Do It, Jorge

Rumors once again swirl about scrapping reigning Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum and reverting to the more complete liturgical lawlessness of Fraud-Saint Paul VI, of doleful memory, and of Super-Saint-of-Fantastic-Legend John Paul II. Anti-Pope Francis I has put out similar rumors on more than one occasion in previous years. Gateway Supports This Anti-Church Maneuver, 100% Here’s … More Do It, Jorge

Call of the Catacomb

From Rome.Info’s news item from 07 May is worthy of deep consideration: Brother Alexis has translated into English from Italian the article written by Andrea CionciĀ  and published on Cionci’s blog page found at Libero Quotidiano. As a follow up to Cionci’s previous article also translated and published at FromRome.Info, which explores the possibility … More Call of the Catacomb

Exit the Upper Room

Shut in to the Cenacle with door barred, there they had enclosed themselves: Peter and Andrew, Simon and Bartholomew, James and John, Philip and Thomas, James the Lesser and Matthew; Jude and the newly chosen Matthias; and the yet-to-be-crowned Queen of Heaven. In the order of this world, in which the satanic will-to-power seduces men … More Exit the Upper Room