Church Impeded

As the dimwit luminaries of Trad Inc. slog through the five stages of grief over the legitimacy of their Anti-pope Francis I -and one or two even jump ship in Machiavellian fashion- the solid-as-bedrock reality is unearthed. Reigning Pope Benedict XVI has signaled an impeded See by way of apparent abdication. Controlling the government of the Church, a certain cadre of modernist criminals calling themselves Saint Gallen’s Mafia have completed their takeover. With the likes of scum like the late Godfried Danneels and Molester McCarrick at its head, we can be sure that key operators among this mafia have been bound to their plot by both child sexual abuse and Jewish style blackmail photos. Of course, they have seen to it that in any room from which Pope Benedict has sought to govern the Universal Church, he has been made keenly aware that (in his own words) his authority ends at the door. Hence the Pope, as Cionci describes, cannot govern.

Of course, any Catholic publicly alleging that the Pope has committed a mortal sin, had better present documented facts that prove his case beyond any doubt. Gateway can only but admonish them who wrote what appears on some Catholic blog, no such proof, but an impudent demand to do the logically impossible: prove a negative, i.e. how can Pope Benedict XVI not be in mortal sin? Imagine a sleazy Jewish prosecutor trying to railroad a Catholic defendant. “So, Ratzinger, please prove to the jury that you did not beat your wife, the Catholic Church!”

Setting aside such puerile attempts at argumentation, however, the logic of the matter comes down to the following: either the Holy Ghost suffuses the Papacy with an extraordinary amount of sanctifying grace, or He does not. If He does, then He will flood and dilate even the slightest inclination of the Pope’s good will toward the Church. Regardless of whether that Pope be a regenerate Freemason (like Blessed Pius IX), a once reliable liberal (Pope Leo XIII), the protégé of the notorious Rampolla Del Tindaro (Pope Benedict XV), or even the current Pope, a peritus of the pseudo-council of Vatican II, Divine Providence guarantees that even the Pope’s slightest good intention will neither be thwarted by anti-church (a.k.a. the Global Synagogue), nor direct attack by evil spirits. Pope Benedict XVI’s 2007 motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum, exemplifies.  The document’s objectionable content is obvious: the Writer attempts to legitimize the accursed Freemason’s mass of the anti-church, novus ordo religion. Praise God the Holy Ghost, however, that Summorum nonetheless releases the Truth like a lion, and liberates the Roman Rite of Catholic Mass from its lawless suppression. Thus this imperfect, but genuine intention of our Holy Father Benedict has created panic among the crypto-Jewish Opus Dei thugs who not only impede the See, but also laughably attempt to legitimize their satanic intentions to ban Holy Mass once again. On the other hand, if the Holy Ghost does not suffuse the Papacy with an extraordinary amount of sanctifying grace, which suffers not the slightest impediment from man’s weakness, then how can He be God? Will Benedict’s detractors make answer to this, with thorough explanation?  -Amidst the Pope’s accusers’ apparent attempt at divisive conquest, Holy Mother’s worst peril of her 2000-year history rages on.

What is Known About the Crisis

is that anti-church, a mysterious and obstructionist institution, clearly in allegiance with satan, seeks to drag Catholic souls down the road to Hell.  Father Linus Clovis’s 2017 statement further clarifies

“The Catholic Church and the anti-Church currently co-exist in the same sacramental, liturgical and juridical space.” 

Gateway has previously posited that priestly intention, namely the priest’s adherence in his will to Our Lord and His Bride, made manifest in priestly conduct, can aid in differentiating anti-church from Catholicism. Thus for example, to clandestinely pray Catholic Low Mass from the pre-1955 missal, and finish with recitation of the Leonine Prayers, constitutes a portion of sacramental, liturgical and juridical space occupied by Catholicism. Similarly, laymen also take up Catholic space who form the same intention and assemble to assist such a priest.

Contrariwise, an unexpurgated apostate like Blase Cupich, who-in full episcopal and liturgical garb- venerates demonic pagan symbols like the Chinese dragon, stands squarely in that space controlled by anti-church.  The same applies to his novus ordo claque, rapidly dwindling in size.

Toothless and troll-like simper of Cupich venerating his demon god.

