Vax Exterminans

Both the Global Synagogue’s exterminationist injection and Anti-pope Francis I’s Murder Incorporated-style hit job on the Roman Rite of Catholic Mass may originate from the intellect of a certain named demon. Consider the text of Apocalypse Chapter 9, verse 11:

Big Jewry has done an effective job in spooking every American goy above the age of thirty to shudder at that number, 911, yet the Blessed Trinity often instrumentalizes that which is intended for evil, and redirects it for His own Divinely good purposes. In the case of this verse, the most obvious of such Divine intentions is the greater attention paid to the reading of Sacred Scripture, to which is attached an indulgence. Perhaps also He employs these same chapter and verse numbers, 9-11, to direct the Faithful’s attention to the verse’s content; which may well apply to these days of mandatory self-extermination; during which and by means of injected toxicity, hapless and gullible persons round the world are killed, crippled and sterilized. To wit: the verse identifies a high-ranking devil whose Latin name shares a root with the English extermination. Now as men have particular gifts and talents imbued by God in their nature, so angels are each created as their own species, appertaining to which is each one’s own particular specialty. The preternatural rebellion and fall of  one-third of the angels deformed their brilliance and beauty into a dark hideousness that exceeds the natural conception of man’s mind. Thus perhaps this angel of the bottomless pit was originally created to glorify God by enhancing in some way the appearance or motion of material life, and in its fallen state this gift might have become inverted into pestilential vice.

Mass Extermination

Homo-mafia Kingpin Berg-Bag’s intentions for Mass.

Meanwhile, Berg Bag the Anti-pope has put the word out to his alleged episcopacy, including those of both the queer and crypto-kosher varieties, that he intends to make the Roman Rite of Catholic Mass sleep with the fishes. Thus, dioceses throughout the world are shutting down divine worship. Others are planning its slow strangulation. Given the Anti-pope’s pro-injection mentality, combined with facts so well-known that documentation is superfluous, it is a certainty that Berg-Bag the crypto-Jew follows orders handed down by the worldly and powerful brethren of his best friend Rabbi Skorka, the elders of the Global Synagogue. To this circumstance as well can be applied the content of Apocalypse 9:11, and attribute Bergoglio’s attempt to murder the Mass to Exterminans, angel of the bottomless pit.


of these two murderous currents can be found in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California. Controlled by Archbishop Jose Gomez, ordained priest and educated by Opus Dei, the crypto-Jewish money and media cult bent on exterminating Catholicism from within, ADLA forges ahead simultaneously on both the vaxx and Mass-killing fronts. Gomez has told his priests that he wants every priest to be vaccinated. True to the rabbinical and self-contradictory double-speak of the Phony Council, the Opus Judei prelate avoided saying that he was mandating the clot shot, but that it was an “act of love for our people.” –That line reeks with overtones of pederastic grooming, the kind of cheap lie that a faggot cleric would use (along with alcohol) to overcome the defenses of a teenage boy. Apparently, among those coerced seminarians of ADLA, a number are already packing their bags, but such a fact reflects a virtuous defiance by certain persons, rather than the concerted action of Ecclesia Militans. Of course, Schlomo Gomez also announced that his auxiliary bishops and Council of Priests will oversee the implementation of Traditionis Custodes, contradicting his previous message that no changes would be made to the current arrangement of Latin Masses around the Archdiocese. The angel of the bottomless pit certainly seems to have no shortage of servants in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

“They’re Pushing So Hard Because They’re Failing So Hard”

is a notable quote uttered recently by Gateway’s good friend. The vaxx offensive is not at all progressing well for the demon-worshippers of the Global Synagogue. Let us consider first their strategic objective of global depopulation. In order to eliminate 7 billion souls from the earth, the Adversaries of All Men must, by a combination of culling and sterilizing, take action in extremely rapid fashion against billions of people. To achieve that full-spectrum dominance after which they lust, any outlying resistance must be not only infinitesmal and shamefully acquiescent, but also impenetrably stupid. The game is all, very nearly all, or nothing for the Global Synagogue.

Proxies and pawns: the Global Synagogue never fights for itself.

Savage Combat Underway

As far more Americans now ought to understand about places such as Iraq, Jews prefer to have others do their fighting and dying for them. Hence through lies, false-flag operations and relentless propaganda programming, the kosher crime syndicate recruits proxy-warriors of various categories, to fulfill various aspects of their sinister operations. Now the essence of Jewish power is control of money through usury banking. By way of money-engorged central banks which attach unrepayable compound interest to the issuance of national currencies, Jew-banksters buy and sell political prostitutes to serve as their sock puppets: presidents, legislators, judges, governors, etc. Banks also control the so-called private sector by lending money to corporations, buying them out, exporting manufacturing, and pimping their productivity out to the stock-jobbing Jews of the Wall Street casino. Thus, 2020’s mind-war skirmish over the satanic enslavement muzzle was a lockstep assault on people everywhere by the interlocking aggression of both corporate and government behavior, that which the Jew-run media mendaciously labels public-private partnership.

Jewish Hollywood’s predictive programming.

