New Catholic or Jew Catholic?

Destructive Imposter Trads

The most damaging are crypto-Jewish imposter Catholics (a.k.a. those who advertise deceased mum’s Jewish maiden name) who monopolize the arena of opinion-shapers of tradition. These characters occupy a most undeserved position of trust in Catholic minds attempting to orient themselves in this savage psychological battle space, and these writers’ absolute toxicity to the body of Christ is manifest in their iron-fisted control over public conversations.

What’s interesting is that the leading contributor to the Rorate blog is the pseudonymous New Catholic. Gateway can’t help but notice its affinity with the term New Christian, as explained by the Jewish Virtual Library

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Esoteric Language and Stupid Goyim

We Catholics need a little vocabulary and an operative knowledge of the relentlessly mendacious scams run by the crypto-synagogue.

Jews communicate using esoteric language; that is, a given word conveys a certain meaning understood in a certain way by the stupid outsider, and the exact same word can be understood in a way completely different by fellow insiders. Now all language is a form of coded thought, but not all language is esoteric. The mongrel language of Yiddish is inherently esoteric, as will testify anyone who attempts to translate it. Jews have similarly mongrelized Spanish in the language Ladino. It’s as if Jews use nominal language as a sort of carrier wave into which is embedded their esoteric signalling module, impenetrable to the mind of the stupid goyim. Hence, when Taylor Marshall publishes on his own blog that he is 9.65% Jewish, he could be communicating to other crypto-Jews in the Church: “hey guys, we’ve gained so much ground that we don’t have to hide anymore, so send me some phat staxx of six-figure funding checks.” Catholics reading such outrageous statements are committed in their desire to believe the fairy-tale that Marshall is a rock-solid good guy, and see no problem with it. Also, the number 965 is not without esoteric significance.

Inspired by a revolutionary and French Grand Orient Freemason? 965 may be some sort of esoteric Jewish signal.

New Catholic might be doing something similar, but with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that obtains him entré into the penthouses and wallets of New York’s Upper East Side. The dumb goy will see the term New Catholic, and think, “oh, it’s a convert, how edifying,” but the Yiddishe Kopf will say, “aha – a new Christian, now I know that he is one of us!”  Writing his 2008 book Judaism Discovered, Michael Hoffman identifies this sort of Jewish subterfuge found in decoy texts embedded in the Babylonian Talmud. The prying goyische reader may thus misread portions like BT Tractate Sanhedrin 54b, which condones the rape of a boy under age nine, or Tractate Ketuboth 11b, which condones the rape of a little girl, but only if she is under the age of three (at which age her hymen will grow back and cover up the crime).

Is New Catholic communicating more than meets the eye with his online alias?