We know from Pope Pius XII’s Encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi § 23, that Cupich’s public act of apostasy, by its very nature and without any action on the part of the Church, has caused Blase to fall from his episcopal office and exclude himself from the body of the faithful. Of course, the diminutive and clownish Cupich stands among great numbers of non-Catholics, who, before falling into public and pertinacious heresy or apostasy, were once Catholic bishops, archbishops and Cardinals, yet the vast majority of these heretics and apostates persist in the appearance of their attachment to Catholicism. In reality, their connection to the Church does not exist, but  Holy Mother is at present unable to rid herself of them. Hence is described the metaphysical manner in which anti-church occupies the vast majority of the Church’s sacramental, liturgical and juridical space.

Enter Traditionis Custodes,

the meaningless scribble expectorated from the mind of degenerate Anti-Pope Francis I.  A desperate maneuver on the part of dying modernists who blatantly attempt to eradicate the Roman Rite, Traditiones Custodes reveals their race to bar the door long after the horses of Catholics’ rediscovering their Mass have left the barn. Nevertheless, with this document, anti-church’s non-Catholic presence in the Church’s sacramental, liturgical and juridical space directly obstructs Catholicism’s ability to pray Her Holy Mass.

Perhaps with out realizing it, Cionci has opened the Gateway leading toward our most correct and precise understanding to date of this savage combat over the life of the Church. By focusing the eye of our intellects through this lens of Pope Benedict’s impeded See, we can at last perceive what exactly the enemy is doing:  the apostate criminals impede Ecclesia Militans.

The Church has the right to baptize and confirm her young in the Traditional Rite, yet anti-church blocks both priest and prelate from doing so.

The Church has the right to communicate to her faithful on their tongues while on their knees, yet anti-church violently slams the body of Christ into unconsecrated hands.

The Church has the right to preach to her children about the dangers of hell, yet anti-church silences her.

The Church has the right to re-evangelize a culture programmed by the Global Synagogue to wallow like human pigs in a sty of filth and impurity, yet anti-church hisses that doing so is anti-semitic.

The Church has the right to ordain and espouse men as her priests, yet anti-church recruits effeminate faggots into seminaries.

The Church has the right to be the light of the world, yet anti-church snuffs it by banishing her few holy priests to new assignments, every time their ministries begin to take root.

The Church has the right to consecrate her spouses into strong episcopal fathers keeping watch over their flocks, yet anti-church promotes elephantine thugs like Timothy Dolan.

The Church has the right to offer Molester McCarrick a fortnight to repent, and then strap him to a chair in front of five Swiss Guards, each aiming his SIG SG 550 at a white paper target over Molester’s heart, yet anti-church provides him a quiet and cushy exile.

The Church has the right to obey her Divine Spouse, the Most Dread Lord of history, yet anti-church demands that she obey satan.

The Church has the right to obey the Queen of Heaven, and reveal the full Third Secret, yet anti-church prevents it with constant threats of murder and mayhem.

The See is impeded; the Church is impeded.  This. Is. The. Crisis.



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8 thoughts on “Church Impeded

  1. I have been waiting patiently for this and I am thankful it has arrived. This is the unmitigated Truth and should be spread to all Catholics who are suffering from lack of clarity from their pastors. We need to come alive in our faith or we will lose it. Retired Bishop Philippe Estevez of the St. Augustine Diocese, FL, has demanded that no Traditional Catholic Mass occur within the diocese unless the presiding Catholic priest gets special permission from the diocese to do so. This special permission is draconian and will undoubtedly result in a resounding NO. At no time has the Traditional Catholic Mass been abrogated but the PTB have no regard for Church laws which indicates that the lawless one is not far from being revealed. God Less and keep you in His care.

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  2. How is it possible for Pius IX to be both pope and Freemason? I though freemasonry was automatic excommunication.


      1. Maybe I read it wrong in this article…
        “Regardless of whether that Pope be a regenerate Freemason (like Blessed Pius IX)”…I just realized you wrote “regenerate” not “degenerate”. Do you mean to say he was a reformed freemason? Just confused and want to understand…


  3. what evidence is there that Pius IX was a mason? And I find it hard to back Benedict XVI as a true pope with all the theological confusion and error he has brought. Not to mention his numerous participations in “ecumenical” acts


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