Third Secret Novus Ordites

Timothy and Linda married in St. Louis in the summer of ’67.  A cradle Catholic, she brought the German-Irish to Sts. Peter and Paul on that humid Saturday morning in June; while Timothy, a convert, delivered Scottish and Irish, well accounted for by his close-cropped red hair. On that day, no one batted an eye when the faithful knelt at the altar rail to receive the Most Holy Eucharist within the Church on Soulard’s South 7th St. Side by side, maids and matrons alike prayed from beneath their chapel veils with a modesty somehow quietly ravishing and stunning to behold. The hissing envy of conservative, queer pastors’ aggressive veil-shaming was beyond the ken of the wildest of any imagination among them. No one present that day had any idea of the maelstrom of ecclesiastical destruction, the spiritual pressure wave of the phony council’s outwardly exploding across time, that hurtled toward them.

Neither London, nor Dresden, nor Tokyo: St. Louis Riverfront in 1940. photo credit:

Their City had already come to experience the animas delendi of rich and powerful Jews, who would rip out the old riverfront in a manner like Jewish Soviet communists would rip out their victims’ front teeth. Perpetrated in a spirit to manifest their financial power rooted in gentile misery of the Depression and completed a few years previous to Linda and Tim’s wedding, the money-power coalition ensconced a bizarre masonic arch hatched of the hare-brained Finnish architect and fellow Tribesman. Children of a benumbed and muted reaction to this civic malpractice, Tim and Linda were very much products of a St. Louis where the Catholics worked and scraped to get along, while foreign occupiers charted a future in accord with their own interests. If only in 1938 their parents understood what was at stake, then their fathers, brothers and cousins certainly would have assembled with hundreds of others along North Second Street with brick-bats and sticks, and thus put a stop to everything. Soon also would be the case of foreign occupation with their Parish and their Church. Here also, a Pope who never spent a day as a parish priest, a Pope who wore the Talmudic Ephod of judgment upon the Papal breast, had just finished working hand-and-glove with a crypto-Jewish Spanish pederast by the name of Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, and a Jesuit whom Jews lovingly called Bea Ohim (a.k.a. Cardinal Augustin Bea) to rip out the front teeth of the Church’s liturgical and sacerdotal life.

Met, Loved, and Wed

Having met Tim at a lively party attended by her fellow college students, Linda was already preparing for her career and life of independence, a personal initiative very consonant with the programme of second wave feminist, Jewess Betty Friedan. No college student, Tim was a young machinist with a very skillfully high mechanical IQ, who one night found himself out bowling. In a delightful inclining of the Blessed Trinity’s contingent will, some Jews in a nearby lane mistook his Scottish surname, written on the overhead scoreboard, for his being one of them. They told him about the same party whereat he and Linda were to meet.

Following their honeymoon in Acapulco, the newlyweds set out for their new life on the West Coast, where Tim had obtained a new position in a growing firm. A house was built for them in a sunny suburb, in which were born and baptized three beautiful Catholic daughters. Typical of the money-empire’s social arrangement for the post-WWII masonic republic, Tim was a hot commodity at work, who won over his clients with know-how and an affable demeanor, and thus his work days lengthened into overnight runs within a somewhat vast territory. The home office happily expensed Tim’s treating clients to drinks, dinner, and a lot of laughs. But back at home, Linda and the girls missed the man of the house, and that was no happy hour. Having thus arrived at an unwelcome impasse, Linda and Tim turned to their priest. By this time, however, the ecclesiastical firestorm had scorched every square inch of Catholic priestly and liturgical territory, and having enthusiastically accepted the freemason’s mass of the novus ordo religion, the couple embraced the recommendation to attend a weekend getaway marriage retreat.

