Nazi Power or Jewish Power?

Dear Randi:

Thank you for your email of 14 April, in which you make reference to the Nuremberg Trials, the killer vaccines as they relate to the collapse of medical ethics, and link to the rest of your article posted on some Catholic blog. Catholic readers can only but admire your commitment to research-backed commentary, and are also afforded the opportunity to deepen their own thinking.  The Nuremberg Trials mentioned at the top of your article exemplify just such a gateway through which entirely different answers arise to that which David Irving cited as the essence of the historian’s work: ascertaining what happened, and why? 

As it turns out, Randi, even domesticated historians like Pat Buchanan readily admit that Nuremberg was an example of victor’s justice. Defendants were tortured (a.k.a. crushed testicles) and many other horrors; defendants were not permitted to even mount a cogent defense; were convicted of acts, on hearsay, some of which were not criminalized at the time they were allegedly committed. In fact, Irving himself, an eminent historian, discusses how the plaintiffs at Nuremberg would have a tough time accusing the Germans of crimes that they, the plaintiff-nations were not themselves already committing.  The following is taken from Irving’s 1996 work: Nuremberg, the Last Battle, pages 60-61

Show pieces for the victorious money-empire at Nuremberg

That Nuremberg was destined to be a fact-free kangaroo court was evident from the beginning when former U.S.A.G. and American representative for the prosecution Robert H. Jackson was dismayed to find that none of the promised case files against any German would actually be provided (Irving 72). With evidence-free prosecution, the Eisenhower torture machine rolled into action. Irving details the arrest of Julius Streicher, newspaper publisher (Irving 84-85).

Whether Streicher’s torture is in any way connected to the fact that he was apprehended by U.S. Army Major Henry Blitt, a Jew, Irving does not say. Things go from bad to worse for Streicher, who previously held the title of gauleiter of Franconia, but now was merely a helpless prisoner and torture victim of Allied Occupation Forces.  Further down on page 85

That’s a memorable line coming from Nuremberg’s supposed moral high ground so sedulously guarded by the likes of Henry Morgenthau: ‘Now you get “kill, kill”‘. Needless to say, Randi, Nuremberg’s evidentiary well, from which you and others seek to drink deep draughts of perennial truth, pumps forth only the poison of phony history.


Is the ultimate end, whether we’re talking about the more than six million Ukrainians deliberately starved to death in the 1930’s Holodomor by Soviet Commissar, Jew Lazar Kaganovich; eugenics programs; or even cinematic propaganda.

While lessons can be learned from histories grounded in actual facts such as these, Americans don’t need to cross the Atlantic to find their answers about the ongoing mass murder by injection. The causes are all right here.

Recalling the conclusion of your article and the call for a New Hippocratic Oath

where healing is recognized as an art form not a business or corporate function; where patients can truly get informed before consent; where abortion, euthanasia, and all forms of eugenics are condemned

You’ve just described a typical American doctor in the year 1900. These men made house calls, understood well the curative properties found in both horticulture and wild flora; moreover, they were journeymen in applying the principles of physiological cause and effect. Cancer wasn’t a high-ranking cause of death for their patients. Nor were children widely afflicted with autism. No one would offer these good doctors, nor would such men ever accept the filthy lucre of vaxx-kickbacks, (a.k.a. payments from Jewish-controlled pharmaceutical companies to inject every patient who crossed their paths). This, Randi, is the relevant question: how did the practice of being a physician change so radically from the year 1900 onwards, both in the U.S. and round the world? When and why did Americans lose their country doctors, and find themselves in the clutches of pill-pushing, toxin-injecting, clip-board toting clock-watchers so afflicting the world even now? More important are the questions: who perpetrated this outrageous crime, and for what purpose? – Answer these, and you will know both what happened, and why.

Enter the Jew Rockefeller

In 1960, Jewish author Malcom Stern published Americans of Jewish Descent, his Who’s Who of Sephardic Jews whose ancestry in the U.S. predates 1840. Stern himself tells us that Rockefellers are indeed Jews. Like Jews Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg, John D. Rockefeller represented Rothschild interests in America, but his role was quite distinct from their focus on savagely predatory finance.

Really bad wig, and eyes that bespeak perfect possession by satan: Jew John D. Rockefeller.

