Vax Exterminans

Both the Global Synagogue’s exterminationist injection and Anti-pope Francis I’s Murder Incorporated-style hit job on the Roman Rite of Catholic Mass may originate from the intellect of a certain named demon. Consider the text of Apocalypse Chapter 9, verse 11: Big Jewry has done an effective job in spooking every American goy above the age … More Vax Exterminans

Divisive Conquistadors

Gateway’s friend Eponymous Flower smartly comments on the recent dust-up between Taylor “I’m actually a Jew” Marshall and Rorate Caeli, whose principal contributor New Catholic claims to have blood relations named in the Holocaust Museum. Nominally at issue here is the message from Ecclesia Dei communities begging mercy, meetings, and assorted table scraps from the … More Divisive Conquistadors