Jews Control Freemasons

The stewards of internet truther-ism jump breathlessly in front of their high-end microphones and podcasting cams to deliver some decades-old data: freemasonry has infiltrated the Vatican! Bugnini was a freemason! John Paul the I died inexplicably, yet Cardinal Villot provided neither details nor autopsy! Saint Paul VI didn’t really care about anything (aside from his boyfriend, the Italian actor)! Gateway’s friend Tancred at Eponymous Flower details the action surrounding the release of a certain book covering the topic.

The one thing that we really need to know about freemasonry

never crosses the lips of far too many of our vaunted Catholic internet truthers: freemasonry is a Jewish operation. From its doctrines, to its directorship and control, to its criminally subversive character, to its rabid hatred of Christ our King, every aspect of the lodge mirrors an equally repugnant facet of the Global Synagogue.

Origin and Doctrine

Few authors convey the premise of their work with such thorough research and cross-referencing as the pseudonymous Maurice Pinay in writing The Plot Against the Church (guaranteed to provide critical information to help confused Catholics to Observe, Orient, Decide and Act amidst this worst crisis of all history.)

“The rites and symbols of the Freemasons and of the other secret sects remind one constantly of the ‘Cabbala’ (secret Jewish mystique) and Jewry: The reconstruction of the temple of Solomon, the star of David, the seal of Solomon; the names of the different degrees, as for example, Knight Kadosh. ‘Kadosh’ means in Hebrew ‘holy’; Prince of Jerusalem, Prince of Lebanon, Knight of the serpent of Airain, etc. And does not the prayer of the English Freemasons, which was recorded in an assembly held in 1663, recall Judaism in a most clear manner?” (Pinay 68)

  Excerpt from an editorial by Dr. Isaac M. Wise,’ in The Israelite for August 3, 1855

“Finally the Scottish Freemasons made use of the Jewish calendar; for example, a book, which was written by the American Freemason Pike in the year 1881, is dated ‘Anno mundi 5641’. At present this calendar is retained only in the highest degrees, while the Freemasons in general add four thousand years to the Christian calendar, and not 3760 like the Jews.” (Pinay 69)

The clever Rabbi Benamozegh writes the following:

“Those who wish to make the effort to examine the questions of relations between Jewry and philosophic Freemasonry, between Theosophy and the secret doctrines in general, will lose a little of their arrogant despisal of the Cabbala (Jewish Mysticism). They will cease to smile contemptuously at the idea that the ‘Cabbalistic’ theology perhaps has to fulfil a mission in the religious re-shaping of the future.” (Ibid.)

America: Jewish Masonic Pioneers

Masonry in eastern North America dates well back into the seventeenth century. Ever the minority population in the lands and times in which he covertly colonizes, the Jew constantly schemes for novel methods to insert himself into the economic, political, cultural and ethnic affairs of his gentile hosts. Thus, for instance, he might seek to parlay his services as a coin collector to both win the trust and gain access to the fortune in physical gold possessed by a certain Prussian noble (which he, the progenitor of the Rothschild family, would later steal and upon which he would found the larcenous banking dynasty of the same infamous name). In ages previous to that, he might hold himself forth as a renowned physician worthy of caring for a sickly Gothic monarch (whose health would gradually and fatally degenerate). Yet other opportunities might arise for him to marry into a wealthy Spanish Catholic family, stealing both fortune and the Catholic sacraments while secretly adhering to the Synagogue’s program of revenge and murder against the goys.

Now gentile society wasn’t as crippled in the seventeenth century as in the twenty-first, so men in general kept a healthy suspicion and appropriate distance from Jews. But in British Colonial eastern north America, the bridgehead for diverse families forging their new home, a certain need must have arisen to establish social networks from the ground up, and with this need, came the necessity to branch out to persons and families without the benefit of a long and common history of occupying adjacent lands. Such conditions provided solid opportunities to found Masonic lodges, and hence an opportunity for the Jews in the minority to mimic seventeenth century English goyische customs, and insert themselves into the foundation of what would later become the Masonic Republic of the United States. This new masonic network proved the perfect method for the Jew; who would leave the ghetto behind to mask his perennial, implacable desire to collapse gentile society from within and exterminate the goyim (a process currently unfolding in this vaxxed Nation with a 2021 death rate increase of 163%). {Update and Correction: the percentage increase was in dollar amount of insurance claims, not the death rate.}

Oppenheim’s History

Jew Samuel Oppenheim provides method and opportunity for the activities discussed above, with his 1910 reprint of The Jews and Masonry in the United States Before 1810.

That the connection of Jews with Masonry in the early history of the United States was of benefit to them, as well as that it was to the advancement of the Order, is probably true, though little has been written on the subject by Jewish historians. An examination of the various publications accessible here, relating to Masonry, reveals the names of Jews who have been often mentioned in works treating of their race, and who have been representative men in their respective States. Their names appear in lists of members of the subordinate and Grand Lodges of many of the original thirteen States. They were, however, always a small minority in the few lodges with which they were connected. Among their fellow members or those with whom they were brought into relation through Masonry were men prominent in the affairs of the nation. Several Jews are known to have been members of the lodge with which Governor Oglethorpe, of Georgia, was connected. In the lodge to which Washington belonged, a Jew, as will be shown, was a member. Jews, also, were members of the lodge to which belonged Edmund Randolph and
John Marshall, of Virginia, and DeWitt Clinton, of New York, all of whom were Grand Masters in their respective States. In Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina prominent non-Jewish names are likewise met with as members of lodges to which Jews were admitted. The relationship of the Jews to the Order brought them naturally more directly in contact with their Christian brethren than would otherwise have probably been the case, and the respect and esteem with which the individual members of the race were regarded no doubt tended to the advantage of their coreligionists as a body. (Oppenheim 2)

In 1658, Dutch Jews settling in Newport Rhode Island founded the first Masonic Lodge in North America (Oppenheim 4, 11). Also noteworthy: among pioneering Jewish American Masons is Moses Michael Hays

The leading figure among the Jews in connection with early Masonry in the United States was Moses Michael Hays, a member of the well-known Hays family, of which a connected account is given in The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. VI, p. 270.”‘ His name is sometimes spelled ” Hayes ” in the early Masonic records. An interesting article on his Masonic activity is to be found in the New England Freemason for 1875, … Hays was prominently identified with the introduction into the United States of what is called in Masonry the “Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite,” which now comprises, according to Albert G. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, p. 667, 33 degrees… (Oppenheim 5)

Oppenheim further details that Jews settled both north and south of the Mason-Dixon line, something which would prove very convenient in the nineteenth century for a northern Jew like August Belmont to foment strife in the north through inflammatory rhetoric in abolitionist newspapers. All the while the Christ-hating Judah P. Benjamin would urge southern gentlemen to sharpen their swords for a war in which he himself would not lift a finger to fight, but yet still would serve as Secretary of State to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Rothschild funded both men, and both sides.

The greatest activity among the Jews in Masonry was displayed in this country during the latter part of the eighteenth century in Rhode Island, Virginia, South Carolina, New York, and Pennsylvania, where they were largely settled. The names of many of the leading members of the Jewish congregations in those States are to be found in lists of members of Masonic lodges. (Oppenheim 5)

1874: Wresting Control From Pike’s America; Power to Rome

In 1893, Domenic Margiotta was not a happy man. An accomplished and high ranking 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite, 90th degree of the Rite of Memphis and Misraim, having an impressive masonic curriculum vitae, including many titles and offices across the lodges of Europe, Margiotta placed confidence in another high ranking mason to keep his word regarding refraining from running for election as Pontiff of Universal Masonry. When this other man broke his word, Domenic’s Italian temper exploded, causing him to break with freemasonry. Fortunately, and hopefully for the sake of his eternal happiness, Margiotta renounced freemasonry in writing, contacted Catholic clergy, and seems to have returned to the Church. The man sparking his Italian ire was a certain Adriano Lemmi, about whom Margiotta would write the tell-all exposé, Adriano Lemmi, Supreme Leader of the Freemasons. 

Pray an Ave, if you will, for the repose of the soul of Domenic Margiotta, because he bequeaths to us the absolute proof that the relationship between Israelite and goyische masons is no mere casual and equal connection, but rather the (all too typical) Jewish colonization, co-optation and coup d’état leading to the establishment by stealth of a masonic master-slave system with the Jew on top, and the goy serving the agenda -whether he likes it or not.

B’nai B’rith and Accepted Scottish Rite: Treaty Is Ratified

The B’nai B’rith was founded in New York in 1843 by a number of “German” Jews, and its organisation into Lodges stamp it as a Jewish Branch of Freemasonry. In his book “Adriano Lemmi,” page 225, Domenico Margiotta gives the full text of a secret treaty made in 1874 between Albert Pike, as representative of the Supreme Dogmatic Directory of the Scottish Rites, {Headquarters at Charleston, U.S.A., on the 33rd parallel of latitude.} and Armand Levi for the B’nai B’rith of America, Germany and England. 


Gateway respects Eponymous Flower, who Covers Crypto-Jewish Anti-Pope Receiving Jewish Award

The treaty specifies that this newly formed federation between B’nai B’rith and the Scottish Rite will be held in secrecy from all but a few in High Masonry. No such secret is specified for the Israelite partner, B’nai B’rith. Furthermore, B’nai B’rith’s autonomy is guaranteed, and they report directly to a supreme authority established by the treaty, “and not to any masonic rights officials.” The treaty becomes even more lop-sided in favor of B’nai B’rith Jews

No Brother Mason of the official rites, but not being an Israelite, shall require entrance to an Israelite Lodge, regardless of his rank. Only the Chosen Magi, 3* male degree of the Supreme Rite belonging to the Perfect Triangle or to one of the Perfect Triangles of the same city designated by mutual agreement, or, in the city, belonging to one of the Perfect Triangles of the same city of the Perfect Triangles of the province also designated by mutual agreement will have access by right, as visitors, in the Israelite Lodge, the Israelite Lodge; the number of their visits will not be limited (Margiotta 227).

Tough-luck for the masonic goyim under this treaty! Jews can come and go as they please through the Scottish Rite Lodges, but no goys allowed at B’nai B’rith!  Domenico Margiotta provides the meat of the matter

By the particular agents of the Sovereign Executive Directory, who are all devoted to him, and as Jews, and because he pays them well, Lemmi had well made a password for the Israelite brothers who have a foot in the lodges of the secret federation, and the other foot in the triangles {gentile lodges}; and it is, in fact, within the Jewish lodges that all the measures to create the movement of opinion necessary to the success of the ambitious projects of the circumcised of Stamboul. Also, one can say with reason that all that happened was the plot of the Sovereign Patriarchal Council of Hamburg against the Supreme Dogmatic Directory of Charles Ion; the Temple of Melchisedec was conspiring against the Sanctum Regnum. (Margiotta 229)

This was no treaty at all, but a stealth coup d’état. From this point in 1874 onward, the Jews of B’nai B’rith have had complete control of gentile freemasonry, worldwide.

From Charleston to Rome: Jews Manipulate a Transfer of Power

American Masonry had been enormously influential, with its Charleston, SC as the world headquarters of the Scottish Rite’s Supreme Universal Pontiff. But after 1874’s B’nai B’rith Treaty, the new and secret Jewish controllers hatched a plot to move the center of governance to Rome, which just happens to be the seat of the Global Synagogue’s unvanquishable foe, the Catholic Church. Longtime masonic controller of Europe, Mazzini had gone to his particular judgment in 1872, providing key motive for the move. According to Margiotta, a massive internal political campaign was undertaken to convince gentile masonic leadership that the brethren wanted global HQ to move to Rome

What I know for sure is that the Jewish lodges were first the tools of Lemmi, and voluntary instruments. Fifty thousand masons, at the same time palladists and members of the federation with its center in Hamburg, obeying the order given by the Jewish agents in the direct pay of the Chief of Political Action, campaigned in the lodges, an extraordinary campaign that lasted several months.

The watchword was this: we asked, at each triangular meeting, until it was obtained, placing on the agenda and discussion of vows in favor of the transfer of the Supreme Dogmatic Directory from Charleston to Rome. The purpose was to influence the Serene Grand College of Emeritus Masons and to make them believe that all of that the whole of High Masonry in both hemispheres would be happy to see joy that the head of the Order was in Italy, and in Rome itself, to better fight the Vatican. (Margiotta 230)

Italian politics moved to the socialist left following the 1876 fall of the patriotic Minghetti Government. Compulsory education and universal suffrage initiatives were undertaken, two favorites of Jewish revolutionary politics. In ecclesiastical matters the timeline is also perfect for a newly overtaken, Jew-controlled freemasonry to have begun its work of picking off weak, venal and carnal priests or seminarians, to bribe or blackmail them and work them into positions of power. Rampolla Del Tindaro became Cardinal in 1887, a mere thirteen years after the masonic transfer to Rome. By 1903, the Church was spared this freemason’s being elected Pope only by the intervention of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary, who held the privilege of vetoing a papal election by his title as Holy Roman Emperor.  Did Jewish freemasonry avenge itself on the Empire when one of its dupes, Gavrilo Princip, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, touching off the bloodiest century ever of gentile mutual mass murder? History is not what our Jewish textbook publishers programmed us to believe in high school.

Tough Questions and New Conversations

The general conversation amongst Catholics can range far and wide to uncover the truth, except when that Truth is bad for the Jews. Thus some questions arise for our stewards of Catholic internet truther-ism.  Why are so many recycling decades-old, dead-end narratives about freemasonry? The proof is right here: Freemasonry is Jewish, from the very top.  These people are not stupid: there is no possible way that they’ve never come across a nugget of information about small hats and the lodges -yet never a peep. Just one hackneyed premise, and one decrepit book release after another.

Too much time pilfering content from Catholic microblogs. No time to talk Jews and masons. Pat the Pilferer

Gateway will be more than happy to provide each of them a 45-second webinar on the complex and technical process of typing search terms into duck-duck-go. If their attention span holds, we can even discuss more fun and fruitful topics regarding how sources like The Plot Against the Church, the Internet Archive, and online translators can avail us to information that literate Catholics, especially Frenchmen, held as common knowledge a century ago.

Donor lists with lots of -bergs and -steins? Won’t talk about freemasonry and Jews.

We need to start a new conversation, demanding that these vaunted internet truthers start getting serious about discussing the Church’s enemy on earth, the Global Synagogue, or that maybe they should retreat to a nice, Jew-approved internet retirement of working on their Tetris high score, or reading posts on the overtly Opus Judei site, 1 Peter Gatekeeper.

Masons are dupes of the Jews.

Is it really that hard to say?


Works Cited

Margiotta, Domenico;  Adriano Lemmi, Chef Supreme des Francs-Macons*; Delhome and Briguet; Paris; 1894.

Oppenheim, Samuel;  The Jews and Masonry in the United States before 1810; American Jewish Historical Society; Bronx, NY; 1910.

Pinay, Maurice; The Plot Against the Church; Online Edition, Timothy Peter Johnson; date not specified.

*Work cited using online translator.


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