Co-Intel Catacomb

They’re coming for our Masses. Whether we be in Chicago, DC, San Diego or anywhere else, the ban hammer smashes down. The time has arrived to convey our abandoned, betrayed, abused and near-dead Holy Mother to her tomb-apparent; to nurture and protect her while awaiting her resplendent resurgence.

But they have no authority to ban the Mass,

so why ought not loyal pastors stay and fight, and refuse to shut down? Pastors ought resist the unlawful regime as long as they are able, but sooner or later, the choice for open defiance will find them sailing their pastoral vessels to the narrows between the Scylla of the Mass-killers’ mischief and the Charybdis of disobeying a legitimate -albeit malicious- administrative command, such as being re-assigned. A pastor who opts to defend the Mass by way of defying a lawful command would displease God by way of disobedience. It is Gateway’s fallible opinion that Providence will use the obedience of the humble few to vanquish the disobedience of the proud multitude of anti-church.

The question, furthermore, yields the opportunity to reinforce the hypothesis, derived from Andrea Cionci’s work: that in this crisis, criminal anti-church impedes the Catholic Church. An apostate or heretical individual, for example, while neither holding office nor among the body of the faithful (Mystici Corporis 23), nonetheless impedes the Church from exercising her rights over her sovereign territory. Thus, whereas none can forbid the priest from praying the Mass, in many instances positive approbation by the prelate is necessary for public liturgical functions: preaching, confessing, marriage, exorcism, etc. Anti-church has wielded this sort of pocket-veto for decades, again in many instances, refusing to provide the permission that the Church herself has a right to bestow to her priests and faithful.

Beyond this impedance just a step and underfoot lies yet another among Satan’s snares, meaning that zeal and fortitude not properly subordinated to keen senses of both judgement and foresight can run us into a trap. That is, if our desire to come to the Church’s aid leads us to omit necessary canonical approvals for things such as establishing public worship, then ipso facto we act in disobedience to Her rightful authority, and inflict additional harm upon her divinely originated person. Therefore, the hypothetical pastor who, while intending to preserve the Mass, refuses a lawful command, injures her in the same manner. Anti-church impedes the Catholic Church, and weaponizes her administrative power against her. The irony arising from this snare is brutal, but its very brutality makes certain for us the moral safety of retreating to the cave of restoration: the neo-catacomb.

Catacomb Protocols

Through the power of the Holy Ghost, the catacombs can win this, and win it big. Perhaps to better avail themselves to Him, Catholics ought fully grasp the manner and method by which so very many of our previous attempts at overthrowing the revolution have failed.

Fake Good Guys and Real Spies

have served as anti-church’s bread and butter. Activist Catholics have had terrific ideas regarding their response to the Crisis at the diocesan level. Insiders have fed factual and damaging information to networks outside the chancery office.  Many took the initiative early and video-recorded sacrileges and other outrages taking place in Churches, publishing them on large socmed platforms. Innovative persons transferred their knowledge of  strategic methodologies for local politics, and implemented them in the ecclesial sphere, creating their own information networks for exposing liturgical malfeasance by the clergy.

But these brilliant works of counter-attack would all-too-often be shattered when confidence was placed in manipulative and unctuous clerics, who kept the criminal network informed and one or more steps ahead, while deceiving the concerned and faithful resistance.

Liberally demonstrating His Omnipotence however, the Holy Ghost has instrumentalized Pope Benedict XVI’s inclinations toward the Church’s good (irrespective of weakness and imperfection), and seen to it that such underhandedness of devious diocesan clerics did not prevent Catholics from reconnecting with the Mass of their grandparents and great-grandparents.  Nonetheless, with the return of Catholic Mass, and with Catholic liturgical territory which to infiltrate, anti-church’s lay diocesan spies have interspersed themselves among the congregations assembled to worship in the Roman Rite. Infiltrator’s instructions (observable by their results) upon embedding by way of regular Mass attendance have been to stir up drama; such as by feigning conversation with Catholic parishioners, with the intent of inciting hostile exchanges. Other spies have been wont to whip out their poison pens after Mass and complain, in writing, to the anti-church partisan impeding the diocesan see; that Father Orthodox is creating confusion and contradicting the (alleged) magisterium of (Anti) Pope Francis I.  Spies create drama, discord and division and then testify falsely that the Holy Priest is to blame, resulting in his banishment and replacement by a docile, and institutionally minded priest; who will soothe all ruffled feathers, except of those who love the Truth.

