Whither Have Gone Warriors?

Deep in the heart of the dark night of the soul of Ecclesia Militans, the air itself exudes the enemy’s relentlessness. He does not stop. Neither do they sleep, eat, question, hesitate or miscalculate. They hate. Pure, unadulterated hatred and malice fuels superior intellect to maximize psychological pressure to wear down the Catholic and strip away his psychological defenses. Somewhere a youth has fallen into demonic possession, and an apostate Bishop tells the family that he neither cares nor wants the youth back; rather the devil can keep her.  The one who can mop the floor with the fiend and send it scurrying back into hell, the Holy Priest, is forbidden by his superior to enter the home, or to assist the family. Spirits of the air intensify their attack to claim their prize: smash the final vestige with which the will persists in its internal act of faith, and drown it in despair. More alone than the abandoned faithful, more discouraged by their unrequited sorrow, more outraged by the criminal betrayal, the priest suffers it all. The priest sees it all. The priest carries it all.

Alone, in darkness, beset by enemies, cowards and traitors, the holy priest completes his mission.

This heart of the dark night of the Church is neither relegated to individual Catholics nor priests, but encompasses the entirety of the body of the faithful on earth. Somewhere between sixty to eighty percent of her priests are faggots, and a much higher percentage of the episcopacy. Although many Catholics refuse to see it, this horde of homos has no shortage of representatives saying the TLM, and occupying positions in the vaunted traditional orders, institutes and societies. Of course, with every diocesan see overrun with heretics, these offices are in fact illegally occupied by men who hold no office and are not members of the faithful. Holy Mother is unable to remove heretics. Non-criminal priests survive in such environs and reach the rank of pastor only by becoming captains of compromise, and thus sadly, on their watches their parishes look as remarkably dysfunctional as when led by their previous conservative queens and con-men. Satan himself, using the phony council, has ensconced the Sanhedrin in the Cenacle, the canonical structure of crypto-Jews known as Opus Dei, the full and exponential metastasis of the wholly unresolved marrano crisis. Treasonous Jesuits carry the water on the left and pollute doctrine with rabbinical and cabbalistic sewage. In Rome, when not engaging in orgies in which men unnaturally attempt in their flesh to emulate clusters of writhing maggots, a crypto-Jewish anti-pope has formally and doctrinally established the church of darkness. Objectors stand accused of schism.

Suicidal culture needs robust Catholicism

Meanwhile, culture has devolved from morally retarded to convulsively suicidal. Populations long since turned away from God run hither and yon being abused by the iron fists of both government and corporate crime lords. Too many of the young among the stupid citizenry elect for injected sterilization, which for many others will also include lifelong disability and dependence on a murderous and predatory medical system. Many Catholics have been led to the death house on the advice of alleged bishops and pastors who have the unmitigated gall to rebrand suicide as an act of love. Catholics partake in the murder of infants. While many faithful can easily recognize satan’s cloven hoof prints in the chain of events, far too few dare name the work of the devil’s sons in the synagogue of satan: Jewish control of every major vaxx company, with corporations, governments and banks  -also controlled by interlocking circles of powerful and privileged Jewish thieves and mass murderers.

Why do so many Catholics turn and run from the heart of this dark night? For many, to acknowledge the worsening reality would be to admit that their faith in conservative Vatican-Two-ism has been in vain. For yet others, facing the night would mean conceding that their attempts to compromise with the Church’s internal enemies have led not to the flourishing of Tradition, but simply in the construction of a prison in which Tradition is on the brink of extermination. The result has been a schizophrenic and convulsive reversion to Catholicism on the part of many Catholics; who run for the safety of the TLM and yet still rely on the magical thinking of Vatican II to avoid difficult questions about the Berg-Bag, about the Global Synagogue, and why, if their liturgy is correct, are episcopal criminals still in place and the Church still in full retreat?

V2 meme

To have staked their faith in God erroneously in the sand of the phony council, or in intellectual mire of quasi-empiricist scientism like the Big Bang, or theistic evolution; or in the dogmas and rabbinical laws of ritual impurity found in holocaustianity; Catholics lack the internal wherewithal to countenance the depth, the silence, and the impenetrable blackness of the heart of the dark night. They can’t accept a Church so wounded, abandoned and betrayed, because they don’t know Her as deeply as She can be known. And because they don’t know Her as deeply they cannot love Her as deeply. And neither knowing nor loving, when, in the darkness immediately before them, the serpent threatens to extinguish their faith, they run. They deny. They clamp their hands over their ears and pretend that reality is something other than what it is. They compromise.

Yet They’re Out Here

Among us, the warrior priests we need, contrasting sharply from the priests we deserve. Our Lord brings them to us, and us to them. Scattered far and wide, the warriors teach using sound doctrine; govern as befits their rank, with spiritual direction; and sanctify by way of the administering the sacraments. Little pockets of Catholicism plod forward on earthly pilgrimage. Such priests struggle to operate within the criminal control system that masquerades as the Catholic hierarchy worthy of obedience.

They exist in Catholic media as well, and whose weapons of language, intellect and personal piety blow holes in attempts to control them, and who themselves give great encouragement and help to Catholic listeners, often in spite of handler ratios of three vs. one. Here is an excellent example of authentic Catholicism being suppressed by three clownish handlers. (Less than three minutes, and embed is cued.)

What did we witness here? Authentic Catholicism on the part of a Catholic cleric, whose comment is derailed the very instant that he mentions Anti-Pope Francis I. What ensues is pathetic and clownish, juvenile and sophomoric mockery of the most important thing said in the entire stream. Apparently, the imbecile in the yellow jacket was derisively typing in the chat while Brother Navarro was speaking. The other two clowns just pile on. Another data point confirming that when it comes to either Trad Inc. or the allegedly authentic Trad altmed, naming the Anti-Pope is bad for the racket, because if they name the Anti-Pope, then the big gatekeepers of Opus Judei’s Trad Inc. won’t let them into their club of big follower counts and phat staxx of greenbacks. So Brother Navarro with his loyal-to-Christ message is just going to have to shut up. Absolute, self-serving cowards and clowns. But may God bless Brother Navarro and reward his courage.

The few warriors of altar and pulpit, like those few of the assembly, are beset by an array of proxy armies of the Church’s enemies. The first enemy to battle is the phalanx of compromisers, the endless extollers of prudence, practitioners of wait-and-see-ism, and just plain cowards. When things are as far gone as they are now, cowardice kills, and cowards ought be dealt with ferociously. The warriors are out here. We just have to overcome the interference of both online and IRL gatekeepers and find one another.

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