Eyes on ICK

Each striving to be the world’s number one Latin Mass Killer,  anti-church partisans Blase Cupich and Wilton Gregory both confect fictititious commands -having zero force of law- to eradicate the Catholic Mass from their respective, alleged jurisdictions.  Targeting the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, and attempting to suppress their Masses at the end of July, Cupich takes the lead with the sheer malice and severity harbored in his slash-and-burn edict.   Of course, such wild-eyed mania in attempting to exterminate Catholicism comes as surprise to exactly no one paying attention to events since the publication of Anti-Pope Francis I’s pretended Apostolic Letter of July 2021, Traditionis custodes.

Catholics in Chicago, however, are at center stage of the real story: ground zero of the threshing floor presently winnowed by our Most Dread Lord and Judge of all history. The brethren there will soon discover, and Gateway implores them to share far and wide with the rest of us, on which side of the bright red line will stand Canon Talarico, ICK Provincial for the U.S.? On the Catholic side of the line will be found one of two stances.

Canon Talarico of ICK

Position one will have the Canon formally requesting clarification from Cupich: on whose authority can the Anti-church Prelate suppress Catholic Mass? Furthermore, if Cupich will please clarify the authority claimed by Bergoglio, author of Traditionis custodes. Clarification is needed because Bergoglio claims to be Pope, yet visible and unmistakable signs of Benedict XVI’s ongoing Papacy remain evident.  Uncertainty will best be cleared up with the irrefutable legal evidence of Benedict XVI’s abdication conforming to Canon 332.2 of the Code of Canon Law, requiring Benedict’s explicit resignation of the munus. Also most helpful will be the  signed certifications from the College of Cardinals in 2013, testifying that the See was indeed vacant. Failing any of the above certification and supporting documentation, Cupich’s command will be disregarded as originating from an illegitimate source; as contrary to the will of Almighty God, and the Supreme Law of the Church. The Shrine will thus remain open, confessions will be heard and marriages performed, per Canon 1335 of the Code of Canon Law, until such time as said explanations and clarifications be made.

Incidentally, the above Position One serves as effective rejoinder to the following tiresome rhetorical question asked by far too many pastors: “it has been almost 10 years since we’ve been dealing with Bergoglio, so what does it matter about Benedict?” The course of action outlined above indicates that Benedict has been telling every little loyal priest and layman alike, “you matter very much, if only you cling to the Truth with love, faith and fortitude! You can do great things to stop anti-church, but you have to be willing to try!”

Position two will be much simpler: divide the assemblies and clergy among assigned residences for a return to the catacombs, and carry on the Church’s mission in a geographically distributed fashion.

Contrariwise, the Anti-church side of the bright red line will be observed to have been taken by the abrupt abandonment of the faithful, shut out of their Masses once again, who watch as their priests literally run away from them as their flocks beg them for the sacraments.

No More Precious Middle Ground

exists for those lions of Tradition who feather their nests while asserting the legitimacy of the anti-pope. All those crypto-Jews among both clergy and traditional Catholic opinion shapers (a.k.a. Jewish con-artists) must choose. All the paid flunkies of the Crypto-Jewish cabal of Opus Dei must likewise take a stand.  Once again, it is Gateway’s position that anti-church has figuratively teed up a home run ball for Roman Catholicism with the publication of the mindless Bergoglian babble known as Traditionis custodes. 

No more will Catholics have to listen to the insipid prattling of pastors who insist that, “we have to work with these people” (the same people who work tirelessly to exterminate the Faith).  No more will Catholics be subject to the dim-witted rationalizations such as “we have to do whatever they say or we will have no Latin Mass at all.”   

No matter how meager their means, or difficult the way, Catholic clergy will obey Christ, and continue the business of saving souls.

In parallel fashion but opposite direction, no matter how much they furrow their brows and claim that their hands are tied, and that they really want to help, the Christ-hating cowards in thrall to anti-church will defy Him as they persist in leading souls to hell, or in abandoning those who strive to attain Heaven.

With Calvary comes clarity: in August, the brethren in Chicago will discover the difference between those clergy who love Christ and His Church, and those who have always hated both. Soon also the same knowledge will arrive for the rest of us.



It is with deep regret that Gateway reports the news of the death of our contributor and commenter, Drumgarive. Early on the morning of Friday July 8th, while at his customary walk/practice shooting on his favorite golf course, Drumgarive collapsed, and died moments later. Born on today’s date, July 24th, 1935; Drumgarive leaves behind his wife of 62 years, and the four remaining of his five children. Drumgarive was 86.

           Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine et lux perpetua luceat eis 

Drumgarive’s father (+1938) with inset of Drumgarive’s USN Photo, Engineer on Aircraft Carrier USS Wasp, 1959
1995, with youngest of three sons.

Drumgarive was my father.


9 thoughts on “Eyes on ICK

  1. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

    May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.


  2. If you believe that Francis is an antipope then in all unity one cannot attend a Mass whether novus ordo or Latin said in union with said apostate. Our unity as catholics is with the pope. You cannot pretend to go to the Mass which is said in union with Francis as you cannot deceive Almighty God. It is a mortal sin. I have refrained from attending Mass, and oh boy do I miss the Latin Mass, as although transubstantiation is confected no merits can be conferred by Christ. There is no unity with the pope.


    1. Hello Paul:

      Thank you for your comment. That Francis I is an anti-pope is an objective, demonstrable and legal fact.

      However, you conflate -with concerning intemperance of speech – the fact of the anti-papacy with your private prescription for that singular course of action that you allege each Catholic must take. The reality is that the two are quite distinct from one another: the fact of the anti-papacy, and the resulting question of what a Catholic must do.

      Now, without imposing any prescription of mine upon you, Paul, I do note that you are not going to Mass. In charity, my genuine belief is that not going to Mass is NOT a good idea. Be assured of my prayers for you that you return to regular Mass attendance.

      God by thee, this and every day.


      1. No intemperance of speech. Just honest Catholic logic. If you believe that Francis is an antipope as I do, then any Mass said in union with him, knowingly that said priest is doing so, then logic says that there can be no merits accrued from such a Mass. Yes transsubstantiation occurs, as it does in a satanic Mass. If you are fortunate to know that your priest mentions Benedict in the canon then you have a Mass in full Catholic union; as in the case of Don Minutella in Sicily Italy.


      2. The fact of the anti-papacy is logically separate from the resulting question of what a Catholic therefore must do.

        In fraternal charity, Gateway prays that you return to regular Mass attendance soon.

        Over and out.


      3. I so wish to return to regular Mass attendance, but cowardice will not allow me to do so when it is done in union with an antipope. My conscience precludes diluting my faith in order to be hidden amongst a clergy who are no longer in union with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVII. Very few stayed faithful to Christ at the Cross. We are living through the crucifixion of the Christ again.


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