Gateway Reader: Synagogue of Satan Collection

Judaism and the Judaization Of The Christian Peoples
-by the Knight Henri-Roger Gougenot Des Mousseaux, translated by I. McGillivray
{For fascinating insights on the nature and origin of the Global Synagogue, explained from a uniquely Catholic perspective, read this work.} 

Murder By Injectionby Eustace Mullins
{Since the early twentieth century, modern medicine has been engineered to impoverish the goyim and send you to an early grave. Learn how the American Cancer Society’s main purpose is to not to cure cancer, but to prevent cancer from being cured at all. Vaccines cause cancer. Discover the outrageous, Jew-sponsored fraud known as the American Medical Association.  Observe in detail the interlocking arenas of centralized medicine, energy production, armaments manufacturing and international/central banking. It was all engineered for America by the Rothschild’s lackey, the Jew John Davison Rockefeller.  -Oh, and one more thing: the CIA has been a Jew-run international dope ring since its very inception!}

The Grandees – America’s Sephardic Elite, by Stephen Birmingham
{If, for no other purpose, you want a reliable source proving that the Rockefellers are indeed Jews, then download this work.}

The Problem With the Jews at The Council, by Léon De Poncins  

The Leuchter Reports, Critical Edition, by Fred A. Leuchter, Robert Faurisson & Germar Rudolf 

The Jews, by Hilaire Belloc

200 Years Together, by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
[History of Jews in Russia from the Time of Catherine The Great through 2000. This File INCLUDES Chapter 15, often Deleted by Censors of the Global Synagogue, detailing the Jewish role in Bolshevism.]

2000 Years of Jewish Ritual Murder

The Synagogue of Satan, by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Blood Passover, by Ariel Toaff  [Jewish historian and rabbi’s son takes deep dive into history, authenticating accusations of Jewish ritual murder of Christians.]

By Way of Deception, the Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer,      by Victor Ostrovsky [Increase your understanding of the methods used by the State of Israel and the Global Synagogue to recruit rank-and-file Jews into the constant, universal chaos instigated by the Mossad, the Israeli espionage agency.]

Freemasonry and Judaism: Secret Powers Behind Revolution,                   by Viscount Leon De Poncins [Freemasonry is a tool of the Global Synagogue. Poncins packs this work with data, liberating the Catholic reader from the deception (put forth by misinformed Trad-Catholic voices online) that the Lodge sits atop the global hierarchy of criminals.]

History of Anti-Semitism, by Herve Ryssen [Outstanding and factual historical counternarrative to assist the contemporary reader in deprogramming from enforced Judeo-propaganda which substitutes for history and historiography.]

Lectures on the Holocaust, Controversial Issues Reexamined,                       by Germar Rudolf

My Irrelevant Defence, by Arnold Leese
[Authenticated Cases of Jewish Ritual Murder]

The Occult War The Judeo-Masonic Plan to Conquer The World,                by Viscount Leon De Poncins & Emmanuel Malynski [Discover the singular organization behind the French Revolution, the Revolution of 1848, and the Bolshevik Revolution. Its plans are coming to fruition today.]

Opus Judei, by Jose Maria Escriba [Learn how Opus Dei forms a Canonically Instituted cabal of Crypto-Jews bent on destroying Catholicism.                      Text in Spanish]

The Plot Against The Church, by Maurice Pinay                                              [Did you know that fourth-century heretic Arius was a crypto-Jew serving the interests of the synagogue of his day? Find out other critical historical information that has been withheld from you by Catholic media.]

The Protocols of the Meeting of the Learned Elders of Zion,                     Victor E. Marsden [Read this work, and observe the world around us. The facts of modern life, modern culture and modern politics authenticate this document, to the letter.]

Talmud Unmasked: Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians, by Rev. I. B. Pranaitis []