Fights for Symbols: Wars for Keeps

Happy the man who hears of the marshalling Catholic voices toward a concerted course of action, and bashing anti-church in the snout! Church advances; enemies retreat rapidly. The formula seems simple, repeatable and reliable. What began weeks ago through the speech cancellations of two doubtlessly homophilic speaking events starring James (Holding-Hell’s-Door-Open) Martin, is now described … More Fights for Symbols: Wars for Keeps

Begging Indulgence

To those doubly kind souls who not only read but take the time to write their thoughts in response, please forgive the delay which you’ve endured in awaiting their publication. To explain without excusing, the notification alert doesn’t light up in a timely way. Therefore, if you’ve commented, especially on any post (except those published … More Begging Indulgence


A high level intimidation campaign has been launched against Tradition in Action, one of the good guys in a Traditional Catholic blogosphere which sets the bar for fraud and fratricide at an astonishingly low level, other noteworthy exceptions being Vox Cantoris, Eponymous Flower and Mundabor. The post, including TIA’s response, is here. In addition to … More ADL vs. TIA

Arian Fifth Column

  Patient indeed has been the Church’s enemy who lacks the ability to conquer by brute force. What could not be accomplished by the crude slaughter of the Baptized of antiquity, would have to be drawn out more slowly through swindle and through slander, through heresy and harlotry, until finally the visible membership of the … More Arian Fifth Column

Trojan Horse Prophecy

13 July 17: Is the Bishop in White a man-made endpoint to an evolving human intrigue? The ongoing psychological warfare inflicted upon Roman Catholics by the novus ordo sect has many aspects: including multi-faceted divide and conquer schemes (Bergoglio’s favorite and perhaps only means of maintaining his illegitimate power), controlled opposition (huzzah for Cardinal Sarah!), … More Trojan Horse Prophecy

Bishop vs. Queen

Catholics who know and love the Truth can understandably feel betrayed when that Truth has been contradicted by those in charge of Its defense. Other times, truth is spoken (or written) plainly and directly; and human frailty seems to contradict it, but in actuality cannot. Truth cannot ever become untrue. Time, patience and Faith will … More Bishop vs. Queen

Rulers and Critics

St. John Marie Vianney once preached of his certainty that notorious French revolutionary and Freemason Voltaire was damned. Said the Holy Curé of Ars to his flock “you are in sin and you do not wish to give it up? No, you say. Very well, my children, you will perish in sin. You will see … More Rulers and Critics