Now the vaxx offensive is no mere skirmish, but constitutes a major battle in the extermination war, with high stakes for both sides: the human race versus the Global Synagogue. At the center of the Synagogue’s battle lines, its heavy infantry, as it were, marches its financial Praetorian Guards, its corporate powerhouses of economic activity. Thus far, its tactic has been to brutalize and threaten workers into receiving the death jab, or be thrown out of work. Having turned away from God and refused to acknowledge that, job or no job, it is He who provides us not only our food and shelter, but also work and wages of His Kingdom, too many individuals have succumbed to the pressure play and have taken the jabs. Not so for all, however, and in fact many courageous individuals, acting independently, dig their heels in and hold high their middle fingers in righteous defiance. These persons recognize the satanic bargain afoot: that their options are to either die slowly of a never-ending series of death boosters, or sacrifice their employment. For them, the choice is both obvious and non-negotiable: take this job, and your jab and shove both of them. Playing what they believe to be their last card in a lost cause, these highly skilled and hard-working professionals fill out their exemption requests, a flaming doggie hoop through which humiliating jumps must be taken, requesting permission to exercise autonomy over one’s own body. Yet one exemption request after another is hitting the HR email inboxes in some extremely noteworthy corporations, including those at the heart of the Global Synagogue’s metaphorical heavy infantry: health care and technology firms, and in some cases even totaling thousands of employees. Compliance by these health and tech workers is critical, because through them the criminal class hopes to grind forward with an air of inevitability and mow down all the rest, making this compliant core the sine qua non of the death machine.  This manful courage puts man and woman alike in defiance of the beast system, in which each combatant readies for the worst, refusing to blink, and without one single step back saying, “No jab. Now go ahead and fire me.”

Oligarchs’ Uncharacteristic Gamble

Will the the corporate vassals, assorted mid-tier shekel-grabbers and rent collectors of the rip-off economy press the self-destruct button on the very engines that drive their lives of private jets, 10,000 sq. ft. homes and other privileges? Will they obey such a command from Wall Street Investment Banks, Central Banks, and their superiors, bankster overlords of the Bank of International Settlements?

Gateway is rather inclined to expect that they will not implode their own corporate institutions by terminating 20-50% of their employees, many of whom will be so skilled, specialized and experienced that they cannot be replaced. Many companies cannot fill positions even as things stand now. Further, money is the god of these people: will they apostatize on command?

It could be that these sinister corporate oligarchs are taking a huge gamble that their tough talk and brutal exemption process will result in the majority of their employees caving in and just getting the jabs. In so doing they are acting in a manner very uncharacteristic of corporate overlords: undertaking a massive risk, the downside of which cannot be offset. Such courses of action are also known as recklessness and in certain circumstances can get C-level execs fired on the spot.

Gateway suspects that they are going to lose this bet. There are already signs that the corporations’ battle lines are weakening as at this very time, companies are finding out that thousands of workers will not comply. In fact, we have direct knowledge of a company who has announced that the exemption requests will be automatically approved and not subject to later scrutiny. And with the heavy infantry buckling at the center, the proxy armies of the Global Synagogue lose all forward momentum, and -recalling that their defined victory is 100% dominance or nothing- to lose momentum is the equivalent of a rout.

Center of the Field Gives Way to Defiant, Ad Hoc Warriors. {Credit: HistoryMarche, youtube}

What Is The Samson Option?

If the Battle of the Vaxx is truly degenerating into a stall (and therefore rout) for the Global Synagogue, the war itself remains far from over. In fact, both the peoples of the world and the Church would be facing off with a wounded, cornered dragon, stripped of its camouflage on which it so heavily relies. Even more extreme danger arises from such a hemmed in destroyer, who, out of sheer pride, will never retreat.  Upon realizing not only its failure to achieve its objectives, but its total visibility to view by everyone, everywhere, the enemy possesses many options to go out with a bang.

Gentiles in general and Catholics in particular would do well to understand the ever-present paranoia in the Jewish hive mind. Whether Haredi, Chabadnik, Zionist, Bankster, secular bureaucrat, media maven or simply a rank-and-file Jew, gentile existence poses a threat to the synagogue.

Is this a threat to Israel’s existence?

According to Halachah, or Jewish legal principles, a Jew has a right to pre-emptively kill, without consequence, any non-Jew who poses a threat, even if that threat exists only in the mind of the Jew himself.  Applying such a mentality to national defense and war doctrines has yielded the Samson Optionthe promise by phony Israel to wipe out every country within reach if it believes itself to be threatened.

So what could it mean: ballistic missile subs popping up off the Atlantic or Pacific coasts of the U.S., wiping out cities, one after the other? Gateway knows not the answer.

Will Priestly Warriors At Last Take Up Their Spiritual Swords?

What About the Church’s Portion of the Line?  No soldier can simultaneously conquer for his lord’s interests while in captivity to his lord’s enemies. The terms of the battle are not only stark, but simple and obvious: with the help of Jews’ hired stooges masquerading as Catholic bishops & priests; Trad-Inc. media clowns; and servile, silent alt-med activists online; a named demon and his minions of the Global Synagogue wage open war on the human race at large, and the Church in particular.  To enter the fight is to win the war, and tear down the beast system once and for all. We the faithful meanwhile, unfold our hearts to the Blessed Virgin, while gazing aloft to take in the glory of Her Son Crucified. The Holy Ghost, and not mere man, can be besought to exhort His Priests to act as He alone commands.

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