Similarly sordid tricks can be played amongst local Latin Mass leadership with respect to organizations like Una Voce, whose milquetoast approach to the enemy causes their singular voice to match all-too-well the tone of the Christ-haters in the local chancery. Thus the fake-good-guy and real spy apparatus is capped off with classic, captured opposition leadership. Anti-church also has contained and ghettoized Roman Rite Catholicism from 2007-2021, which now has transitioned to the extermination phase, marked by the publication of Anti-Pope Francis I’s Traditionis Custodes.

The Counter-Intelligence Catacomb

If reliable counter-intelligence protocols are developed and implemented, the neo-catacombs have the potential to defeat the classic spying apparatus of the power-establishment. Gateway offers ideas toward this same end, to initiate the development and implementation of such protocols.

Horizontal Integration

describes not a particular tactic to be employed, but a foundational principle upon which to realize the greatest potential for all aspects of resisting anti-church.  Horizontally integrated resistance comprises in essence, co-equal, redundant nodes of de-centralized and leaderless opposition which have the ability to both mutually co-ordinate their activities with other nodes, act independently as a single node, or even covertly sponsor the development of additional redundant and co-equal nodes. Horizontal integration has the potential to prove remarkably robust against attempts at infiltration by the enemy.  Hereafter abbreviated as HI, horizontal integration affords the Underground the maximum degree of flexibility and adaptability in the face of a ruthless enemy who will not hesitate to resort to violence when it so desires.

By design, HI contrasts completely the classic, Jewish-masonic intelligence agency principle of the centralized information silo, in which a select few insiders have universal knowledge of the operation, and in which each operator knows only about his own discrete assignment. This information silo model of the Jewish-masonic-intelligence operation also describes the pattern of movement-oriented, controlled political opposition that the fallen West even now falls for: that is, a mass of ignorant followers herded along by a pre-selected leader, often a leftist who postures at patriotism, and also someone who steeps his snout in the trough of financial grift against his own donors. Given privileged circulation on socmed platforms, this leader hits perfect emotional pitch for his followers, never inflicts any damage on the establishment, and whose exit from the scene happens on cue, often amidst the maelström of some pre-scripted media diversion.  The silo model’s contrast with HI in this regard is prominent, as HI will seek to maximize operational knowledge amongst all nodes, providing each one as much information as each is willing to absorb, and affording complete discretion over what courses of action that each will undertake.

Rubber, Meet Road: Concrete Example

Lest the principle of HI elude the reader’s thorough understanding in a flurry of hypothetical positing, what follows will place these descriptions into  a particular context. Our scenario will be set in the residential catacomb, at which takes place a daily Low Mass. Captain of this catacomb, or HI network node, is the homeowner.  The priest has authority over liturgical concerns within the node. The pilgrim, or militant, both worships and battles for the Church from within the catacomb.

Scenario: Three Nodes and a Spy

The Peterson, Sanchez and Garrett Families form three, co-equal and mutually co-operative nodes. Low Masses have been in operation for several months. The diocese has managed to insert one of their own as pilgrim at the Garrett household, a recent convert by the name of Naomi Silverstein.  Assessing the operation and reporting out to her handler, Naomi begins to foment drama amongst the compact assembly of worshippers, who become upset at her malignantly narcissistic conduct. Clearly arising from Mrs. Silverstein, the problem leads to node captains’ meeting privately to find a solution. Sanchez uses contacts with the diocese to learn more about Mrs. Silverstein. It is discovered that she has a reputation for embedding in close-knit groups, and then blowing them to smithereens. Peterson searches and reports out on her social media posts, which include calumnious accusations of anti-semitism against solid Catholics. After resolving to later retrace the events that led to her admission to the catacombs, the Captains decide to freeze out the problem. The next time Mrs. Silverstein attempts to access the catacomb, no one is present and she is unable to enter. Satisfied that she has shut down the node, Naomi collects her blood money, yet has the operation in fact, really ended?