Tim and Linda were born again. Tim put the brakes on the booze as he and Linda arrived at a veritable new consciousness of healthy communication and loving expression of feelings. They raved up and down to their pastor at such length, that the priest recruited the couple to join a team of married Catholics who would give regular talks at an allegedly Catholic marriage prep weekend. Things certainly changed for Linda and Tim, as they would sometimes seem to force to the surface all the happiness and fabulous positivity they could muster in the face of any imperfect circumstance which might be dumb enough to present itself. As time went by the problem surfaced, that just as the happy couple had taken up mental residence in their newly fabricated universe of positive thinking, the world and the emerging Church of Darkness also were changing, and headed in the opposite direction.

Enter Jewish Subversion of the Moral Order

Just a few months previous to the liturgical Saturday night massacre of the Roman Rite of Catholic Mass in November 1969, and the birth of the couple’s first daughter; a Jew named Max Yasgur hosted a drug-addled outdoor orgy masquerading as a music and art festival called Woodstock, in Bethel New York. This storm-the-Bastille moment for the culture would be followed by a reign of terror against sexual morality and the family. However, as the culture was programmed by its televisions, cinema and conservative print media to accept this war against them as both inevitable and for their own good, too few recognized the danger, or raised the alarm. Plus, everyone had to make payments to the Jew-run banks, using currency debauched by compound interest charged by the Jewish Federal Reserve, and that was that. So Tim and Linda continued hosting marriage prep weekends, and soon other couples left the group, because over the course of the many weekends in close proximity with the spouses of others, many of these couples had left said spouses to take up with others’, making a mockery of the entire undertaking, now worthy of the title Adultery Encounter. 

Ignoring these bizarre and perceived anomalies, Tim and Linda continued on their path of fabulous positivity, hosting two Adultery marriage prep weekends per month, away from home. By now, the swinging 70s had arrived, and when a retreat came up, the girls were left for full weekend sleepovers at homes of people that even Tim and Linda barely knew. Now by this time, American Jewry had mainstreamed pornographic films with their release of Deep Throat, and in 1979 recruited George C. Scott to play the hapless goy in the film Hardcore. The older children at the sleepovers knew how to find their Dad’s stash of Playboy magazines, and sleepovers were time to play. Thus, left alone at the bottom of the sluice where the cultural sewage was piling up, Tim and Linda’s daughters learned all about the vices of pornography and self-abuse, and would even receive assistance with the same. Of course, because they had yet to reach the age of ten, the girls just thought it was all normal. In the larger culture, in which much more serious play overcame attempts at contraception, Jewish lawyers of New York and California had already pushed abortion before the masonic republic’s Talmudic Supreme Court, and the practice of murder had been enshrined in law. In spite of numerous and energetic lay activists, Catholic bishops turned and ran. Surgical abortion slaughtered millions for decades, and then transitioned to killing by pill. Tim and Linda stayed positive, though.

Never once looking round at their sterile and socially atomized suburban real estate grid for which they had left the moral stability of their parents’ St. Louis neighborhood, or the liturgical certainty of Saints Peter and Paul Church, Tim and Linda had no answers. They had no answers because they refused to ask difficult questions.  Rendering the geographic question irrelevant was the fact that the same destruction had visited St. Louis as well. The weekends were hosted right through the 1980s. Confession, to Linda and Tim, became quite unnecessary because each of them was a self-described good person, and so they stopped going.

By this time the girls were old enough to stay home for weekend play time, and play they did. All three being honor students and athletes at the local sports training camp, which also claimed to be a diocesan Catholic high school, no one noticed the partying, boozing and pot-smoking which just happened to coincide with those weekends of magic and positivity for Linda and Tim. The girls even got busted sometimes. Yet unheeded went even this blatant cry for help: come and parent us, please mom and dad!! The weekends continued. In what cannot be mere happenstance, the Dionysian rebellion by Tim and Linda’s girls was tame by comparison with the riot of unnatural vice erupting within the diocese. Molester Church had broken out in force, both in St. Louis and on the West Coast.

