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An array of noteworthy topics having arisen over the span of forty-five days, Gateway will treat of each.

14 August: Jewish Hit-Piece on Catholicism

Gateway will bypass the obvious on this one, other than to ask what else ought Catholics expect when a hate researcher writes up a piece for The Atlantic Monthly, whose Editor-in-Chief is one Jeffrey Goldberg?

The real fact to pay attention to is this: order-followers of the Global Synagogue (Jewish Media; Jewish FedGov; and Jewish Secret Police, Surveillance State, and Spy Agencies {FBI, NSA, CIA}) target Roman Catholicism, traditionally understood and practiced.

The foundation of this particular Jewish scam has been laid deeply, and over the course of decades, through programming the goyim to internalize rabbinical understanding of the concept of ritual impurity, or guilt by association. For example, if anyone asks a reasonable question such as, “Why is there a swimming pool at Auschwitz?”, that person is by (Jewish) definition, evil. Furthermore, ritual impurity means that anyone who associates with that person is also evil, all of whom are to be de-personed and canceled.

  • Who decides for the gullible goys that which is evil?
  • Who decides the targets for censorship and smears?
    Jews like Daniel Panneton and Jeffrey Goldberg of course!

Self-described master of hate research, Panneton reinforces programming parameters for the benefit of the dullards who read The Atlantic: firearms are evil; masculinity is toxin; strength is merely misdirected anxiety; capable self-defense is a crime; patriotism is barbaric -because it impedes the pernicious subversiveness of Jewish nationalism’s efforts to destroy all gentile nations. Once all this programming is reinforced in The Atlantic reader’s alleged mind, all Panneton has to do is add the newest item in the list of ritually impure: Catholics who pray the Rosary.

Jewish hate specialist links Catholics to White Ethno-Nationalists

Yet this Jewish scam runs even deeper in its malevolence (big surprise). What Organized Jewry in the U.S. deeply desires is a Charlottesville moment for traditional Catholics. And that means, if there is no meaningful nexus between Catholics and White Nationalists in America, then the Jew is going to fabricate such a connection, trigger violence (real or staged), put it on camera, and accuse the Catholic of that insurrectionary violence that the media Jew will then trumpet as inherent in Catholicism. Just like Charlottesville, where unsuspecting patriots got suckered into entering the territory of a hostile municipality, Big Jewry is attempting to set up Catholicism for a big fall. In Charlottesville, the targeted patriots faced not only hostile leftists, and bought-and-paid-for hostile law enforcement, they also had enemies posing as friends on their side of the line, in the form of agents provocateur, who guaranteed that the two sides would exchange violence, and that these same targeted patriots would be forced to defend themselves, and then be accused of inciting that violence.

Trad Cats and White Nats

White Nat Dons Cloak of Trad Cat

Here’s another way to do it, a recent event witnessed with Gateway’s own eyes. Using a social media post by a one who claims to be traditional Catholic, an all points bulletin is sent for men to defend a local Catholic Church from desecration by a leftist mob angry over the end of Roe v. Wade. Confederate Battle Flag visible in frame. Perception is key to this juxtaposition of the young Caucasian male Catholic and the Confederate Flag, and that perception is intended for consumption by leftist and centrist socmed consumers. These many, who have no historical or regional affinity for the Flag, will regard this signal as their Jewish media masters command them, and associate Catholicism with White Nationalism. (The reality that a Traditional Catholic hailing from South Carolina might have a legitimate patriotic affinity for the Flag is an entirely separate matter.) Step one in Catholic Charlottesville: complete.

Step Two: Triggered Leftists

Note the progression in vocabulary as it transitions from the Flag in the initial video/photo above, and immediately becomes a tactic in labeling someone a Neo-Nazi. Also prominent is phrasing “endanger your parish.”