Shortly thereafter, a review is made to ascertain how the spy was able to obtain access. As it turns out, a few months previous to her arrival, the spy had befriended the wife of the pilgrim in charge of vetting each worshiper. Manipulating the wife with tales of woe about her recently deceased father, Naomi was added to the list for the Garrett Mass. To prevent a recurrence, the three nodes resolve to mutually vet and cross check lists of worshipers with all known information from all three nodes, which in this case could have outed and prevented the admission of Mrs. Silverstein.

The scenario illustrates HI at work: namely that each co-equal node shares as much information as possible, both decentralizing and making redundant the data repository. Furthermore, the nodes themselves are also redundant with respect to one another, which means that the diocese accomplishes nothing by uncovering Garrett, because it has no idea that Peterson and Sanchez even exist. Meanwhile, these latter two nodes, being virtually invisible to the enemy, work to support the targeted node in removing the spy and in circumventing her efforts. Finally, in overcoming one infiltration effort, the network gathers intelligence and assesses the resources in use by the diocese, adds it to the body of growing data, and furnishes this same information to nodes that are just coming online. As the network expands and the number of nodes increases, the protocols can be revised for maximum effectiveness. Before long, infiltration attempts will become laughably ineffective and out of date, from the standpoint of the decentralized resistance network.  New concepts can be introduced, rolled out, reviewed, revised and perfected, all of which are shared by everyone.

When the network becomes large enough, there will be nearly nothing the diocese can do to either stop it, or to merely slow it down. Even in the event that the enemy intercepts a large body of catacomb protocol data, there will be little that they can do. They won’t have any leadership to bribe or blackmail, they won’t have any Latin Mass Parishes to shut down, they won’t know whom to harass, etc. Their trusted subversion methods of false-good-guy & spy will be obsolete to a positively comedic degree.

Granted, there are many sections of the protocols yet to be written, such as security procedures, methods for protecting priests and integrating networks across larger geographical areas. Vetting priests in order to weed out Judas goats will prove a necessary step. There are many additional liabilities to be offset, but the merit inherent in the principle of HI is undeniable.

The Imbeciles on Our Team

will discover very quickly that writing letters to the bishop, complaining that he has banished us to residential masses (addresses and priests’ names included), and that the alleged bishop should re-instate the 9 am Sunday Missa Cantata at the Cathedral; will find himself out in the cold, with no Mass at all to attend.  Nothing will better assist the on-sides imbecile to wake up and shake off his stupidity, than an ice-cold splash of reality. This type can be dealt with by having a node dedicated to rostering an assembly constituted exclusively of known on-sides imbeciles. False, decoy data can be passed about, and gentleman’s bets taken on how quickly such information will land in the enemy’s hands. Gateway believes: God put all the imbeciles on our team, and measures must be taken to mitigate the on-sides imbeciles’ proclivities for scoring goals for the other team.

Horizon: Nightmare’s End

The co-intel catacomb and its protocols, to be written by the Church’s few remaining true sons, have the potential to put an end to the satanic anti-church. Realizing this potential, Holy Mother’s sons will witness the abject impotence of anti-church, as virginal Mother Church yet again buries her enemies beneath her feet.



3 thoughts on “Co-Intel Catacomb

  1. You used to make much sense…this is confusing and befuddled. You sound like you are defending the novus ordo. What happened to you?
    “And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish: because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore, God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying:”


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