the most effeminate, conflict-averse servility towards the enemy’s most egregious behaviors. There is no doubt of which they will not afford the most undeserved benefit to clergy who become all the more emboldened in their abuse and aggression towards Catholicism. There is no pinnacle of absurdity too high for them to vault with such asinine attitudes as “I just have to believe that Father is a holy man.” Perpetrating the mental castration of their flocks under a perverse notion of obedience to authority has been the great weapon of psychological warfare wielded by the church of darkness.

Big Boost from Berg Bag
What an irony it is for the Gateway to feel a 100% sarcasm-free appreciation for Anti-Pope Francis I’s latest in-print canonical game of pretend, Traditionis custodes. Somehow, and in some way, deep in the mysterious mercy of God, the paralyzed middle-grounders held hostage by the church of darkness are reconnecting their intellects with their God-given gonads. Real-life conversations are happening that Trad. Inc. thus cannot ban with their comm-box censoring. Lifelong conservative novus ordites are finally taking note of the mound of deliveries left behind by the “Clue Truck” at the metaphorical doorstep of their carefree, football ‘n golf-loving consciousness: the Berg-Bag wants to eradicate conservative vatican II-ism as well! While Gateway was busy overdosing on black-pill milkshakes on this topic, God Himself has had other plans.

Keep on Doing What You Are Doing
The Argentine Apostate has bestowed yet another gift on the Catholicism which he so intensely hates: ready-made, simple and repeatable strategy. All Catholics need do is to keep doing what they now do: worship God as He commands to be worshipped. Persist in the Roman Rite. If necessary, establish residential catacomb Masses. If need arises, Gateway will provide accommodations for priests in need {email: ben{dot}quivenit{at}gmail. We must also properly form the notion of obedience: there is no authority in existence by which a holy priest can be prevented, without cause, from offering Catholic Mass.

Follow the Latin Mass right out of the church of darkness.




Excellent Resource: Transcript of Father Grigor Hesse’s Commentaries



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