Step Three: Enter the Agents Provocateur

to a Solemn High Mass concluding a sacred music conference, on a Friday evening. Some big boys enter the narthex, others stand by outside. Three or four of them are rather imposing. None are dressed for Mass, but rather don attire more well suited for the mosh pit: flat soled sneakers for maximum traction, long dungaree trousers, shirts that might permit athletic motions of the upper body, like throwing punches (hereafter referred to as the Mosh Pit Boys). Alert parishioners sound the alarm and, while protecting the sanctuary, men of the parish stand at the ready to intervene against the interlopers.

Fortunately, nothing else happens that evening. After Mass ends The Mosh Pit Boys attempt to convince the vigilant watchmen of Holy Mass that they, the Boys, are on our -the Catholic’s- side, that they are from Camp Pendleton, etc.  Overly gullible parishioners fall for it and believe them. What follows is what Gateway suspects could have happened, if the enemies on both sides had done their jobs.

Step Four: Screaming Leftists

disrupt the Mass, and Agents Provocateur surge forward. Because the leftist contingent comprises two biologically male soy goblins with a combined weight of 136 lbs. and one FTM Tranny with a Tom Selleck mustache, the Mosh Pit Boys give them a sound thrashing, but not before a leftist team member in a chapel veil gets some great video. The thrashing is in fact, staged, but the damage would have been done.

Step Five: Communists release video on socmed platform, and with a little Jewish social media magic, the narrative becomes “Trad Catholics are violent neo-nazis.”

Step Six: Anti-Church Bishop holds press conference saying that these Neo-Nazi trads won’t have a Catholic parish to do their Nazi-ing in anymore, and throws them out of the Diocese. By the way, the Mosh Pit Boys are long gone –back to their intel-handler at USMC’s Camp Pendleton- reassigned far away and never to be heard from again. Catholics will take the rap for what the strangers would have done.

It’s a dialectical trap. These characters are not on our side. It is a setup. Gateway suspects that the propaganda piece by The Atlantic serves the same general purpose in this Jewish hate campaign against Catholicism.

Crucial to correct understanding of this high-level psyop/blackwash operation is that with its agents, the Global Synagogue assails the Church from both sides of the battle line, as both foe and as false friend. White Nationalism is an operation chock full of prominent Jews, foremost among them a certain Richard Spencer. Of course,  Catholics need to have a message to address the fundamental anthropological error inherent in White Nationalism: that man’s essence is his DNA. The truth is that God has given every living man a will situated in a throbbing heart with which he can love both God and neighbor, irrespective of accidental qualities like skin color, IQ, shoe size, etc.

The Atlantic’s Jewish hate piece against Catholics constitutes yet another data point demonstrating the reality that the Synagogue of Satan is a real and factual operation, carrying out the lusts of its father in Hell.

Wayback J-Woke: Gougenot Des Mousseaux

Now what is it about the Global Synagogue that induces such unplumbable gullibility in their goyische targets? Whether accusing Catholics of neo-nazism, staging mass-shooting hoaxes, perpetrating a fake pandemic, confecting a made-up war, or crypto Jews’ of Opus Dei opining that Catholicism has Jewish roots; populations round the world seem forever mesmerized by that which pops up on their Jewish media screens.  Nineteenth Century France had some amazing Catholic writers, who provide some highly prescient answers.

Enter the Knight, Henri-Roger Gougenot Des Mousseaux, nineteenth century French nobleman who perspicaciously understood that the Monarchist movement of his day was entirely a plaything of the French Israelites; Gougenot Des Mousseaux therefore committed himself to researching and writing about the problem. In 1869 he published his work Judaism and the Judaization of the Christian Peoples, a title that has aged well over a span of one hundred fifty years, as the West has not only increasingly turned its heart away from Almighty God, but also by doing so have permitted themselves to be turned into de facto Jews. Gateway gratitude is also extended to I. McGillivray, who in 2022 provides the English translation of this work, which is available for free download in Gateway’s Synagogue of Satan Collection. Gougenot Des Mousseaux has a fascinating explanation for the mesmeric character of Jewish mass manipulation of goyische opinions.

These Pharisees, who perhaps hardly seduce us, and who were the first to arrogate to themselves the doctoral name of Master, or of rabbi, knew how to mix enough skill with the coarseness of their hypocrisy to seize the spirit of the people and wield it at their will. Even princes and kings had come to tremble before them, and more often than not the power of the sovereign was too light to balance their credit. A single example that we borrow from ancient times will spread its light to our time and will dispense us from any other…

“Go, leave immediately, return victorious to Jerusalem, flatter, honor the Pharisees, and, with your hands, deposit in theirs a large part of your power, for such is the wonder of their sway over the minds of the people, that they make them love or hate whoever is the object of their love or their hatred.
Whether you hear them vilify or slander, give no credit to their word; and, know it well, pride and self-interest are the sole motive of their acts. But the multitude do not disentangle anything from these things.” (Gougenot Des Mousseaux  19-20)

Perhaps as testament to his insights, and the effectiveness of his writing, Gougenot Des Mousseaux died mysteriously, shortly after his book began the printing of its second edition.

Nativity of the Virgin: Kulikovo

In 1380, near the Don River at a field called Kulikovo, the Russian Principalities battled the Muslim remnant of Ghengis Khan’s empire in the west, known as the Golden Horde.  The Russians won the day, setting the course for the sunset of power for the Golden Horde. The Battle bears enormous significance that transcends mere history, for those with eyes to see:

1).This Battle marks the point at which Russia begins her birth as a kingdom.

2). With the Kievan Rus having vanquished the Jewish Kingdom of Khazaria (a.k.a. Ash Kenazi Jews) in the year 965, and the Muscovy Rus driving out the Mosque in 1380, the Russians just might stand alone in history as sole, unchallenged victors over both Jew and Saracen.

3). 1380’s Battle of Kulikovo, regarded by historians as the birth of the Russian nation, took place on September 8th, the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Truly the Queen of Heaven has tremendous plans for this people, following their Papal Consecration.

Committing Stupid-cide

Data from indicates that 85% of the English population received at least one injection of the Death-Vaxx. In the U.S., with 606 million administered doses, the number could be 70%.

While clearly a big jump, the 40% increase in the death rate is not the biggest part of the story. The real horror lies in Death-vaxx’s abominably effective role as an abortifacient and sterility agent. Now the question becomes whether the larger percentages of 85% and 70% vaxxed translate down to the sub-categories of the child-bearing and pre-pubescent age brackets. Question: is the leading edge of a 70-80% drop in the birth rate already taking place?

Not even the sons of Cain, exterminated by the Noachic Flood, could stand accused of murdering themselves into non-existence. We could well be living through the most shameful chapter of human history.


Work Cited

Gougenot Des Mousseaux, Henri-Roger; Judaism and the Judaization of the Christian Peoples; Henri Plon, Printer-Edito, 10, Rue Garanciere; Paris;


3 thoughts on “Gateway Omnibus

  1. “The truth is that God has given every living man a will situated in a throbbing heart with which he can love both God and neighbor, irrespective of accidental qualities like skin color, IQ, shoe size, etc.”

    How do you then explain that a tiny, tiny minority of Chinese and Japanese have, after 2,000 years, converted to Catholicism? How do you explain the almost total lack of resistance to Vatican II in Africa and Asia? How do you explain that it wasn’t until 1939 that the Church ordained a black African as priest? Was the Church racist or is race more than “skin color?” It’s one or the other, my friend.

    While it is not true that Catholicism is purely a white European phenomenon, it is overwhelmingly so.


    1. “Was the Church racist or is race more than ‘skin color?’ It’s one or the other, my friend.”

      You commit the logical fallacy of false dichotomy. The question of whether or not race is more than skin color is wholly subsumed by the fact that race is accidental to anthropological essence. Every man has received from God both a will and a throbbing heart with which he -man- can love both God and neighbor.


  2. I recently read Gougenot des Mousseaux’s book and was astounded at its relevance to events today. It is excellent.


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