Rockefeller’s grand scheme (or scam, if you prefer) was to dismantle every institution upon which Americans relied for health, education, religious life, family and private property. In place of what he destroyed would be constructed new institutions for health, education, etc., the results of which can be observed today: public libraries hosting Jewish child-molestor authors and assorted trannies, guarded by thugs with badges; schools which specialize in the stupefaction of children; and a medical establishment with a vaxx-death body count of potentially over 300,000.

Rockefeller used Rothschild money to jackhammer the foundation upon which rested the praxis of the beloved country doctor. For an outstanding explanation, reference Murder by Injection by the late Eustace Mullins, available for free download in Gateway’s Synagogue of Satan Collection. John D.’s first move was to establish an accrediting agency for medical education; then he would use his millions to capture one medical school after another, and replace their faculties and boards with people on his payroll. Once his network of accredited schools was established, Rockefeller and his agents delivered the coup de grâce, the smearing, starving, and strangling of any who failed to cooperate. Smear-campaigns for the traditional doctor/medical college meant accusations of quackery with which the Rockefeller machine saw to it that the target was perceived as guilty until proven innocent. Starved of opportunities to attend traditional medical colleges, and strangled by onerous regulations, an aspiring student’s desire to practice medicine could then only be found within the Rockefeller machine.  As Mullins relates, this entire operation of capturing medical education by accreditation began with the 1910 publication of the Flexner Report by Rockefeller/Carnegie hireling Abraham Flexner.

Of course, Rockefeller would make mountains of shekels from his newly minted schools and their graduates, because waiting in the wings would be his countless stocks of petrochemical pharmaceutical toxins to be massaged-in, injected or ingested in pill form, all according to prescriptions written out by doctors educated in his medical schools. Any side effects or deaths would be carefully handled, one way or another, by a sympathetic newspaper industry.

Rockefeller’s Big Medicine Legacy: the Alchemy of transforming Doctor into Monster

Check out socmed platforms for some of the fascinating life stories of physicians who left the Rockefeller-designed rat-race, and you’ll hear of both intriguing experiences, and common themes. These regenerate health professionals realized that they were killing their patients and resolved to stop it and to begin supporting patient health. Among the common themes is a sense that medical school was a veritable eight-year MK Ultra-style trauma-based mind control experiment: “I was 30 years old and I didn’t even know who I was,” states such a theme. Their medical preceptors apparently justified the programme of ritualized psychological abuse with lines like “if I had to go through this, then so do you.” It seems not unreasonable to say that today’s doctor is somewhat of a programmable prescription-bot, only capable of thinking along certain preset parameters, never questioning causes or purposes.  He also carries a heavy debt load, and thus is eager to attain rewarding and gainful income. So those spiffs from the pharma companies to push their new pills can make a significant chunk of Doc’s additional income.

Confused and conflicted moral weaklings thus shoved intubators down throats and knowingly caused the deaths of their own patients; knowing, but not caring enough to act otherwise. Similarly monstrous acts had husbands and wives berated and accused by physicians that their spouses were dying because they didn’t get the jab. All nonsense, all fear-based and selfish reasoning, causing the patient and family to pay the ultimate price for the monster’s selfishness. None of this evil would have happened without the decades long, Rockefeller-funded cultural and institutional demolition/replacement operations. Again, Randi, even if Nuremberg were not the phony history that it is, the answers and causes can be found in this country, arising from the unending murder and mayhem incited by organized Jewry in America.

Personnel is Policy

Gateway readers will be spared any lengthy explanations regarding the fact of the ongoing mass murder perpetrated at present by vaccine companies. Now, as to the identity of the mass murderers, far too often we are told, with characteristic gloss, followed by a sort of verbal sleight-of-hand, that the perps are globalists, the deep state or the new world order. For all the research taking place in the alt-media space, very few are willing to name name names.

Who Are the Mass Murderers at Pfizer?

Jew Albert Bourla: Pfizer CEO
Jew Scott Gottlieb: Director
Jew Larry Fink: Blackrock CEO is one of Pfizer’s biggest shareholders
Jew Dan Littman: Director
Susan Hellman: former director of Gates Foundation
Jew Mikael Dolsten: Chief Scientist

The others are also well-represented:
Moderna CEO: Jew Stephan Bonsell
Moderna Chief Medical Officer: Israeli Jew Tal Zacks
J & J CEO: Jew Alex Gorski

The CDC is included, headed by Jewess Rachel Walensky.

