Sign of Recognition

A certain Society on the Cusp of Canonical Re-integration held an internal Q and A for its flock recently, and a certain Father Romain (not real) had this to say. Unfortunately, my dear brothers and sisters, we will not have time to answer your questions, but thank you very much for taking the time to … More Sign of Recognition


Abstract: According to well respected Professor of Canon Law, the supposedly resigning Benedict XVI intended to change the nature of the Papacy. His attempt has neither theological nor canonical foundation. The Pope lacks the authority to alter the nature of the Papacy.  The Resignation suffers from a defect of intention which renders the act itself … More Resignation

Breaking Catholic

Sides of the schism presently are being taken between the Church and Her heretofore internal enemies. We are experiencing a painful but healthy self-expulsion of the masonic foe. Enemies of Christ the King, Immaculata and the Church include: the worst anti-pope in history, the self-evidently non-Catholic Jorge the Apostate Bergoglio, the Roman Curia, and the … More Breaking Catholic

What, No Accompaniment?!

We are shocked, shocked to learn what reports at this time,  that the oh-so-welcoming and non judgmental Novus Ordo Religion has not only shamed, but physically EXCLUDED some ecumenically inclined, liberty worshiping protestants from their Novus Ordo Temple! How can this be? What are things coming to when the Novus Ordites literally block a … More What, No Accompaniment?!

Ask Jorge

Dear Jorge: I need your advice.  I’m in love with my boyfriend and it’s better that we live together for now. The problem is that this year I have to go home for Easter and visit my family. They will want to go to church and I want to keep everyone happy.  I know that … More Ask Jorge

A desperate chase

through the paganized culture of human sacrifice. What is masonic fakechurch to do about that one last Catholic that gives the lie to their entire phony religion? Moreover, what is that one last Catholic to do?  Sometimes prudence, faith and balls point in the same direction. The leap must be taken.  The same God who … More A desperate chase

It seems a Saracen

may have visited the Parish during Solemn High Mass last week, the eighth. Reports say he was toting a length of re-bar under his arm. Outside, at the foot of a monument to the Blessed Virgin in remembrance of the unborn dead, the following were left behind: Its meaning seemed quite obvious to the four … More It seems a Saracen


When we in the Komfyklergy are told to go total Novus Ordo and we knuckle under, it will be all your fault, laic.  Remember, we are entitled to risk-free comfort and respectability. The idea of actually defending our flock with nothing but our faith and lives is just so fever-swampishly Captain-Crazy-Pants, that we won’t even … More Translation: