Get That Devil Off Your Shoulder

Caution: there’s a devil at your side. Right now! He’s been given permission to tempt you. He watches. Knowing instantly an effect by its cause, he understands well human behavior patterns. Yes, we have each been assigned a guardian angel, who is due preferential access to  mind’s attention.  Unfortunately, what the cartoons used to portray … More Get That Devil Off Your Shoulder

Gentle Reminder

Memo to Father Jorge:  Your delusions of destruction are also for naught. The Catholic Church is one. Although you and your minions can cut themselves off from Her, She cannot be split. But she can save you yet, if you so desire. Come home, Jorge. Shun not your King any longer. He loves you so.

Mercy’s Mountebanks

Scene of cataclysmic satire. Place: the inner sanctum of Casa Sancti-Mony, wherein Cardinal B. is in conference with brilliant artist, Ambrosio the Fabuloso. At stake is a matter pertaining to the spiritual ecology of all… Ambrosio the Fabuloso: AND AS YOU CAN SEE, THE ENTIRE MONUMENT WILL MEET ALL YOUR REQUIREMENTS. YOUR CHISELED CHEEKS, YOUR … More Mercy’s Mountebanks