Young Turks: Mass Murder and Phony History

Events of the past 500 years can be justly characterized as an orgiastic crime spree of ever broadening scope and deepening depravity. First to be demolished were Holy Church’s royal defenders, the Catholic confessional monarchies of Christendom, the Holy Roman Empire, France, England and Spain. At last, in 1919, with the beleaguered but faithful Hapsburg … More Young Turks: Mass Murder and Phony History

Enemy Commandos

are ready to board and kill every U.S. Sailor still alive. Napalmed, bombed, torpedoed, dead and dying lie over her decks. Two-thirds of the crew are either dead or wounded. Life boats picked off out of the water after being launched. Welcome to the U.S.S. Liberty, a surveillance ship attacked in the eastern Mediterranean on … More Enemy Commandos

Manchester: Confirmed Dead, then Interviewed?

UK Guardian reports eighteen-year-old Georgina Callender as among the dead in Manchester, and includes her photo. Good Morning America then interviews a certain Jessica, who seems to have a striking resemblance to the deceased. See for yourself. It just may be that whatever happened over there is not what is being presented on screen, with … More Manchester: Confirmed Dead, then Interviewed?