Medical Dictatorship

is a term on which we certainly agree, Randi. Attempted by the Jews who run our masonic republics and bankroll Jewish communist dictatorships round the world, the ongoing criminal enterprise to impose this dictatorship defines a great portion of the current psychological battle space. Moreover, due to the relentless pushing by the Global Synagogue, the conflict gradually and inevitably follows its course toward an uncontrollable explosion of violence, for which the same global instigators will be responsible. -But did they really intend to murder all those people with their expensive and profitable vaccines? Why?

Let the House of Rothschild answer these questions.

In history, mass murder is the rule and not the exception. Original sin and the original fratricide provide its foundation. From the antediluvian wickedness, to the cataclysmic Bronze Age Collapse, to Rome, to the Jewish anti-christian revolution and its bastard offspring, the masonic republic secretly supporting its brother bastard, the totalitarian communist slave state, murder is the fundamental action of the spirit of anti-christ in the world. The Global Synagogue embodies and carries out this spirit of anti-christ. Jews are neither our elder brethren in the faith, nor our friends. They reject Christ, hate his Church, and seek without pause to encompass the destruction of Catholicism. It is this same spirit of anti-christ that fabricates phony histories reversing the roles and imputing mass murder to the Bride of Christ, while claiming victim status for the Synagogue.

The republishing of the Constantinople Letter by the Rothschilds, on the letter’s 400th anniversary, is not only celebratory, but also indicative of only one segment of a much longer timeline. It is key evidence that the Global Synagogue relishes the suffering of gentiles, but Catholics above all. The letter establishes a centuries-old motive for the use of medical practice to bring physical harm to the Body of Christ.  To use an electronic media colloquialism- for the Synagogue: mass murder is a feature, not a bug.

Thanks again for your email.
Very truly yours,


Works Cited

Irving, David; Nuremberg, the Last Battle, Focal Point Press, 1996.

Mullins, Eustace; Murder by Injection, The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America; The National Council for Medical Research; 1988.

Stern, Malcom; Americans of Jewish Descent,  Hebrew Union College Press, 1960.

8 thoughts on “Nazi Power or Jewish Power?

  1. An Irish/Sicilian Catholic friend once told me that according to his family’s understanding, Catholics were forbidden to have Jewish doctors. I wonder if this was taken for granted as sensible by most or all Catholics as recently as the 1950s, or if it was part of that lost old country wisdom, which varies from place to place.

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    1. I think it was taken for granted. Our great-grandparents knew that the Church has enemies on earth. Pray for the synagogue we always ought do, but battle them we must. Thanks for your comment.


  2. What can one say except Bravo Gladstone 2. You precisely nail it & your courage in naming names is of the Holy Ghost. Francis the Apostate Destroyer exactly fits the description of the False Prophet & we all know that the St. Gallen Group (Mafia) were comprised of Crypto Jews & their Freemasonic Brotherhood of which Francis is known in Argentina to be a member. These men, although now old & dying out, still retain great power in the CC through the support of the LGBTQI perverts who are glad to assist their corruption in sodomising young children as long as they are left alone to further their own lives of sin without legal sanctions or guilt of any kind. German Bishops Synodal Way is so confident their man in the PO will agree to their agenda, as are also the scurrulous journalists working from the Vatican, their public distaste for the OHCA Church of Christ is plain to see. The only event that might take the smirk off their faces would be the sudden demise of Francis which could lead to an outright schism & their total disconnection from the CC purse which was their main preoccupation.

    Grateful thanks for your wonderfully incisive journalism.

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  3. I applaud you for this article. My guts have told me these very same things and to see it in print and verified with historic and actual facts confirms my suspicions. I will be sharing this immediately. Thank you.

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  4. Thank you for publishing your very insightful comments.
    Since almost all of Catholic Blogdom is terrified to say the word “Jew”, (The word is “globalist”,) ( wink-wink),
    I find your forthrightness refreshing.
    By the way, I agree with everything that you have said. I have learned things that I did not know.

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