Bogus Consecration

Just over seven months have elapsed since the Insubordination Consecration of last August. Like a well-functioning clock, the criminals in-charge of the Vatican and the crypto-Jews of Opus Dei’s Catholic Media are not only at it again, but also are proving very handily that sociopathic personalities tend to learn very little from their own mistakes. This time, Anti-pope Francis I is scraping the bottom of the barrel of his illegitimacy by attempting to simulate the Consecration of Russia commanded by Our Lady of Fatima.

Lest he accidentally assist the Queen of Heaven, Anti-pope Francis I adds a nation to consecration formula.

Stench of the Berg Bag’s
desperation hangs in the air like a rotting harbor seal’s carcass washed up on a west coast beach, as more and more priests openly acknowledge that the Argentine swine is nothing more than a trash-tier, live-action-role-player. While apparently attempting to fabricate some legitimacy in the minds of Catholics, he neither holds office in the Church nor stands among the body of the faithful, according to the Papal Encyclical of Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi § 23. Of course, one need not even apply Pope Pacelli’s work to this Anti-pope, because the violation of Canon 332 §2 of the Code of Canon Law renders current Pope Benedict XVI’s abdication gravely defective. Not to put too fine a point on this, but somehow I think that substituting an anti-pope for an actual pope will not satisfy the Blessed Virgin’s request.

Can Benedict Act?
Now what if presently reigning Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican prisoner, were to somehow perform the consecration: would that work? It is possible, if the formulation would be correct, and provided that the cooperation of the episcopacy were enjoined to enact that same formulation in their dioceses round the world. Thus, some very large IFs stand in the way.

Why Russia?
Let’s jettison back in time over 1000 years, to the year 965 AD (pay attention to this, Taylor Marshall)  It was during that year that the pagan Slavic Federation known then as the Kievan Rus, forerunner of the Russian Kingdom and Empire, crushed and drove out from the area of the Caspian Sea the Jewish convert kingdom known as Khazaria.  The Khazars then migrated into eastern Europe, and dispersed among its lands and kingdoms, descending into the people now known as Ash Kenazi Jews (Spoiler alert: no Jew can trace his lineage to ancient Palestine). Thus in the days when the Synagogue held its own territory, the Rus were historically unique in defeating the organized Jewry of their day. In 988 AD, the Kievan Rus converted to Catholicism.  Sixty-six years later, Catholic Kievan Rus fell into the sin of schism along with the Patriarch of Constantinople, in 1054.  This story of conquest, conversion, and casting away Catholicism comprises the kernel of what Our Lady might have been seeking both to correct and to bring to completion since 1960. Although the only kingdom to vanquish the Synagogue (an achievement that eluded the mighty three: Catholic France, Spain and England), the people who were to become Russia denied the authority of the Pope. This schism, the denial of Papal authority, is the essence of the error of Russia; the spreading of Jewish Bolshevik Communism is merely its ineluctable outcome. Her schism preceded her succumbing to Jewish revolutionaries living within her borders, and also her simultaneous loss of the savage financial war to the Jews Rothschild. Schism likewise preceded the demonically possessed Rasputin’s infiltrating the Romanov Family via the Empress and her young son Alexei. Therefore, the error of Russia rests in the erroneous conception of Papal authority, and subsequent disobedience thereto.

Russia Consecrated, and Russia alone will assist the Church.
In order to properly comprehend this statement, Catholics must understand that the term Russian Communism is a misnomer. Communism is a Jewish creation to enslave and murder the vast majority of gentiles, and to annihilate every last Catholic on the face of the earth. Jews in  19th and early 20th century Russia were about as Russian as the Queen of Sheba. While behind the scenes, Communist Jew Lazar Kaganovich controlled the USSR and sought to export communism. Russia meanwhile, has suffered enslavement to communism due to her error of schism and apostasy, and this apostasy has spread not only throughout the world, but also to the very top of  the visible Church, both of which are now enslaved. It seems that the Blessed Virgin has a very special task for Russia in overthrowing not only Jewish communism, but this world-wide, master-slave money system presently operated by the Global Synagogue. This privilege, this duty, just like her ancestors’ conquest of 965 AD, is Russia’s alone and will not be shared with any other kingdom or country on earth. Our Lady has a lesson for the entire world in her bestowal of this privilege, and She requires that it come via the authority of the Roman Pontiff and his bishops: an unmistakable sign of the correctness of not only Catholic Doctrine, but of the Church’s inherently hierarchical nature.

Another Invalid Formula
is the point to which all the above leads. Because the Immaculate Heart has settled so sweetly on Her Russia, no formula can be valid that names any other nation besides Russia. The dawning of the Reign of the Immaculate will leave no doubt or argument in the mind of any man. Everyone destined to live to see that day will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God in Heaven entrusted His Queen to overthrow the kingdom of satan on earth by means of Russia. On that magnificent day, no crypto-Jewish modernist Jesuit will be present to blather on in the vein of “well, some say it was Russia, but I think it was Ukraine that mattered all along.” Our Lady has use for neither rabbinical Jesuit casuistry, nor any crypto-Jewish anti-pope from Argentina.  Thus the singular privilege of Russia corresponds with the requirement that Russia be consecrated, and Russia alone. Unfortunately, this lack of exclusivity in the current formula would prevent Pope Benedict XVI from privately consecrating Russia in communion with his bishops, because they would be working with an invalid formulation, and hence unable to meet the requirements.

On 26 March, the outcome will be clear.
Over the past 100 years, the Vatican crime syndicate has made a perverse tradition out of its bogus consecrations. Whether attempting to buy themselves some time or gull Catholics into going along with their destructive agenda, the consecration scams seem to pop up every few years, and then everyone forgets about them; that is, until the next crisis of legitimacy or internal bickering among the Roman Curia spirals out of hand. This upcoming event has all the markers of its bogus predecessors: desperate politicking by a criminal hierarchy, big promises of unicorns and rainbows, and an invalid formulation. Gateway hates to turn the sprinkler on this parade, and we would never be happier to eat a big fat plate of crow in being wrong, but this one is not the one.


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4 thoughts on “Bogus Consecration

  1. I don’t doubt any of your assertions, it all makes perfect sense, but do you have any sources for the “crypto Jewish” Opus Dei media or crypto Jewish Bergoglio? I have suspected as much but have not been successful in finding anything concrete on the subject, other than it fits a well established pattern.


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