Divisive Conquistadors

Gateway’s friend Eponymous Flower smartly comments on the recent dust-up between Taylor “I’m actually a Jew” Marshall and Rorate Caeli, whose principal contributor New Catholic claims to have blood relations named in the Holocaust Museum. Nominally at issue here is the message from Ecclesia Dei communities begging mercy, meetings, and assorted table scraps from the pitiless, crypto-Jewish anti-Pope Francis I (Hmmm, seems like a pattern is emerging here already). 

Marshall, Jewish huckster and pre-eminent content thief of Trad. Inc., unfailingly strives to leap to the head of every parade of every opinion held by authentic Catholics. This time, apparently, his moistened index finger held high to the wind indicates that he can gain the most social media followers by griping about Ecclesia Dei as having caved in.

Meanwhile, New Catholic, whose alias rings remarkably well with the term New Christian, defined in the image above by the Jewish Virtual Library, labels Marshall a grifter with nothing to lose” Perhaps New Catholic and Rorate have elevated standards for the grifting of Catholics and do so only when the stakes are high.

More Talmudic Kabuki for the Catholic Goyim

herein can be seen, courtesy of the Jewish media arm inside the Church, a.k.a. Opus Dei. In order to best understand this meaningless distraction, we Catholics need a little vocabulary and an operative knowledge of the relentlessly mendacious scams run by the crypto-synagogue.

A). Jews communicate using esoteric language; that is, a given word conveys a certain meaning understood in a certain way by the stupid outsider, and the exact same word can be understood in a way completely different by fellow insiders. Now all language is a form of coded thought, but not all language is esoteric. The mongrel language of Yiddish is inherently esoteric, as will testify anyone who attempts to translate it. Jews have similarly mongrelized Spanish in the language Ladino. It’s as if Jews use nominal language as a sort of carrier wave into which is embedded their esoteric signalling module, impenetrable to the mind of the stupid goyim. Hence, when Marshall publishes on his own blog that he is 9.65% Jewish, he could be communicating to other crypto-Jews in the Church: “hey guys, we’ve gained so much ground that we don’t have to hide anymore, so send me some phat staxx of six-figure funding checks.” Catholics reading such outrageous statements are committed in their desire to believe the fairy-tale that Marshall is a rock-solid good guy, and see no problem with it. Also, the number 965 is not without esoteric significance.

Inspired by a revolutionary and French Grand Orient Freemason? 965 may be some sort of esoteric Jewish signal.

New Catholic might be doing something similar, but with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that obtains him entré into the penthouses and wallets of New York’s Upper East Side. The dumb goy will see the term New Catholic, and think, “oh, it’s a convert, how edifying,” but the Yiddishe Kopf will say, “aha – a new Christian, now I know that he is one of us!”  Writing his 2008 book Judaism Discovered, Michael Hoffman identifies this sort of Jewish subterfuge found in decoy texts embedded in the Babylonian Talmud. The prying goyische reader may thus misread portions like BT Sanhedrin 54b, which condones the rape of a boy under age nine, or Ketuboth 11b, which condones the rape of a little girl, but only if she is under the age of three (at which age her hymen will grow back and cover up the crime).

B). The age-old Rabbinical ploy is to sow meaningless disputes among the goys. The Global Synagogue perceives gentile existence as an existential threat (it’s why the Jew-controlled vaccine companies and Judeo-masonic governments together seek to coerce the entire world to take their exterminationist injection). Now Jews are always a minority in their host countries, so rounding people up for mass shootings, and starving them by the millions as did the Jewish Bolsheviks of twentieth century Russia, are seldom among available options. As an expedient, therefore, Jews will often attempt to sow division within their gentile targets in order to both distract and weaken them. Hence, Jew number one (pretending to be a fellow gentile) will spring up with an incendiary comment that appeals to half of the targeted group. In immediate retort, the second Jew will vociferously object, and hurl insults at the first, hoping to draw in the other half of the targeted group, and get everyone at each other’s throats. Of course, the engineered and stage-managed quarrel is grounded firmly in a topic that offers zero gain for either side.

Dividing and Dis-articulating the Conquered

This slapstick level stupidity is just the sort of scam being run regarding the Ecclesia Dei letter. The Jew Marshall pops off about a “cave-in.”  Then, blood relative of living holocaust victims, New Catholic, labels the first Jew as a grifter with nothing to lose. Everyone pick a side and get a swing in against the other guy! With such infighting set in motion, the vital matter of Divine Worship is thrown to the floor of the brawling barroom, all according to plan.  Eager to vent their frustration and despair, Catholics take the bait and forget all about the increasingly obvious tactical and strategic objectives of Ecclesia Militans, not to mention the equally obvious opportunities that they as individual Catholics possess, both laic and cleric, to take action in an immensely meaningful way.  In fact, this imminent coalescing of authentic Catholic opposition, (ingeniously leaderless and thus lethal to enemy faggot prelates and assorted Jews who seek controllable opposition which to purchase) serves as pretext for this juvenile cafeteria food fight: the enemy is scared that you are figuring out how to destroy him!

Gateway wonders if his living relatives are collecting reparation shekels as well.
Forget about authentic resistance and sling mud, Catholic goyim!

The War Hammer That Builds A Home Altar

With its every blow we simultaneously destroy the Church of Darkness and rebuild Catholicism. Withdraw attention from the ghoulish crypto-Jews and hirelings of Opus Dei. Even more fearful of gentiles who quit participating the global money empire to produce their own food and trade in-kind with neighbors, the Jew is terrified that the Catholic Church in her holy priests will escape the Vatican II, diocesan gulag; pray the Mass in lay residences; and preach Catholicism without restriction. To this Petrine Barque, the spiritual dreadnought of history, the Global Synagogue has no answer whatsoever.

The Catholic War Hammer Builds a Home Altar.

To the Berg-Bag and Bogus Bishops: Thanks Again!
Gateway extends further gratitude and felicitations to the Berg-Bag for his latest outstanding written achievement in pretending to be pope, Traditiones Custodes, and we urge all other heretics in mitres, who hold no office in the Church and stand not among the body of the Faithful, to please keep going!! You are single-handedly resolving years of internal conflict and indecision within the minds and hearts of holy priests and laymen. Soon we’ll be razing your church of darkness and pulverizing it’s rubble into fine powder. Honorable mention also goes out to the cadre of Ecclesia Dei letter-writers who so deftly prove the utter futility within the mindset of, “we can work with these people.” Attempting to work with the people who work for your extermination is simply working for your own extermination.

3 thoughts on “Divisive Conquistadors

  1. Excellent article! Your insightful columns continue to inspire me, good sir. Question: is there any way to print this column out without cutting and pasting into a Word document? God bless you always.


    1. Hello blueskirtwaltz: I’m afraid that I am ignorant on the topic of desktop publishing type applications. Like you, all I know is copy and drop into word or goo goo doc. God bless you too.


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