Triduum Triage

As additional dioceses fold under pressure from thugs of the Bergoglian junta, Gateway perceives vast percentages of fledgling Catholic tradition-TLM reverts  yet still possessing only dim awareness that matters bode so baleful.  The impending blow from both Anti-pope Francis I and the crypto-Jewish, Opus Dei crime syndicate of Rome poses danger to the individual acts of faith of these brethren.

What will happen on Holy Monday upcoming? Consider. Diocesan TLM Catholics in Gateway’s neck of the woods enjoy their discovered liturgical Pearl of Great Price: Holy Mother’s ever ancient, ever new, ravishing beauty.

“The more you gaze at me, the more you will love me.” -Church as veiled bride speaking to Blessed Francis Palau

Adorning their souls with virtues that can be possessed forever, these brethren inspire and challenge by their spiritual advances. Time has not permitted, however, for their discovering the depths of the Bride’s travail. As things stand even now, even before the rumored Roman mob’s rub-out will take place, the starkness of it all staggers the intellect, and the will. According to the late Fr. Grigor Hesse, the vast majority of the episcopacy likely doesn’t believe in the Real Presence. Many are criminals, either by way of commission, or cover up of crimes after the fact. No less than half of her priests are faggots who broke into the Church’s enclosure to steal Holy Orders. Countless boys and girls have been raped, the crimes covered up; with more recent crimes yet still still being committed. Holy priests are punished, silenced, humiliated and sent away. Satanists desecrate diocesan church buildings with impunity. So many Catholics have given up and walked away, including many of our own children, leaving effeminate men to sell to the Saracen and the Jew Churches built by our great-grandfathers’ sweat and tears. When all is said and done, the criminals usurping control intend to exterminate Catholicism from the face of the earth: from the inside out. They know that to accomplish this wicked end, these fledgling reverts, and all other Catholics must be so scandalized and demoralized that they give up on Christ and His Church in one final sigh of defeat.  Thus the Anti-pope seeks to shock the Catholic conscience into abandoning the Cross and into following his same psychopathic Argentine self to hell.

Ever-seething with rage against the Faithful: Argentine Anti-Pope Francis I

Unprepared for Those Unaware

Now manifests itself the inconvenient fact that the following have all served our purposes very poorly: attempting to legitimize the Anti-pope, avoiding key questions about the Pseudo-Vatican Council of 1965, and failing to adequately define the crisis as attempted-murder-through-impedance by crypto-Jewish anti-church.

No one knows what’s going on, and we are mere weeks away from another literal lockout: the women, as at Calvary will stand weeping, this time not for the Savior, but for His Bride. Men, the young and the old, dazedly look on as if they’d been cracked on the skull with a two-by-four. Priests might be unable to be present, themselves being the suffering corpus of the visible Church walking her way of pain. Later, fallout will arrive in a flurry of frantic text messages and phone calls, as the beleaguered and bereaved ascertain facts that lie beyond their worst fears.

Profitable Use of the Time Remaining

Because of the vital difference between having no one to whom to turn at that hour, versus one humble person, the Holy Ghost might command us to step into the gap and get to work. Doing so will mean consoling these afflicted brethren and gently leading them away from the precipice of apostatizing, yet to accomplish this we have to avail ourselves to the words He provides us. Therefore, recounting the principles underlying this crisis, this dress rehearsal for the Apocalypse, will aid us in re-orienting.

  • We were warned: the fathers, doctors, mystics, Henry Cardinal Manning, and even our departed Pope Benedict XVI have said that the Church shall become small, disappear from the public square, and recede to the catacomb as if dead.
  • For centuries numerous Catholics, in snowballing proportions, have turned lukewarm to the demands of sainthood in order to play footsie with the world, as it were, under the table.
  • Too many of us have imitated our lukewarm ancestors.
  • As go the hearts of men, so go their nations. Catholic Kings, often due to their own arrogance, brought their realms to ruin, thus depriving Ecclesia Militans of her aides-de-camp, Catholic confessional states.
  • Footsie with mammon became enslavement to mammon: by revolutions and world war, Catholic nations sank into impious republics ruled secretly by the Jewish money empire: banksters of London, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome and Vienna.
  • Meanwhile, the International Synagogue used its free-masonic puppets to bribe and blackmail its way into seminaries, and then onto the episcopacy, patiently biding its time.
  • Catholics in the West, not enslaved to hardline communism, were surreptitiously transformed into debt slaves on Jew-run, central-banking tax plantations, and thus became the funding source for the communist states imprisoning the East.
  • After a fifty-year reprieve by a Saint and Pope, the neo-modernist menace of anti-church unmasked itself, babbling and scribbling in bizarrely smug self-contradiction. It further laid waste to the Church, suppressing the Mass and ravaging Her from within for over fifty years.
  • One among them, having poor formation, but somewhere within himself also a genuine inclination for the good of the Church, is elected Pope. He liberates the Mass and is shunted aside by an illegal conclave and a crypto-Jewish anti-pope from South America.
  • The anti-pope attempts to suppress the Mass. Crypto-Jewish controlled, bought-and-paid-for Catholic media and phony alt-med refuse to name the anti-pope, his Jewish allegiances, and the crypto-Jewish Opus Dei prelature operating the entire criminal enterprise.

Truth Lifelines: Quick and Handy

We must not only anticipate the pleading questions that might arise on Holy Monday, but also make answer in both a succinct and convincing manner.  Neither silence nor sermonizing will suffice: the brief and truthful response, communicated in charity will likely work best.

Q: Why did they take away our Mass?
A: They didn’t take away our Mass, they took away our building.

Q: What will I do without the Mass now that they’ve stopped it?
A: No man can stop the Mass. God alone provides the Mass. Believe, and watch what He will do.

Q: How could the Church do this to us?
A: The Church did not do this to us; this was done by the Church’s enemies on the inside.

Q: What do you mean?
A: Evil men have gained positions of authority in the Church in order to destroy Her. Our Lord won’t let them win, but if we really love Her, sometimes we have to suffer for a little while.

Q: I thought our Bishop would protect us.
A: Evil men above him might have forced him to do it.

Q: How could the Pope do such a thing as this?
A: A true and actual pope could never do such a thing.

Q: But if he can do this, how can he be the Pope?
A: The Church has had false popes in the past. They’re called anti-popes.

Q: Are you saying Pope Francis is an anti-pope?
A: I think he might be, but we can talk about that over breakfast sometime. For now let’s just get through today.

Q: How could God do this to us?
A: God allows things like this to help us get to Heaven. It’s like he hugs us mystically although suffering on His Cross.

Q: Does God even love us?
A: Very much. He shares His pain with the ones he loves most.

Q: Do you think that we will get our Church back?
A: I don’t know when, but yes.

Don’t Turn Away

Gateway readers undoubtedly will conceive of additional questions, to which can be composed similarly succinct, truthful and consoling responses, but don’t go to it unprepared. The necessity, cause and effect are all laid out in the above pattern.

So if the nightmare comes true on Holy Monday, hold place on the line. We might make the difference for someone deeply wounded by the Bergoglian serpent’s envenomed fangs.


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