Catholics Win One!

Alert! Anonymous of the Cross has shut his anti-Catholic, dis-informing mouth: this is a win for Catholics, and here’s why. Disinformation is pre-patterned to serve a long-term agenda, which usually involves keeping the designated target (Catholics like you and me) divided amongst each other, engaged in unproductive activity, or even unwittingly acting in a way … More Catholics Win One!

Disinformation Bulletin: Invalid Conclave

In brief: Certain circles of clergy have begun conversations about the invalidity of the 2013 Conclave pursuant to Universi Domenici Gregis. Don’t fall for this extremely subtle deception by which so-called conservatives will keep the novus ordo ball rolling. Forcing traitors to explain Benedict’s resignation, the Abdication of the Absurd, will expose and inflict great … More Disinformation Bulletin: Invalid Conclave

Valor and Villainy

“Formal correction still on track…” – just you wait. You’ll see. Any day now those prelates are going to come out with a strong statement. Rumors roam the Eternal City and round the world via the Web, yet all we’ve got is a whole lot of waiting and nothing to see. What has this same … More Valor and Villainy