The youth culture programmed to enact debauchery and degeneracy by the Jews of Hollywood and Woodstock had grown up, chronologically if not psychologically, and they had payments of their own to make. Doctors, teachers, coaches, high school principals, priests and bishops now roamed both culture and Church like a molesting version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Boys and girls alike were groomed and raped so secretly and yet so frequently as to form some sort of perverse induction into adulthood. Boys were vampiristically taken into lives of sodomy. Girls came home pregnant, and in the ultimate surrender to Jewish moral subversion, humiliated and confused novus ordite Catholic parents would have recourse to abortion. The only thing that saved Linda and Tim’s first grandchild were the laws at the time restricting abortions to a certain time-limit along the course of fetal development. And even this, the ultimate surrender, could have formed the rallying point to fight again another day. Yet neither in St. Louis, nor on the West Coast, nor anywhere in the culture, nor in the Church, has that day of action ever arrived.  That which would have certainly stood as a heroic turning point, even the humblest and most limited show of defiance by the men of the city, or the culture, or the Church, never did happen because none ever recognized what was at stake. Too few were willing to acknowledge who the enemy was. And thus city, culture and Church were overrun by degenerate weaklings with no stomach for a fight, all because no men fought for that which they had both natural and divine obligations to defend.

Heroic last stands are for men who know how not to fall for anything. {linked}

Third Secret of Fatima: Man’s Moral Nightmare Come True

Gateway has neither read, nor cares to wildly guess unknown details yet to be revealed in Fatima’s Third Secret. But we would like to honor the memory and inspired work of true son of the Blessed Virgin, Father Nicholas Gruner. While neither his to read nor reveal, Fr. Gruner spent his life spreading the absolutely crucial and known portions of the message.

Gateway must acknowledge our fundamental error regarding this nigh 105 year old prophecy: wars, catastrophes and even supernatural material chastisements; while horrendous, are not the worst thing that can befall mankind. Rather, billions of souls damned to hell is the worst thing that can befall mankind, and with this key, Father Gruner painstakingly undertook to help us understand.

Therefore, with confidence, a Catholic can legitimately believe to be revealed during our days key aspects of what the Third Secret logically could very well contain, given this worst of fates for billions of poor sinners:

Both the command to reveal in 1960, and to consecrate Russia being despised:

1). Wicked and weak Popes convene, conclude and implement a false ecumenical council surrendering to the Church’s worldly enemies.

2). Both the Mass and proper priestly formation are suppressed and a false church is spawned. Monasteries, abbeys and cloisters evict their victim souls and turn them into the street, filling the cells with sodomites, and the cloisters with silly women. Victim souls to pray for the faithful and mitigate divine punishment can scarcely be found. 

3). The episcopacy and the upper hierarchy, filled with compromisers and heretics, abandon the faithful and betray them in their greatest hour of need, electing a false pope who leads Catholics towards hell and not Heaven.

4). The false church, having been spawned by an apostate upper hierarchy, pronounces perverse doctrines which lead the faithful into mortal sin and confirm them therein. Weak in the faith and the sacramental life, the faithful are overrun with demons.

5). The Catholic faithful in staggering numbers, confused, refusing to discern for themselves, and blinded by their sins, follow the apostates of the false church along the road to hell and are damned, because no one makes sacrifices for them.

Linda and Tim

continue as novus ordites, and as the years roll by, the two become the grandparents of many, and even great-grand parents later on.  In mid-2021, in obedience to their fear programming by Jewish media, and at the recommendation of their diocesan bishop, the two make an appointment to receive the death-injection. However, a totally odd-ball occurrence at home causes that appointment to be cancelled. Against the urging of their daughters, Tim and Linda reschedule and receive the Jewish pharma companies’ jab. With neither Tim nor Linda having any life-threatening health issues at the time, within four months Tim will be diagnosed with cancer. He dies exactly forty days after his diagnosis. Eight days after her husband’s death, as if some sort of diabolical and exterminationist octave, Linda receives her cancer diagnosis.

Back in St. Louis, Linda’s brother, suffering from severe dementia, fails to comprehend the news about his brother-in-law, because he believes that he never had any sister with which to begin.  Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Soulard now looks like this.

“…Lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of Thy Mercy.”

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